Shopping in Paris

Oh Paris, with a speedy train connection taking me door to door under 2h30 hours It is a wonder why I never went there specifically for a bit of fabric shopping, since I have traveled as far as Exeter for a sewing meet up lol.


As I mention, the original plan was going to be spending time with my family and try to fit fabric shop around the family activities but since their trip had to be cancel and I was staying with the talented Jolie Bobines, I ditched the maps and followers her lead. On this post I will be sharing where I have been (including meeting other french sewing bloggers) and a little bit of the places I have bookmarked so you can have a complete list! There will be a meet up there in November organised by CarmecitaB if you fancy making a trip yourself.
Around the 18 ème, commonly known as Quartier de la Butte Montmartre. (Antwerp metro)
Often described as “the” art &  bohemian ‘neighbour’,where masses of tourists go to visit Sacré-Coeur basilica and the Place du Tertre. Oh and the Moulin Rouge. If I could draw as a comparison that feels like Shoreditch in London or Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo.

Fabric shopping in a foreign language was definably an experience. It felt strange most fabrics were displayed as coupons (pre cut pieces of fabrics, most common being 3 metres). I’m normally guilty of buying less than I need but I didn’t have much choice it was take or leave it, although some shops could be convinced to half the coupons. My french wasn’t good enough for that. Hardest task was to get trims cut for you. Lucky I had help!

Le Coupons de Saint Pierre  at 1, place St Pierre

Marché Saint-Pierre  at 2, rue Charles Nodier
Tissus-Moline at 1, Place Saint-Pierre 

Coupons sacred at 4, bis rue d’Orsel
Frou- Frou
Tissu Reine at 3-5, Place St Pierre
Dam Boutons at 46, rue Orsel
Au Bonheur des Dames at 1-3, rue Livingstone

By sheer coincidence look who spotted me and Jolie shopping? Blogless Anna  was doing a stitching tour, something Lizzy and others done.

Around 12th ème: (Bastille Metro)

Mainly residential neighbourhood. Not far from Place de la Bastille and the indoor arena, Palais Omnisports de Bercy.

Anna Ka Bazar at 17, rue Jean Beausire

with Marie

2nd ème: (Sentier Metro)
This is where the Paris Stock Market (the Bourse) is located, and the Place des Victoires{where my mom wanted to visit the boutiques}.

When I went to General diff to buy couture fabrics (by myself) and I found loads of fabrics shops around the area inclusive a place that look like morplan called Hamon for fashion students and a another place ( cannot remember their name) where you can rent a sewing machine by hour. Score!

I also visit very cute shop called Lil weasel that sells both fabric/patterns and next door: wools. At 1, passage du grand cerf

Fabric by Kilo? go to Toto at 25, Rue du Sentier

Loads of places around there to explore. This is a selection of tweets/instaspam during the trip.

#rachelaparis #parisdiarieshop 

Outside Paris. Those those familiar with the UK legend “the man outside Sainsburry” at Walthamstow market, this is his french equivalent and his name is Will, a.k.a the man outside Olivier!

With Thetinytailoress, joliesbobines and imaginationetcreations

Other districts:

Moline mercearie at 2,4,6 rue de Livingstone 75018 Paris (10th ème)
France Duval Stalla at 24, rue Mayet (Saint placid metro/ 6th ème)

I will share the fabrics I bought as I make use of them…. Having to write this post after 10 days of my beach holiday was hard on my memory. There was 3 full days of shopping and one of sight seeing. If I remember the other names and places I will share it! Now, time to catch up on my wip! I have barely sewn anything the last month.
  • What a wonderful list! I will be there in January and will definitely be fabric shopping. I hope to meet up with Julie as well! Fingers crossed.

  • Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  • I’m so glad you had a fantastic time after plans had to be changed. This post is definitely being earmarked – maybe one day I’ll go on one of those great sounding tours! Can’t wait to see all the lovely things you make. Rachel ☺

    • I think it’s a great place… Hopefully you can make the trip yourself

  • Wow looks like fabric heaven! Plus the prices look amazing too, 3m for 5 euro or 3 for 16e. Did you buy lots?

  • We miss you honey !

  • This is so cool – I want to go there now!

  • YESSS!!! A Paris shopping list! I’m going to Paris in two weeks with my husband so shopping time will be limited but I’ve said I can’t leave Paris without some Fabric shopping. I lust after the paris bloggers style
    I’m only going to AnnaKaBazar and Petit Pan haberdashery, their piping and buttons !! but after seeing this post I must return, husband free, and really spend my money !!

  • YESSS!!! A Paris fabric shopping list, I’m going in two weeks, I’m going with my husband but I said I can’t go to Paris and not fabric shop. I lust over the French sewing bloggers style.
    I’m only gonna go to two shops Anna Ka Bazar and Petit Pan haberdashery (their buttons and piping..I will need to be restrained)
    This list makes me see I need to return, husband free, and really spend my money!!

  • Oh what a wonderful time fabric shopping. I do hope your family weren’t too disappointed to miss their trip?
    One day I hope to get there, till then I’ll keep dreaming.

  • Anonymous

    I went to Monmarte earlier this year and found it quite overwhelming. I only came away with 2 bits of bias binding. I love the area so didn’t make a special trip just to go fabric shopping. I will check the other shops you mentioned, they look so much more interesting.

  • Wauw great pictures. Looks like great places to get your fabrics.

  • It looks like you had a great time! I’m trying to persuade my husband that we need to go to Paris in November for our anniversary, if I’m successful I’ll be looking back at this post!

  • Isn’t Lil Weasel the most adorable shop? And the people there are fabulous

  • How I wish I was there! And not an extremely expensive plane ride away!!