The last summer dress of the year…

As I mention on my first CloverΒ I love how simple this pattern is. I know some of you have asked me if there was an issue with the drafting and I wholeheartedly can say not that I have experienced. People experience patterns differently and I can only offer my personal perspective. I have sewn both my versions without a hitch of trouble. I truly love this pattern!
I haven’t got much to add as the only thing I did differently was to add a fringe trim within the insets and rolling my sleeves for the photos. I prefer this dress with the sleeves rolled up.

Fabric is some gorgeous Portuguese Voile. Very fitting that I actually took my pictures on Portuguese soil. Some of you may know that I’m having a hard time planing my wedding because I feel the money is better invested in a beach house. A far away dream but I hope one day to come true.
I don’t remember where I bought the trim or how much it was. That’s one the issue with an disorganised stash but finding how much you been secretly spending and the real price of your stash is a shock too big to bare. The trim is perfect match to the fabric as is very lightweight and moves beautifully. Β The colour is striking. I also have a neon green I bought at the same time that matched this fabric.
I feel very energised to have spend days in this gorgeous environment. How lucky are the girls that can just pop to the beach for their blog photos. My brick wall suddenly felt so boring.
During my holiday I have been snapping my handmade wardrobe in the wild.
Having two different trips so close together made me reflect on the way have I sewn my clothes lately. It’s a bit chaotic. When trying to pack concisely I had really hard time taking only handmade items because, well… they don’t match. They are in itself stand out pieces. Works when I have my wardrobe to play dress up but when I need to carry less than 10 kilos things got complicated.
So I have been planing my fall wardrobe into mini capsule collections in which I hope to chat more about soon. I mentioned on my social media while I was trying to pack. Funny enough seems to be a feeling a lot of sewists with the same experience/ stage in their sewing journey going through.
Sometimes the blogging world navigate through the same thought-wave lengthen and I feel that besides the natural influence we inflict on each other & different learning curve, we tend to face a few common challenges at the same points of our journey.
  • Beautiful, beautiful photos! I’m not such a beach person, but I do miss the beach now that I live so far away from it. It’s amazing how you take things for granted and don’t think about their beauty until they are gone. But onto that dress. Gorgeous fabric and the fringe makes it totally awesome.

    • So true, when I’m in Brasil now I try to enjoy all the little things that i took for granted.

  • This dress is awesome!! The idea of adding a fringe trim is super original and it gives a “pop” to the dress. It is truly beautiful, good job πŸ™‚

    • thank you Maude, The idea started when I saw Named magena. I did like the idea of adding fringe between seems but not on that pattern.

  • Love your dress. Great colors, and I am really into fringe right now.

    • brilliant, do share where you get the good stuff.. fringe is quite difficult to find.

  • This is gorgeous – I LOVE the fringe. Looking forward to seeing your great taste translate into a capsule wardrobe!

    • Thanks Jacqui. I got to finish all my WIP and previous commitments first. I think it will be more achievable for early next year. I would be posting ideas and mood boards If i didn’t change my mind so often.

  • I love everything that you make, but this dress is amazing! i would never have thought to use trim along the V lines on this dress (especially not fringe!) but it looks incredible. Now I’m feeling all inspired πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful dress and scenery πŸ™‚ I love the vibrancy of the blue fringing, it really adds personality to the dress.

  • Beautiful dress and photos. I know what you mean about all the ‘stand alone’ pieces. I have also pledged to only sew from my stash, and all of the fabric in there is 90% prints that don’t go with each other. Once I have it under control, I will buy a lot more solids to mix and match.

  • A beautiful dress against a beautiful backdrop – love the addition of the fringe!

  • Beautiful dress in a beautiful setting! For a while I lived close to the beach. Still miss it sometimes!
    On the topic of packing: why would you only want to pack handmade? Nothing wrong with mixing handmade and rtw in my opinion and I think many sewing bloggers can relate.

    • oh no that would be too boring.. thats when my bad english get me in trouble lol I meant things that can be complementary and work with my wardrobe. I could only take one outwear, so I had to choose to bring stuff on that colour pallet. But all the stuff i wanted was different. I like being able to safe luggage space with clever packing.. too many fabrics to bring home.

    • Ah, to that I can completely relate! I also have a tendency to get excited about individual pieces, forgetting about the bigger picture. I have a closet full of ‘out there’ items, but I feel like I have nothing to wear πŸ™ it’s also my plan to stick to a color palette. Easier said than done though….

  • Gorgeous dress and scenery! I live on the beach here in Canada but it gets very cold in the winter!

    • I would love to visit Canada one day… when is the best time to go?

  • I just bought fringe last week for my Clover dress! We must be on the same wavelength. πŸ™‚ This is so cute!

    • Thanks darling. I meant to write a message to you about your amazing post on your nana.. what a beautiful lady! Oh I love the pugs outfit.

  • Invest in a beach house. Seriously. My wedding was small and I still feel like we spent too much. I’d rather have a house on the lake πŸ™‚

    • in working on it babe. I already have the perfect sewing cave in the beach house plan lol!

  • Amy

    Such a stunning dress. Love the fringing, it’s so unique. You look fabulous. Regarding your wedding – it’s your day, do what is best for you & your partner!! It will be a magic, memorable day however much you spend:) P.S I’m new to your blog & think it’s great, you have a lovely style.

  • Darling lady, two things:
    1) Congratulations on your engagement
    2) those bricks could never look boring with you in front of them!
    Rachel ☺

  • This dress is so beautiful! Bravo! Also, I totally relate to your problem of wanting to pack me-made’s for trips, but none of them going together – hahaha – I am really looking forward to your fall collection! πŸ™‚ And congrats on your engagement!!!

  • I’m planning a capsule wardrobe at the moment too. For my judging I need a mix and match set of black/dark, smart clothing. I just need to set aside some time to work out what I need, the patterns and a plan. πŸ™‚

    • yes, planning is the hardness part… taking in consideration the stash and weather and ideas..

  • I love the idea of doing a “capsule collection,” I think that’s the point I’m starting to get to in my development as a self-stitcher.

  • Fabulous dress! That fringe is just too much, in a good way.
    I had thought I had a problem with the Clover but the sweet designer pointed out I was fitting a curve to straight edge and had to ease it – duh…. worked perfectly, and am now on number two with long sleeves as a top in silk.. LOVE.

    Getting married! I did that quite a while back. Made my dress, took three months. Wanted to elope with the guy and get married on a beach (even though we live on a beach, kind of – small island) – in Cuba you can get residence after three days and marry there. There are loads of places like that nowadays. Just saying πŸ™‚
    Yeah, I’m just in the process of knockingtogether a oyster pinky linen jacket as I realised I had nothing to wear over the flowered/spotted stuff wth pink or brown in it. Or the khaki or beige coloured bottoms. So it’s my missing neutral to be able to carry on wearing those items for a while. I had the jackets to wear on the reds/blues/greens so after that, it’s back to playing. Cos of my job, I had to pull together a sort of planned wardrobe, including the boring black skirt – for which I used that Vogue pattern with the pockets in front in a slash – Rachel Comey? – for both winter in wool and summer in cotton. It’s boring making these things, but if you find a fun pattern, it is ok, and then you can keep on playing:)