Sabrina, let me tell you straight: we cannot be friends!

Hello friends,

You all know I LOVE the BHL girls and been their oldest tester. So one day inevitability I would be asked to test a pattern I didn’t like. well, that’s Sabrina*.
I did test it and reported the fitting issues I have encountered (now fixed). The test pattern looked horrible on me. I hated and the dress was chucked on my recycling bin. Not something that happens often but it’s more likely to happen when patterns are on their testing stage and why is so important for testers to sew it mindfully to find errors. 
To make the pattern interesting to me (I honestly feel Sabrina is a bit too boring- BHL girls have so much potential), I drafted large pockets and distressed the denim* I received part of the testing process. 
Distressing denim was quite fun and easy. I only needed a cutting mat, a craft knife and a rock. Quilting ruler optional. I used “pedra pone, a Brazilian native stone. Works brilliantly. 
Once I knew where  I wanted to distress, with my quilting ruler as guide to my craft knit, I sliced the fabric.
The distressed result will vary accordingly to how often and the strength you use the rock in a back and forward motion.
The fabric selvage was added within the pocket top and princess seams.
Looks like the distress seam is a trend flash back from the 90’s. Marques’Almeida just launched a collection for Topshop  similar to the vision I had for my dress.
Giving another thought, I chopped the dress, removed the whole extra back panel (inc the zipper) and used an elastic to create a skirt. 
As a skirt is wearable enough. Hopefully I can see versions that would change my mind but so far I haven’t got inspired to give Sabrina another go.

*updated 18:22
Thank you for reminding that’s sometimes that is no way around things that needed to be said. Honesty is the best policy and I appreciate that you guys agree!

  • Oh I am so glad you have spoken your mind! I have recently tested an girls pattern and I struggled through the process! The pattern pieces where everywhere and the finished product was bulky, my little girl took one look at it and refused to wear it, I dont want to be horrible or rude so gave my honest opinion on the feedback only to be told that if i did not like it in the first place why did I sign up?
    Will never refer back to the blog, i was a bit hurt that I ad wasted such gorgeous material on something that looked good on a picture!

    • it was hard, that post been sitting on my draft for weeks. I keep looking for better words to express it but i just left as it was first written. Honesty matters to me when I read peoples comments so i own others the same courtesy.

  • This is a great effect and love the addition of the big pockets.

  • As a dress this makes a great skirt! I would have liked to have seen it before you chopped the top off, but your treatment of the fabric is inspired.

  • I’ve not seen this pattern, so am intrigued to see what it looks like as intended (I’ll go on a hunt). Whether you wear it or not, the distressed denim idea is clever. Did you bleach it too? Rachel ☺p.s. I’m not altruistic enough to test patterns – I’ve learning it can be hard for me, someone who sews as a hobby, to match the zeal of someone that does something as a business. So good on you for doing it! Having said that, I don’t really buy Indy patterns (or many patterns these days!) anyway. Maybe I should resolve this!! Hmmm…..

    • haven’t seen many versions so I’m hoping people will inspire me to what they can do with the design

  • While I’m sad your pattern testing didn’t go to plan I actually like the skirt you have created. What would’ve been very plain you’ve made quite edgy with the addition of the pockets and the distressing, The way you did the distressing is very cool.

    • thanks Susan, the result its actually a cool skirt. It would have been a total loss otherwise.

  • It’s really important to give proper feedback in the pattern testing process, I guess.

    • Yes and they took my criticism wonderfully. I don’t like the design and thats my own perspective. All the pattern testers worked hard so we know all the issues found were fixed. Its a constructive way to develop.

  • I don’t think you’re posting a negative review, per se. It’s just not your style! I think what you did to the pattern is cute though, glad you could salvage it into a skirt.

  • Supercute!!

  • Great honest review – maybe another tester will have a different experience ..