Falling for fall. Colette Laurel

Hello darlings,

Coming from a city with only two main weather changes visually apparent I have learned to appreciate the beauty during the season changes. Specially autumn/fall. The colours, the crispness of the air, the bright blue sky. It’s very stimulating creatively to be looking at different range of colour palettes and imagine possibilities of layering. Most exciting time to change the wardrobe since coats and scarfs are my secret obsession. Bikinis and coats, what strange secret wardrobe hoarding.
Plaid is one of those fabrics that universally represent fall in my books so I wanted to make a very simple pattern to showcase it.
The pattern is Colette Laurel. This is the second time I make this pattern. The first was for the Laurel competition. I have changed that dress so much that the pattern identity was lost. I did had great time making it my own interpretation. That’s what sewing is all about. Playing and exploring ideas.
This time I made the pattern as the original shape. I have been wearing it non- stop. That is the beauty of simplicity. Clothes that easily incorporate on a daily wardrobe. I need more clothes like that.

Confession time… the size of my fabric stash is currently so large that is shameful but I still been spending money and buying more. Addiction? I keep trying to be good, I swear. Fabrics put a spell on me! I keep giving that “wasn’t me” look to Hrh when I bring a new bag home… He is not impressed. Don’t tell him about all the secret online pattern buying. So many new patterns coming to the market that’s hard to resist.

In the interest of de-stashing I picked something I had for a couple of years. Gorgeous and sparkly!  It doesn’t translate well on pictures. Wear it beautifully but press like a bitch. I had to be extra careful pressing it because not only it was shine prone but it was hard to settle in place.

Usual modifications related to my height: dropping the darts to the right position and slopped shoulders on a size 6. I normally sew Colette size 8 but this pattern works better on a smaller size.
For the back, I added another fisheye dart. I love how this dress fits.

I took some height on the hem for a 60’s vibe! Adding cat eyes and tousled hair every time time I put this dress.

I could have got away by not adding a zipper but I went with one anyway. I like invisible zippers in clothes. This made me remenber Mena, from Sew Weekly. She was the no-zippers queen. I miss that site and I’m thankful everyday for the people I met there that incentivised me to write a blog.
Have you started sewing for the change in season?
  • Cute dress, love the plaid and that scarf is gorgeous.

  • Absolutely love your Laurel.. Plaid does say fall…and this one is perfect.. Looks so comfortable too.
    Great photos..
    [Yep…we are all so guilty of fabric/pattern hoarding.. I am so bad, I will sneak the fabric sack into my sewing room..embrassed to let hubby know, I have bought more.hahaha]

  • I love everything about this outfit 🙂

  • Amazing outfit!!! Just purchased the Dahlia dress pattern to hopefully incorporate some plaid into my wardrobe 🙂

  • Love the dress – perfect for the Autumn!

  • Such a great dress! Plaids remind me of fall too every time, and for some reason I always think of the UK too 🙂 I love the shape of your dress and I was planning on making something in a similar shape for summer but didn’t get around to it. Maybe I need to find a warmer fabric and make one for winter…? You are an inspiration, as always 🙂

  • Lovely dress, great fabric choice and have serious scarf envy! Your description of your fabric/pattern buying addiction completely mirrors mine -however large my stash grows I still can’t resist buying more. Digital patterns are the worse- its so simple to press the buy now button and have the pdf immediately that I almost forget im actually spending money 🙂

  • Plaid is perfect for fall – a shift dress in plaid wore with that ease and that scarf is splendid!

  • The plaid is lovely as a Laurel. I am always slightly on the fence about this pattern but it looks great on so many different people – maybe I should go out of my comfort zone a bit! I also miss Mena and the Sew Weekly site. It was one of the first that I followed when I discovered sewing blogs.

  • Love this! It is definitely the epitome of fall!

  • oh, lovely. And you have the legs for it. I lengthened mine…. what is it about sewists? I used to be guilty of stashing yarn (and still have loads) but fabric somehow is worse. And patterns. And digital patterns. And in my case, vintage patterns….. I have taken to sneaking in things when my sister who I live with is out…. shamefaced me:)

  • Er, LOVE it!!! I think Laurel is that pattern that keeps on giving. I had sworn off plaid after attempting a Dalhia in plaid fabric, but your Laurel is the perfect Autumn quick fix.

  • It looks great! I agree with you about plaid representing fall – I’ve got some lovely plaid ready to sew a shirt dress very soon!

  • This dress is so simple but so stylish. Fabulous dress, love how you’ve styled it too.

  • I love this! I’m a huge fan of plaid and love it in this simple shape. I never really got the Laurel dress fit down, but I should revisit it. This looks great on you!

  • Ju

    Wow, I love your dress, you look great. This looks so much better than it does on the Colette website! That’s the problem I have with looking at their patterns, they only appeal to me once I have seen other versions of it.

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