Xicara de cha de pano// Fabric tea cup caddy

Can you believe how fast Christmas is approaching us? The years are going by faster and faster.

At first I wasn’t going to be making any handmade gifts but I gave into temptation.  Mainly because I always loved crafting but the hipper fun of dressmaking projects never really leave me with much time for small crafts. Christmas and birthdays are a great excuse. Don’t you think?

I have made this adorable fabric teacup before, the pattern is from Brazilian artesian Regina Moreno  available for free part of a craft Tv show. You can see how she makes it but If you are unsure I can help out on the portuguese translation. 

The fabric was part of the prize huddle I won on Project sewn.{“Pepe in Paris” Riley Blake}

It was late at night and I cut my moustache fabric upside-down, oppssss! Well if you pretend to drink it will be in the right direction!

This particular teacup caddy was made for my not-so-secret santa Janene.{Ooobop} We had a wonderful sewist Christmas party. I really enjoy the social side of sewing.

You probably noticed that I been blogging less and less and that’s because I haven’t made many outfits lately- I technically don’t need any extra clothes in the closet at the moment. 

Since I don’t make stuff just to make it/blog… feels good to be taking a nice break. That is so rewarding to know I can take my creative energy somewhere different for a while. I may invest some more time crafting…  I always have so much fun!

Something I really want to return next year is to my kitchen. I’m thinking on a series on Brazilian cuisine. Would that be interesting for you? I feel I need to reconnect with my roots.

I had a recent disaster dress for my MCBN that will be live soon for your viewing pleasure. I don’t know about you but I love reading about misadventures as much as the successes. Looking back I’m quite proud of my learning curve for this year. It doesn’t matter how long/well you been sewing there is always a mess up project to keep you humble, don’t you think?
I’m currently nursing a really bad flu (booo) so fingers cross I will be in good shape for Christmas day. I’m glad I’m not cooking this year! I will be away with Hrh Family. Loads of wedding plans to discuss. I am getting so excited but still 6 months to go. Ps: no dress yet! panic??
Ps: suggestions for filling the teacup caddy: add chocolates, tea bags+ homemade biscuits!

ps1: I just made another one… there are so addictive to make. 

  • So refreshing to hear someone say that the don’t need any more clothes right now!!!

    Perhaps you could make your wedding dress???

    Brazilian food that I’ve experienced is so flavourful that I would be interested in you did a series on Brazilian food.

    Get well soon and enjoy your break from sewing- you’ll be back!

  • How adorable!

    • They are so much fun to make… You should give it a go. Merry Christmas darling

  • The fabrics are adorable and this would really make an unforgettable gift 🙂

  • OOOO no not flu you poor darling…get well soon..Bestest daisy..xx

    • Thanks darling, I spent the last week in bed and only now started to feel better. thanks for the love and merry christmas

  • That’s a cute cup! I hope you recover soon from the flu. Take care!

  • Really love this idea. Have a great Christmas and get well soon!

  • Wow! Rachel, this could be the perfect gift for a sewist. I know that feeling back to the roots … Brazilian cuisine would be great to learn some new recipes, looking foward …

    • Hi Rosy, great.. i will be making some delicious recipes to share

  • So sweet, and useful! I’d love to see some Brazilian recipes – I still dream of those cheese balls you brought to Tilly’s one time.

    • yes, I think that could be one of the first recipes I’m planning to share.. yumm. merry christmas Katie

  • This is really cute! What a great gift! I would love to see some Brazilian recipes. I’m always eager to learn more about South American cooking!

  • Love this present – so cute! Would love to read more about Brazilian cuisine, and also how you get by with finding adequate ingredients! It is sometimes a struggle ( or financial no no) to find french equivalents in the UK.

    • Hi Nat, yes.. finding ingredients are not always easy so I will share what i know

  • Anonymous

    Love the teacup, any chance you could do tutorial with measurements, on your blog in the new year?
    Thanks Karen

    • Hi Karen, the free downloadable pattern has all the measurements needed. I feel strange about making a tutorial from others work so I don’t think i can share a step by step. I can answer any query if you are making it. merry christmas.