DIY Style: Typography Sweater Weather

There are many cool sweater/jumpers patterns out there that I was initially planning to do this DIY with my own handmade sweater but I found this delicious heat-tech grey jumper on sale at Uniqlo and just had to have it. I live in heat-tech during the winter.

For this DIY you will need:Sweater/Jumper, iron on letters, scissors and an iron. Chalk and measuring tools are optional.

Always follow the manufacture instructions. Mine where pretty sparse so I am providing a few tips that will work for most iron on appliqués. Some fabrics aren’t advisable for this type of DIY (oilcloth, waterproof, nylon, rayon etc)

Decide your slogan. I wanted “Sweater Weather” although tea tea would be pretty cool.

Cut your letters.

Because the ones I used get pealed after they are set, I didn’t needed to trim perfectly but it is worth to do a trial to check. That will also determine if the temperature of the iron is good and how long it will take to settle in place.

Place your appliqué with at desired position. Go crazy!

Or use a measuring tape, measure and mark the location for an even spaced logo with a taylor chalk.

Set your iron for Cotton (highest temperature) and don’t use steam. 
Press the iron-on letters for 35 seconds. I like pressing in 10 seconds intervals overlapping each area for a smooth application. Don’t iron (Pressing is an up and down motion). Use a tea towel or pressing cloth to protect the letters from the heat. If you apply too much heat the plastic will melt and letters will deform.
Turn the garment inside-out and press. That will allow the heat to settle it better without running the risk of spoiling them.
Let it cool down and peal the plastic covering the letter…

Happy DIY-ing! I hope my friends that don’t sew get inspired and give it a go!

  • This is pretty cool B-D I’ve never thought of using iron on letters! X

  • Cute!

  • Sol

    Yes so cute!!

  • super cute rach!

  • sweater weather
    catchy 🙂

  • sweater weather
    catchy 🙂

  • Way cute! What brand are those iron-on letters? They look nicer quality than ones I’ve used in the past.

    • I have tried a few brands before deciding to use this. It’s from US and the brand it’s dritz

    • Thank you x

  • This is such a brilliant idea for a quick DIY! Thanks for sharing! The finished sweater is perfect!

  • I love type on a sweatshirt. You’ll have to report back and let us know how the iron-on letters hold-up in the wash, though truthfully, I’d probably go straight to screen printing, as I already have the materials on hand. Have you tried screen printing? The materials are minimal. It does take a bit longer, but you get a lot more freedom in design and it lasts. Speedball has some great kits, but you really only need a screen, squeegee, emulsion and ink and you’re good to go.

    • so far so good. Yes i have used screen printing in the past. all fun!