Lakeside pajamas

It’s almost fall so I better share my summer Pjs. I made them almost 3 months ago. I wanted to take better pictures but never got around. Life been busy and I although I love to have beautiful blog pictures, life doesn’t always give us the luxury of time. I confess that I do feel super guilty when I don’t meet my aesthetic expectation.  This is my little ‘corner of the world” and I want it to feel proud of it.

This post has been on my draft for ages. Does this happen with you? You make something, write a post and leave it ‘draft’ for months waiting to add a picture? Then other stuff gets photographed and older stuff gets never blogged ? Since sewing been slow over here, I’m actually glad to have a backlog.

Grainline lakeside is a lovely pattern. I love Jen’s “clean look” and blog so when she has a new pattern I get excited about it and buy it. I have so many patterns on this category “Must have, buy it now but never make it.” Oh temptations! It’s actually a surprise that this is the first time I make anything from grainline.

I love the back details of the top but what made me excited about this pattern was the runners style shorts. This type of shape has a tendency to look ‘weird’ on me so I really wanted to have a go in making it work. Also I think it’s a pattern that can be taken outside the “pj” category to make summer outfits.

Let’s talk about the shorts first: I cut and sewn the pattern size 8. The only change was to lengthen the hip to waist height by 2cm.
The fit in the front is great but there are a little bit of excess of fabric on the back waist ( tends to happen often with RTW) and I could do with a little more fabric over my bottom. It is comfortable to sit and I been wearing. Looking at “pants for real people” advice to improve the fit for the next one they suggest: Adding a dart / removing excess from the centre back seam, or have a full derriere adjustment. Maybe a bigger size? 
The top was cut size 10 and I’m happy with it.

 Fabric used: selection of cottons from my stash!

Only change from the instructions was adding the bias on the double. What I mean is sewing both sides at the same time…

Ps; My biggest regret was using shop bought bias on the top as its so stiff. I should have made my own, so I did that for the shorts.

  • This is so cute, that back detail was so unexpected. I have posts in my drafts from over two years ago! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, I think the pattern could look good with chiffon for a summer top.

  • Simple lines and construction (from everything I’ve seen) but still beautiful. Looks so comfy.

  • So cute! To make the butt fit better, slope the back centre seam, so it is wider in the widest bit and narrower at the waist, and then make sure the sentre back and waist are at right angles again. Clear as mud! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Adorable and so comfy looking!

  • These are wonderful! I love the contrasting fabrics. Your Pjs look really cute and comfortable.

    • Thanks darling. I have some of the stripes fabric left over that I bren thinking to make another top and have a mix and match selection for summer wear

  • I don’t think the images are bad at all! I’ve always wanted to make this PJ set, but haven’t gotten around to it yet!

    • Means ️️loads coming from you as your pictures always super cute.mpjs are super fun to make

  • Looks great!! I love the way the fabrics work together and the contrast binding is awesome. This pattern almost makes me wish it got hot enough in SF for summer pajamas, almost.

  • Ohhh I love them Rachel – I have a bit of a thing for pj’s. And having just read Handmade Jane’s post on the Ultimate trousers, seems like a great way to get to grips with pant fitting ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love these! I tend to wear one set of pls to death (I do wash them of course haha!) so I might try and make a similar pair.

  • TDF Pyjamas! Pining them for a next summer’s make. Well done Rachel.

    • thanks darling, i wish summer lasted just a little bit longer to wear it more

  • Really cute…and just a tad bit sexy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Such a cute set! I love this! I should make some cute pajamas… mine are all pretty shabby and ugly!

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