Opps I didn’t read the instructions! Mai Zipper Jacket

Project inspiration. Source SATC film 
Hey friends, wowwwww your comments on my latest post are very insightful so Thank You for taking part on this controversial debate. I often don’t write ‘debates’ posts as I fear for my quality as a writer (express both sides of the argument clearly) and how I come across as a referee but If don’t practice I cannot get better. I love engaging on conversations about the future/”what’s next” around subjects I am passionate. 
As mention before, I have a few finished garments on my closet waiting for me to photograph but the weather is so miserable that I cannot bare the thought of un-layering my michelin style winter wardrobe. I’m considering to just take a break from sewing/blogging and stuff my face in mince pies while I hand quilt or knit thru this cold season. Anyone also feeling the need to hibernate?
Check out my ‘feeling so cold ‘ but keep smiling face! Better than botox! 
However I do have something to share with you today. For my MCBN I made Named “Mai Zipper jacket”. And man, I am Proud of this. Specially because I used a lot of lessons learned from previous projects:

During the installation of the side zippers. I shaved the seam allowance, bind the seams with self made bias from the lining fabric. (That’s because when you sew thick hairy fabrics zippers get stuck or disappear)

Added a bias finish on the sleeve hems to manage the volume of hemming.

Interfaced both sides of the hem band but I still thinking wasn’t enough. It needs support. I took my pictures as I was in a deadline but wasn’t happy and searched for other finished items. That’s when I realised what was missing. Oh damn, girl you didn’t add the elastic, that’s why the band looks ridiculous soft. Doohhh! Too focus on the inspiration picture.

So now I have unpicked the lining opening to add the elastic, cut and pinned the elastic in place but Guess what? The jacket been sat on my sewing room waiting me to finish it for the last 3 weeks as UFO.
That teach me for not reading instructions.
This project was definitively out of my comfort zone with both the fabric and pattern being challenging. Sometimes when you are sewing outside your comfort zone the pressure 
to ‘perform’  sew your ‘best stitch’ can get above the realisation of how awesome a particular personal achievement is, so accepting new challenges without fearing, and taking it easy instead of ‘nit picking’ or over analysing small mistakes is always the best approach for me and my personal learning.
 I cannot wait to tackle this pattern with plaid.  In case you wondering it was size 38, no alterations.
Sleeves are definitely too short but the rest its fine. The fabric texture makes it difficult to analyse the fit but feels very comfortable to wear.
I know, pictures are low standard. Blaming this awful weather and my cold aversion to take new ones.When I finish adding the elastic and the weather get’s better I promise to take better/clear pictures and do a proper pattern review.  Back to hot chocolate!

Ps: The camera wasn’t drunk while taking this pictures even when evidence tells a different story
Ps1: You can always see details stitching and inside shoots of my garments on my IG. (pictures are also displayed on my sidebar )

  • I love your jacket so much!!! It’s so cute and love how you paired it with that cute skirt too! Nice job!

  • Wow! What an awesome jacket – it looks so cozy and warm. I’ve never used fabrics like that so I should step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Was it hard to sew?

    • Hi Shelly, Go girl !!! you can sew anything that you take a fancy. It was challenging at some parts but not difficult. take it slow and test your machine before your start

  • You’re so right about how we should stop nit-picking and focusing on the tiny mistakes we make and should look at the bigger picture, the finished garment. Yes, we learn from our mistakes but we shouldn’t become fixated on them. Can you wear the finished garment? Do you feel proud at using your skills to make a good quality garment? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then hey, it’s a success!

  • Looks fabulous. First time I’ve ever heard of shaving fabric lol! You learn something new everyday 🙂

    • Lol indeed, the shearling is thick so would be too bulky without shaving

  • I love, love, love the details on the sleeves. This jacket almost has a ‘Chanel’ vibe. It took me a while to figure out what elastic you were talking about. (Waist, I know.) Looks great as is.
    Fabulous job.

  • Gah! Rachel this is so so cute and chic! Love your styling as always.

  • This is realllllly cute! I’m with you- this weather makes me not want to take any photos! I have a pile of unblogged things and I just can’t bear to go outside and take pictures, but my apartment is very dark and impossible to take photos in. Yuck! Let’s move south for the winter! 🙂

  • It’s great! I like your tip on the learning experience. i used to get way too scared when sewing but I’m learning to relax! This looks so cozy and warm 😀 Well done!!