A little touch of spring. Tyler shirt

Hello darlings,

This project has not only been ready for ages (September/ October 2014) but was in wearing rotation non-stop till the weather turn colder. I love making stuff and of course to share “fashion” photos (photography/styling is also a passion hence picture heavy posts) but it can get a bit boring being my one & only model all the time.  I think most bloggers get tired of their over exposed image once in a while and some projects can get skipped.  
Since my mom is here for a few weeks and sewing room is packed away I took the opportunity to dig this out for you. Ps: No, I’m not wearing handmade jeans. I want to tackle jeans and bras at some point this year. Thinking to try both the ginger and the jamie at the same time and compare.
Firstly, I must say how much I LOVE this project! This is one those makes that been blessed by sewing magic. 
The pattern and the fabric are perfectly matched. Even thou this is super girly (for me) the print just make me incredibly happy. All shirts should be made out of Voile. Delicious! I used Emmy Grace by Bari J for Art Gallery. The finishing touchers are as cute as the fabric. Pink Buttons and different denim scraps for the collar/under collar and plackets.

Details are so important specially on handmade clothes.

The pattern is Tyler shirt by named. I sewn size 38 with a very small FBA. I cannot remember how much because my muslin and alterations were made in june and I didn’t write anything. I normally do so I was quite confused grumpy when I couldn’t find any details. I will have to recollect stuff from memory. Oh forget it.

The only change I would do for the next one is to make the collar bigger. Being tall I can carry volume. Tiny/cutiesy details looks out of place. Being a romantic at heart I love little pretty things but they just disappear with my personally! That’s what I tell myself anyway.
I have posted a lot of details photos over the web during the making off including my tips for perfect buttonholes.
Now, give me get back my coat! Brrrrrr….

Ps: I have only a few preschedule posts for the next weeks while Mom’s here but you can follow our adventures on Instagram   

  • I love the print of that fabric…and also your hair!

  • I love this. I agree with you that a bigger collar would have been better suited, but it’s still great. I also like how the contrast fabric matches so well – well done!

  • Ooh la la! Very lovely!

  • very pretty and I agree, you are tall so next time a slightly bigger collar. lovely fabric and you will be ready when spring arrives.

  • Very Freida Kahlo. I was drawn to the smaller collar.

  • that is the cutest shirt ever, fabulous fabric

  • Yes, springlike! I agree that a bigger collar would be better for next version.

  • Yes, springlike! I agree that a bigger collar would be better for next version.

  • You and the shirt both look stunning;) The denim collar is a nice touch

  • Beautiful! Love what you did with your hair. You look like Frida Kahlo.

  • i am going to chime in, echoing both the excellent blouse and the hair! and though i know this is a sewing blog (mostly) i would seriously love to know how you accomplished that roll in the back of your hair. perhaps you could make this a DIY blog for one post, and give us a quick tutorial on how to do this hairstyle???? 🙂

    • Sure darling. It’s super easy. I actually made a video tutorial on my intagram in June because that’s how I wear my hair on the beach. If I can find a way to link I will post it here.

    • sweet! my hopes are high that you will find that post 🙂 i love super easy, fabulous hairstyles!!! who doesn’t? 😉

    • Are you on IG? I can tag your name on it. Im not managing to make a link to the blog.

  • This is adorable! You look so happy in this… it’s easy to see that you love it! I really like that you pieced the details with chambray… such a great idea!

  • Beautiful blouse! Fabric is so great on you and your height (and personality I’m sure) can really pull off that bold print. But… the hair – it kind of steals the show!! I’ve tried that headband wrap style so many times and I have pieces fall out too but on me it looks terrible. On you it looks romantic and intentional. You’ve got a magic touch!

  • How lovely! Beautiful colours and wonderful photos as always, Rachel!

  • That fabric is amazing!! There are so many Art Gallery voiles I want to sew with but I haven’t been able to pick just one to buy first. I guess I should make up my mind soon because that fabric looks like it would be fantastic to sew with! p.s. I love your floral hair wreath …and the shirt, of course 🙂

  • SO..so cute!!! Love the fabric you chose..
    Have fun with your mom.. Hope you two have lots of fun..

  • Such a nice fabric – perfect the choice of the contrasting parts. Looks trully amazing! It has a unique stye if I saw this shirt on the rack somewhere I would definitely buy it.

  • So lovely shirt, dear Rachel. And love how you’re matching it with your hair!

  • Beautiful blouse! I love the floral fabric in combination with the solid collar.

  • omg this is adorable! Blouse, hair and all. And hey, if your bought jeans fit so perfectly, why bother making your own? Not that I am anti making jeans, please don’t think so – I love the idea of making one’s entire wardrobe but sometimes prefer to spend the time I’d spend on something tricky like jeans on tailoring a jacket:)../.

    • indeed I agree. Unfortunately even my “perfect jeans” are always a bit on the short side. I need a little more length

  • I love this Rachel! I’ve been planning a similar Archer with Liberty print. Is the fabric Liberty?

  • First comment here, but it’s been a while since I follow your sewing. I just LOVE this project! I’m a flower power girl, I love how you matched the fabrics 🙂

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