• Your video is awesome! bet it was loads of fun to make 🙂

  • Congratulations on being featured! It’s so amazing to have personal mini-movie!

  • Amazing Rachel!!

  • Awesome vid & you look stunning in the pics!

  • Oh, you look super cute in the video!

  • Lovely video! I get emotional when I link back my skills to my family too. It’s great to find a connection somehow even if you didn’t learn directly from them xxx

  • Hélène

    You could totally be a model. A new career maybe?

  • I loved that! Good for you!

  • Beautiful Rachel. I really enjoyed the video.. You are such a pretty girl and so very sweet..
    [I loved hearing your voice..] Best wishes

  • AWESOME! You’re so charming on camera my darling.

  • that is so cool! you look gorgeous as ever hon!

  • Ahhhhhh! So awesome, dude!!!!!

  • Really cool! I enjoyed watching this! All your clothes are so beautiful.

    • Thanks Shanni. I have to confess I wanted to wear so many more clothes …

  • Wonderful! You seem like you are just as wonderful in person as you appear to be on your blog. It’s really cool to see you and your work featured this way.

  • Love this, you’re such a great ambassador for the sewing community.

  • A really fantastic portrait! Fearless!!!

  • Jo

    Great video and you look stunning! What a cool achievement. I also used to make outfits for my Barbie dolls, haha!

  • I really enjoyed watching that and your clothes are beautiful!

  • Awesome video! and your clothes are beautiful.

  • Wow rachel congrats x

  • That was so awesome!!! I love hearing other people talk about their passion for sewing and how it lights them up. So beautiful to see.

  • How amazing! That is such a beautiful video!

  • A super cool video – you look stunning in it!

  • Oh, Rachel, that’s so wonderful! Now everyone gets to see how gorgeous you are, inside and out.

  • You are so charismatic – what a FAB film. You really are sewing royalty – House of Pinheiro is every bit as majestic as House of Windsor! Have I gone too far?! X

  • Rachel I loved watching that mini movie x
    You look beautiful and is such a fun way to show who you are 😀

  • Wowwww! Biggest Congratulations Rachel, this is such a gorgeous video. I loved it all!

  • Such a great video – you come across really well and hopefully it’ll inspire even more people to start sewing!

  • Very inspirational! I really enjoy your blog, and now you have a great video to go along with it 🙂

  • It was so lovely to see your gorgeous face and hear your lovely voice!

    • Miss my partner in crime… Im loving how grown up your boy already looks. when are you coming to visit us?

  • A really nice video Rachel! It puts your personality across really well x

    • Its so nice to hear that.. you always worry how you will come across to others

  • Lovely video, looks like so much fun!

  • So nice!

  • Great video, you make sewing so cool!

  • Aaaaah Rachel, this video is so wonderful! I feel like we just hung out and your nails (as always) look divine. I love that I recognised all of your clothes haha! xx

  • Congratulations!!!

  • That was fun to see. Great to hear your voice too!

  • So inspiring!

  • Really great! So nice to see and hear you, too. And I loved the little snippet of you with your sewing on a train, it almost makes me wish I had a longer commute.

    • they followed me all day and I sewn till the evening when they filmed me teaching.

  • This is so inspiring! Congratulations Rachel!

  • Anonymous

    Love the video and especially the part of you cutting out fabric while riding in the train. Not a moment to waste!
    Vancouver Barbara

  • What a fab video and a great inspirer you are! I even spotted the jumpsuit made from my Murad stretch cotton! What a compliment to the fabric that you chose to wear it. Thanks x

    • I love so much that jumpsuit. fabric and pattern perfectly matched