Perfect Parcel I.e The smoking bear

Hello darlings, I’m pretty sure you already heard about Perfect Parcel. A curation of 6 independent patterns put together for a limited period: Only one day left to buy now! The aim is not only to support independent designers but to raise money for children’s education. To date, the sewing community has helped them raise over $13,000! Amazing!Can you guys tell what pattern I picked to sew from the parcel #6 collection? I think this pattern is quickly turning into a internet sensation….

I made the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations with a few modifications….

There are two trends right now that I was completely obsessing about. Oversized cardigans and textured coats… Couldn’t be more excited to match them both on the same make!!!

Let’s talk fabric first. Mid october my local sewing club and I had a shopping day out and we visited Plush Addict open day. I normally get my FOE from them but I didn’t imagine the range they had until I got lost on their warehouse. I was particular intrigued by all the “plush” fabrics and bought 1, 5 metres of this emerald green.

I confess that at first I was questioning my initial judgement. Isn’t it too dressing gown, pjs like fabric. The idea was to use the jersey as the outer fabric and the plush inside, hidden to keep me warm.  I actually had a plan to sew another Lola dress. How volatile my sewing plans are…  My brain don’t stop extrapolating combinations of fabric and shapes. Plans aren’t final until I finish!

The lapel/ facing is left over velvet from this dress.  The more I touched the fabric the more I wanted to play around with the idea to wear both sides. That was possible by making the pattern reversible , so I end up sewing all my seams like my pink coat.
Welt seams are great to reduce bulk on heavier fabrics. The sleeves were the tricker part but so manageable. It was a delight as this pattern is so quick to make.

Modifications: I made size L, slashed and spread the pattern an extra 31 cm, used the XXXL width of the collar and back bottom pattern. As I wanted to avoid the velvet showing up when I worn the plush side I cut it smaller, leaving a little bit of plush fabric showing when I wear the jersey side up. I’m really delighted that it worked out exactly as I imagined. I been wrapped on this cardigan daily!

Ohhh Mister Hefner, you cannot steal my cardigan!!!

During the sewing process I keep calling the cardigan “my bear” because plush fabrics does make me think of teddy bears but HRH insisted that I should call it a smoking jacket. During the whole sunday afternoon at the pub he teased me about it.  In his indiscretion he also described the one I shawl sew for him in the future.

Doesn’t he knows velvet isn’t the easiest fabric to work with, specially when one will be expecting tailor quality of a one of kind jacket that magically will Fit itself since the recipient refuses to get fitted during the sewing process. Keep hoping…
My favourite feature of this modified cardigan is the dramatic tulip shape it creates…
My advice to sew plush fabric is similar to velvet. You can read my tips for velvet here.
I like to keep my makes classic but sometimes I enjoy using fashion as an inspiration to push me forward. To explore my creativity beyond my normal boundaries of taste. Is there any trend you are excited to sew right now? There are a few more I want to tackle this fall.
Would you pick your favourite side to wear? Would it be “The teddy” with the plush outside or the “Smoking jacket” with the plush on the inside? I’m curious….
  • linnnnndo!
    I believe the glorious thing about it is you CAN wear it both sides. can’t pick one over the other.
    great make, Rachel! I LOVED it

  • Gorgeous and cooky rendition of the pattern!

    • I love to play with patterns… i think its a rare occasion when i make a pattern as is…

  • whoah! love how you lengthened this pattern, such a great idea. looks so cozy!

    • too cosy for me not to take off. Its turning into a big favourite

  • I adore this. The plush outside looks so luxe, while the ‘smoking jacket’ side looks classy and refined. Love, love, love the colors!

    • Thanks Aimee, I love dark colours, it helps having a beautiful park to photograph

  • This is very Carrie Bradshaw final season on SaTC when she met Petrovsky in the park and he offered her shocolate. So no it is not too dressing gown 😉

  • That is STUNNING!!! Very inspiring!!

  • So pretty Rachel..Love that color.

  • Yummy!!!! So stylish and comfy

    • thanks Trine, its one of those makes its so comfy is almost impossible not to wear it all the time

  • Gorgeous!

  • What a gorgeous take on this pattern, I love your creativity!

  • Given that all your makes are beautiful I find this one even more so!

    • Thank you Eleanor, I can see myself making loads of these cardigans

  • Jo

    Cosy and stylish. Enjoy wearing it. Jo x

  • This looks so comfy! And I love the styling!

  • omigod. Cosy and stylish at the same time. I’m impressed. Especially when you say sewing plush is like sewing velvet – velvet is such a bitch! – your sewing skills are amazing to handle two difficult fabrics like that at the same time!
    hehehehe I totally get what you said about fitting. My sis begs me to make her stuff and won’t let me measure her…..rolleyes.

    • Thank you, yes people don’t understand that to look good it need to fit correctly.

  • I never would have thought to lengthen it. Very creative! I’m not sure I can pull off that fabric, but I’d love to do one in a gray jersey.

  • wow! I would never have guessed that this was made from the Julia cardigan pattern – I would wear it with the velvet on the inside so it would feel more cosy 🙂 x

  • I love this cardigan! I think that if I had it, I would hug myself overtime I wore it! And such a nice color!

  • Shannon Church

    Oh my god that’s the prettiest thing iv’e ever seen. I just bought the perfect pattern parcelan I never would have thought to make something like this! You’ve inspired me, I want one too!!!

  • Ahh I love this Rachel! I’ve just bought the PPP and have plans to make Julia up. I wouldn’t have thought of doing an oversized one though, so thanks for the inspiration!

  • Whoa! This is so luxe! Fantastic!

  • I’ve being eyeing the Julia since i bought the parcel & thinking “if only it was longer”! Love it Rachel! (and I want to pet it!)

  • Gorgeous cardigan in a beautiful shade of green! Looks very elegant and luxurious!


  • This is simply wonderful, Rachel. I love the look and the fabric looks so luxurious! I’m now seriously tempted to make a long cardigan for this winter.

  • Oh my word, this is just gorgeous. Love the colour, and ooo, it would do for the chill we’re getting up here in Scotland! Very cool (warm?) and inspiring make!!

  • As cute as the cardi is I’m too distracted by your incredible photography! Oh my goodness! I’m finding it really hard to believe this was a Rachel and her tripod special, but either way they are a beautiful set of pictures and I am highly jealous!

  • Love what you did with it … it’s so creative and unexpected – fabulous!!! The pictures are simply superbe!

  • You are like a jewel in the autumn light! I love this, Rachel. So luxurious and so cosy. And fabulous photos too xxx

  • It looks so comfy and stylish at the same time! Love it!

  • Hmmmmm. I’m not sure if this is my favorite House of Pinheiro make or if Pinkheiro ya da bomb is still my fav…. I LOVE this pattern in your fabric choice. Love, love, love.

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