Grainline Moss skirt in tweed

First make of 2015 YEAH!!! Since planning my winter capsule wardrobe in september I have been keeping well into my original plans, working towards what were the identified gaps within my wardrobe. No apologising for patting my own back here! I’m feeling rather proud that during my sewing break I successfully avoided changing plans because of new pattern launches or fabric bought/ received. 

The make in question is grainline moss skirt in wool tweed. Both from my stash. 
Before I dish the goodies about the skirt & all I got a little controversial thing to say. Sometimes reading too many online reviews trow you on the wrong track. I love them because they often offer great advice and guidance when things are really off but is so easy to forget they are based on a personal opinions and may not be the same for you …what I’m saying it’s listen to your own gut when it tells you to ignore what you read! When seeking reviews about the fit and size most people mention how tight the skirt turned when they picked the “right” size from the chart. I’m ignoring the comments about the waistband (I didn’t find any problem BTW). I must have seen every version of the mini (or not so mini) moss skirt on the blogland and they got me convinced this pattern runs small.
Based on my measurements on the grainline size chart I fit on size 10. I have sewn a size 8 lakeside shorts and fit was ok-ish. Because the nature of the wool I didn’t want to risk having anything too tight because it needs the wearing ease. My gut was telling me to still cut 8 but I went against it and cut size 10. Result?
Ahhaammm, swimming!!!! It wasn’t hard to fix it only losing me an evening but if it was too small would have been worst Do a muslin/toile when in doubt. Lesson learned! 

This fabric is just delicious but a hairy fraying bitch!  The inside is very pretty too (same texture but with a little less shimmer). I tried the skirt with the hem band on at first but felt it looked too behaved. 
I went rebel and turned into the mini skirt version by turning the hem band inside and hemming. 
Instead of buttons I used two hock & eyes. 
When fixing the size I took great care to keep all my sides matching as much as possible! OCD!

Call me weird but I kind of love fly zippers and the opportunity to use some bad ass metal zippers!

close view:

Ready for a butt shot?
This pattern works best for fabrics without a pattern so all the cool details like the back yokes show up. I didn’t topstitch my seams because it wouldn’t shown.

I really love my skirt. Specially paired my faux fur vest under my leather jacket. 

I wanted to add a detachable fur collar until it hit me that I could wear the gilet underneath giving the impression it had a furry collar. Win Win. Extra warmth and style. What do you guys think?
  • All I can think is: Damn, you winters are so warm! But jealousy aside, it’s a great skirt, and I’m sure you’ll wear it lots. I love all the different textures in your outfit! 🙂

    • Same here! 🙂 I’m always stuck in my ugly parka! Maybe it’s time for us to move, G!

    • lol …just shows how cold and warm is based on reference points. For me, my hometown Brasilia winter is about 17C minimum. Here in the UK its feeling around -3 so Its terribly cold. But i know for you in Canada its probably warm.

  • Anonymous

    Super! Great make and I love the outfit.

  • Its gorgeous! Love the tweed and the length. I’m definitely planning a wool Moss for winter (in the Southern Hemisphere). Thanks for the reminder to follow your gut instinct, especially with sizing! Its easy to be swayed by popular opinion 🙂

    • indeed, specially because fabric plays such an important part. have fun sewing your mini wool skirt

  • Gorgeous skirt. I love the entire outfit. Great job.

  • Cute! I love the fabric, modern and retro at the same time, but I can see how it would be fray hell! I have encountered the problem with public opinion too. I made an athletic jacket, having read that the sleeves were very long. Me, having somewhat short arms, decided to take a couple of inches out from the pattern. Ack! The sleeves were about an inch too short. I ended up adding a piece on and using it as an elastic casing type cuff. Works, but not exactly what I was aiming for. Also, I learned that it is hard to judge the real-life length of raglan sleeves from the pattern.

  • Ooh, it’s lovely – so stylish!

  • Snap! My first make for 2015 was the Moss Mini as well – although it being summer here I went with a denim and tried distressing for the first time. Tweed wouldn’t have been a fabric I would have chosen for this pattern, but your skirt looks fabulous – good job with the pattern matching while fitting 🙂

  • Very cool skirt. Love the contradiction – denim style skirt in classic tweed. Love your blog, especially as inspiration for makes for my daughters.

  • Love this! Such a good combo of “edgy” and “classic”. You just gave me the best idea for some leftover Tweed fabric.

  • Ohhh I do love a good bit of tweed and especially for a skirt! It looks great! x

  • I really like this skirt and the fabric you used!! And I don’t think you are weird because I love fly zipper with metal zip too! 🙂

  • I love your version! I made mine in a stretch denim, and I did find it ran really large (my post here: ) And the waistband thing was an instruction error – Jane states it in a post where she suggests cutting it differently. Will try that on my next one, as well as going one size down 🙂

  • This whole look is so cool! I love it and would love wearing the whole thing!

  • Jen

    Yep, the waistband was an error in the pattern cutting layout which has since been corrected so hopefully nobody is still having that problem. It took me 30 skirts in addition to the original 10 I sewed to figure that out. I kept sewing them and sewing them while asking everyone who emailed me exactly what they did when cutting / assembling trying to figure out how on earth the waistband didn’t fit, but in the end we got there. As for the sizing, I think it really chalks up to how much stretch your fabric has. It seems that people using stretch denim or some other stretch fabric say it runs large, while people using a fabric with zero give say small, which makes complete sense. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this skirt after catching a glimpse on IG and it looks awesome! The furry under the coat is also totally genius, at first I thought it was all one coat!

  • Very nice! I really love the skirt with the sweater – perfect!

  • It is very difficult to adhere to sewing plans when there is always a shiny new pattern or piece of fabric popping up! The skirt is really cute. I love wool skirts in winter, but I think it’s too cold here for a mini anything. 😀

    • Im wearing a fleece tights/leggings. I find myself wearing skirts a lot more in the winter than on summer because i can just layer two or 3 items…

  • Loving the cosy tweed version Rachel, the colours in the fabric are lovely!
    After I finish my cashmere & wool coat I would have enough left to make a Moss mini. I have the PDF taped up ready to go (it was originally supposed to be a summer make – that didn’t happen!) you have inspired me ; )

  • I love this, and the short length looks amazing on you. My Moss Mini ended up too big, but stupidly I didn’t didn’t try it on until it was complete, so I will need to take it apart in order to fix it. And I did have issues with waistband unfortunately. Not sure why some people do and some don’t. It’s really odd. Didn’t put me off the skirt though. I will be making another.

    • Great, mistakes should never stop us going back and trying again. cannot wait

  • Cute skirt..Looks great with the fur… Stay warm!!

  • So cute 🙂

  • The skirt is delicious! I think that nothing is better like a wool skirt or a pair of trousers on a cold winter day. Good for the bottom! Also, wool is such an amazing fabric to work with, aside the facts that some wools fray like crazy. Another amazing outfit!

  • love it so stylish

  • I’ve made this skirt twice, and didn’t have problems with it being too small. I chose the size according to my measurements and fits great, but I did notice was that apparently it doesn’t have enough room for a latin rear : /
    It feels just a bit tight around the hips and the center back seam looks a bit stretch in both skirts.

    For my next iteration I’m considering doing a ‘full ass adjustment’ to add a bit more space in that area.