Forget that IT Bag…

It’s time for perfect pattern parcel #7 and the package is all about BAGS! How fun is that! 
I had the selfish intention of making a new bag for me but the christmas spirit must be getting stronger and I took the opportunity to make a baby bag. 
Did I almost tricked you into thinking it was a fashion bag? 
I chose to make the Betty Bowler pattern . Without the front zipper pocket because I didn’t want to hide the print and quilted both the outer fabric and lining together. Yes, I didn’t follow the pattern instructions as is… Am Im a sewing rebel? I hope you are too! 
It turned out very nice and tidy.  Just sew like a french seam (w/w) and enclose the outside raw seams with the bias. Faux piping!
As I enclosed the zipper seams with the bias and used those transparent zippers. I think the zipper doesn’t look bad from the inside point of view and the process works. It was kind of a test. I love those experimental ideas. Sometimes you got to make a pattern before you can add your design modifications and thats the best time to test for constructions ideas. That’s my gift-able toile!
Can we come back to the outside of my bag and those Awwdorable woodland animals print. I got it last year from Terry Fabrics. The hardware, grosgrain and bias were sourced from my local quilting shop. I used cotton wadding instead of pellon (recommended) so that is why it doesn’t hold the classic  vintage bowling shape. 
It’s squishy… 
I tried to position the straps without making the animals cut in half so they are too close to the end. It’s not bad but I wish I had made the straps a tiny bit longer and added an across the shoulder strap.
 The bag is so spacious. There are two 50×50 cushions  and a cot size knitted blanket stuffed inside. 
 Can I keep it? I want to…  OH! I wish I could get away of walking around town as my new It bag…
Not long left to help raising money with PPP. If you are interested on getting all the awesome bag patterns from this collection with a great price discount: Buy from here.

  My outfit is DIY Couture coat and my DIY sweater weather.

Have you made any bags before? I made the Cooper bag and a baby bag for my nephew back in 2011.
  • Oh gosh, I would love to learn to make a bag – I think this looks amazing!

    • i was super scared at first but isn’t as hard so i really advice to have a go. if you start with a pattern that have pictures on the instructions would make it a bit easier.

  • The bag is so cute!!! I love the pics ❤. On my to do list there are a couple of bags too bad there is not enough time!

    • time is my biggest issue too, i want to make my own jeans but with so many other projects.. aww, would be wonderful if we could wish for time as christmas gifts

  • Very cute bag! Sewing bags is something I’d like to try some day, but haven’t attempted yet. I love your coat too! What pattern is that?

  • Very cute fabric! And I totally expected something very posh from the first two pictures, so I fell for your trick 🙂

    • i wanted to make a fashion bag but with so many gifts to make i had to sew a bit of selfless sewing….

  • This is so cute! What a great gift! I’d like to make a bag, but I already have so many that I don’t think Man Friend would ever speak to me again if he saw me with another!

  • A bolsa ficou fofa, Rachel. Lindos tecidos, super molde e ótima execução. Parabéns!