Winter lumberjack: named tala faux fur

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Yes, I made a faux fur vest/ gilet!


I took my time choosing the right fabric. For me this step was one of the most important to avoid looking ‘too fake’. I collected loads of samples from different suppliers with prices varying from £20 to £50 and I am impress by the quality of the fabrics available.

My tips to pick faux fur: Look for Touch! Pick your fabric with your fingers. How soft does it feels? The softer the fabric the better quality it is.

Check how bouncy and resilient the fabric is because the quicker the fabric returns to shape the better quality.

Read the label. Faux fur are made of acrylic fibbers, if you pick the finer ones like kanecaron or tissavel your make will last longer. Looks better too as fibbers are dyed to mimic the texture. PS: some manufactures use the name faux fur on real animal furs so checking for acrylic fibbers will certify that you are buying fake. I’m not an activist but I feel animals should NOT die for fashion.

Lastly, check the backing. They can be: woven or knitted. Cotton being most commonly found. You don’t want stretch backing as it will accelerate the shedding.

In case you are wondering, I sewn a faux rabbit fur from Plush Addict. Highly recommend it! The lining is a gold camouflage brown suede from my stash.

The pattern deeds: my love for named patterns are well know and I decided to use the Tala. I made size 38.

Maybe the size 36 would fit better. This is a very loose fit. It doesn’t bother me to be oversized as it means I can wear more clothes underneath.  Thats a winner in my books. Feels delicious to be immerse in faux fur.

Even if it makes me look like a giant marshmallow.  
My favourite feature is the shawl collar but this is my least favourite named pattern.
Looks better loose (un-belted) so I will be adding a hock and eye as a closure option.

This was my first time sewing faux fur so I’m not the best person to teach anyone. I will describe the steps I followed for my project in case that helps. I had a brilliant time and think with a little bit of patience any one can do it.


Get your hoover (vacumn cleaner) ready and don’t wear black! I took the opportunity to cut my faux fur during the sewing club for two main reasons. Less mess in my house and the long large tables.

I layered the fabric and traced my pattern to the back of the faux fur instead of pining. I cut each individual pattern piece single.  When cutting I was being careful to not trim the fur, focusing on cutting the backing.  If my fur was longer I would probably use masking tape to protect the hair.

If you are sensitive to allergies be mindful that a lot of fibres will come out at this stage.

When I was pinning my right sides together I tried tucking as much as the fur hair inside the seam.

At first I was planning to shave my seam allowance before sewing but in the end I went against it. Before a new project I always test different ways of sewing, stitches lengths, etc and after a few sample tests my best results were:

  • New needle size 90
  • Stitch length 3
  • Straight presser foot.

I graded the S.A. After sewing, you got to comb the seam to try to free the caught fur. The idea is that the seam needs to be invisible. I tried my best but some parts you can still see a line for the seam.  It will look better with time as I wear it.

There are diversions on how to “wash”. Some places recommend lukewarm water, hand washing. Others, dry-cleaning. I’m not sure yet what method will suit best for both the fur and the suede. Let’s hope I don’t get it dirty too quickly!

Are you temped to sew faux fur?

  • I was planning a faux fur jacket for the longest time until I had to sew a bunch of faux fur at work! I got really burned out doing it! But I hope to make one someday. It’s so cozy and nice! I really like this as a vest- it’s just the right amount of fluff! Love your plaid scarf, too!

    • sucks when we have a plan and we get burned before even trying. Maybe next winter

  • Rachel this is such a chic faux fur vest. I was thinking about making a faux fur vest as well, and after seeing yours really made me want one even more :).

    • Let me know how you get along. i have seen loads of faux fur in the shops so there are so much choice of fabric out there.. happy sewing

  • Top tip, don’t get it dry cleaned. I made a Santa suit last year with acrylic fur trim and they dry cleaned it, and the fur feels lime it has been soaked in hairspray – it’s rougher and tackier and more matted. Sad!

  • Great minds think alike Rachel…I am just sewing a faux fur vest myself. Wish I had considered some of your points before starting 🙂 anyway yours looks very cute and cosy. I think you should def put on fur hooks and eyes. X

  • Wonderful! I’ve wanted to sew fur for a long time but I can’t handle the thought of fur debris everywhere. Maybe I should sew outside 😀

  • Love this Rachel! That fake fur looks fantastic and love the suede lining too. So stylish

  • I absolutely love this!!! Your last few makes are seasonally perfect, and I have to confess to running up a Laurel top in plaid after seeing your dress! I am v envious of your snuggly gillet. It looks fantastic!

    • Thats great, how is that coming along? maybe you need also a gillet to match the paid laurel, right

  • This is lovely and looks so cozy!! Beautiful faux fur, and the lining is the icing on the cake!

  • Love this! Looks perfect and I bet it feels amazing. I’ve been wanting to make a faux fur jacket for a while but haven’t found the right fur yet.

    • Take your time, there are some pretty good fabrics out there for the price. Get a few samples and try sewing them to sews how you like it. xx

  • This looks awesome on you. I bet it is so snuggly!

  • I’ve been itching to sew a faux fur coat but have no experience with it so I’m a bit uncertain which one to pick. Your post has been very helpful thank you Rachel! x

    • Great to know that this been helpful. Have you got a pattern in mind?

  • Yay, you finally made it! And no, you do not look like a marshmallow!! Fabulous look and it really suits you – it looks super cosy too!!

    • yes, I made it!!! That lady that didn’t let us check that faux fur fabric lost on the sale that day. So glad i took my time to chose

  • Very stylish, why buy when you can stitch!! Inspired to make a gilet now!!!
    Crafternoon Tea Hostess

    • indeed, when you can make it, why buy it. thats what i been telling myself of my next challenge: bras … I’m scared

  • I love it – it looks so lovely and snuggly! I’ve been thinking of making a gilet, but I think I might go with a different fabric – I’m not sure I can face the mess that faux fur would cause in my flat!

    • Its like a fur bomb exploded. I wouldn’t cut inside my house… maybe faux shearling? Not messy at all

  • This is really interesting and different! The fur looks really soft and smooth and overall it creates a nice layering piece!

    • the fur is a dream… i never ever worn a gillet in my life so I’m having fun styling it

  • Wow this looks so comfy! Want one myself, perfect for this grey english weather, right!?

    • yes, mostly it. When it gets colder i need more layers. Its very soft and fun

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