Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015!

Happy new year darlings,

First of all, THANK YOU for your encouragement and support during another year. I had a great time sharing my creative journey and wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you, sharing your thoughts.  Feeling super energised for 2015, but before I share my goals let’s look back on the year gone.

January: Think Pink.
From how-to-sew bunting, a 60’s style quilted coat to a hand knit beaded collar sweater. January was all about braving the cold in bright shades. Sewing challenge: deer& doe plaintain with appliqué elbow patches. 

February: Project Sewn

You cheered/helped me win second place. OMG, it was such an enormous personal achievement specially I was competing against some seriously talented ladies.  Weeks: 1//2//3//4.  The blog posts were all about the competition and your favourite posts were the behind the seams: Jacket/ Coat.
March. Social sewing.
What a social month! I took part for the 3rd time of the mad men challenge, blog tour for the Out & About dress and Christine’s new book, joined the coco party twice ( 1- with pattern hack //2), invited you to create a Name Tag for a swap. Took that reflection period to clean my closet.
April: Sewing thoughtful 
We talked about how to avoid feeling frustrated, about my first experience on hat-making and free hand cutting with GBSB Chinello.  Your favourite post was on how to wear handmade scarfs. 

May: Ready for spring

80 beautifully dressed ladies ( + 1: we had a boy-Can you find him?) came to the V&A for some serious fabric shopping. My blog turned 3!!!!  Sewing challenge: Took part of MMM14. Your favourite post: BHL Flora 

June: Schedule posts while in Brasil
I was away but had scheduled few post for your reading pleasure. It was super interesting to learn how you pin your seams. Your favourite post was my couture dress.

July: Hello Brasil

I was busy watching the world cup, hosting a big birthday party and meeting other sewing bloggers.
Lucky that I took a descent sewing machine and I was able to test BHL Holly. We talked about the challenges of being a maker and how I take my pictures. Sewing challenge: oonapalloza
Had few projects printed on LOVE TO SEW bookzine.

August: Trousers rule.

I shared where shop in Lisbon, and sewn three pairs of trousers: Ultimate 1//2 & Anima. I didn’t share my experience teaching at Fat Quarterly retreat but I did share the sample for the class.

September: The jumpsuit month!

All this makes of this month are firm favourites and always in rotation. Clover dress, Simplicity ikat jumpsuit just to name a few. We talk about the how publishers are focus on beginners and that not only because a blogger has a good following they are interested on making a ‘formula’ book.
I was lucky to be in London taking photos of my handmade wardrobe for #FearlessFriday. The 3 minutes documentary about my style will be available by the end of this month.

October: Sewing details

You guys loved the mini series:How patterns compare: Price/Size. Tips& addresses for shopping during my time in Paris. I had a sunny holiday in Portugal and made my swimwear.

November: Techniques

Shared a little trick for neat buttonholes and how-to sew Faux fur.You guys loved my Laurel in Plaid. I had loads of fun making a DIY Typography sweater.

December:Time to have a deserved break

Such a quiet month for personal sewing. I spent most of my time focussing on gift making and basic clothes. I had the worst sewing disaster of the year.
A few more words… 
Although I was incredible lucky to have tested many sewing patterns and taken part of blog tours I  enjoyed being less involved than previous years. I felt the need to improve the balance between personal sewing and helping out building the sewing community. It really paid off and I’m super proud of my personal development even if it meant the blog was a lot quieter.
That didn’t stop me attending 17 meet ups/ Sewing related gatherings…
I really enjoyed teaching at Village HaberdasheryOld school Club and at the FQ retreat. Hello to all my private students! Teaching is a wonderful opportunity that I treasure. Excited about the schedule this year.
January last year I put a call to relaunch Rochester Sewing Club. We are now one year old. So much fun with shopping trips, lunches and off course our monthly meet up to sew. Not all was great as we had to move venue but turned out to be for the best and our numbers keep growing steady. New members are always welcomed. If you want to join us, go to our Facebook page to read details. 
Even thou I didn’t commit for the whole year, it was fun to take part of MCBN. I’m incredible proud to have helped them set it up the year before and see and how they developed further this year.
2015 is a big year for me. After 10 years with Hrh we are officially getting married and I’m really excited. Not sure how much of the excitement will affect the blog yet but I want to share as much as I can with you. 
I want to continue to sew less quantity and better quality clothes and making/ strengthening friendships.  I hope to see you back soon! 
love xx

  • Happy New Year Rachel!!! I know you’ll make it a great one 🙂

  • Happy New Year. Hope you do another meet-up this year. I really enjoyed it last time.

  • Happy New Year to you!
    I’m a new reader of your blog and I’m looking forward to see what you style up and make this year.
    Congrats on your upcoming wedding, and if you have time to organise a 2015 meet up I may see you there.

  • Happy New Year! I’ve enjoyed watching all that you did this year, you are such an inspiration! All the best to you for 2015!

  • Happy 2015, Rachel! Hope it’s your best year yet!

  • Happy new year Rachel! Really enjoyed reading your blog, you’ve done some very thoughtful posts. Hope you have a fabulous 2015!

  • Beautiful! Happy New Year to you! I love your thoughts on this past year.

  • Happy New Year, Rachel!

  • All the best for your wedding plans and I will enjoy reading about your new sewing adventures in 2015!

  • Happy New Year! You’ve had a busy year for sure x

  • I enjoyed following you throughout 2014 and look forward to the coming year! Happy New Year lady!

  • Happy New Tears Rachel

  • Happy New Year Rachel, good luck for 2015, I am sure it will be awesome!! x

  • You’ve had such a wonderfully productive year, it’s been inspiring watching your fearless sewing. Happy New Year and good luck with the wedding planning, congrats! 🙂

  • Happy ;New Year Sweet Rachel … Congrats on getting married, I am very happy for you. Wish you two the very best..[and hope soon to see a tiny Rachel , that you will be making pretty dresses for.hahaha]
    you have done excellent sewing , I so admire your talent, your kindness and the fun you share.

  • Happy New Year Rachel – it was lovely to meet up with you this year (twice I think!!)