NYE Jumpsuit

After a week of Christmas with the In-Laws we finally made it home just in time for New Years Eve. I was so determined to have a new outfit. I didn’t want my last make of 2014 be a disaster. Digging my WIP/UFO stash I picked up my BHL Kim bodice and a failed pair of palazzo trousers/ pants I started in 2012. Matched them together and Boooom… 1 hour ready to party!

Let’s talk about the bodice first. 
I made my pattern tester version of the by Hand London Kim dress in a horrible light green fabric.  Even posted a picture on my IG. Something I got free on the place I hosted the sewing club. For a while now I been testing patterns with similar weight muslins instead of fashion fabric. That way it creates a separation between the work I been asked to do (test) and my subsequent make (if happens). Better that way right? 
Kim bodice modifications & size: Size 12 + my normal modifications of lengthening/dropping bust point. I’m loving this bodice. Fits so beautifully!
Fabric: Main fabric Minerva famous triple crepe+ scraps of lace and a crazy wild lining I had in my stash. Super appropriate for Jungle January. 
The lace background is dark black and the light of the camera makes the contours look pinkish but it doesn’t offer that contrast IRL. It makes it look navy doesn’t it?
The palazzo/ wide leg trousers is Simplicity 4044. The legs of this pattern are gigantic and that is probably the reason I quitted/left as UFO.  I’m a skinny jeans kinda of girl. I think my brain must have unconsciously revisited the idea after the success of my Holly Jumpsuit. I shaved 15 cm from the side, started from 5cm on the waist and slightly increasing the distance making sure the seam was horizontal to the floor. I don’t know the initial size I cut this. I shaved 10 cm from inner leg.
You will notice that the front has a mini waistband and the back doesn’t. When I sewn the trousers directly to the bodice a slight cameo toe was visible. It was clear I needed a little more length at the front but not at the back. Jumpsuits need a little bit more room to make sitting comfortable.You got to consider that before sewing the pair of trousers you are turning into a jumpsuit. I gambled! I ignored the back waistband like I seen on recent designs. It’s kind of weird because I kept thinking If people would think I messed up lol.
This trousers pattern has a great potential for more jumpsuits-match up with a few modifications. The hemming is a contrasting roll hem. I been trying to step out of my comfort stitch zone and use different settings from my machines. I also needed something fast so I wouldn’t be late. Not sure I love it a contrasting roll hem but hey! I can always re-hemm it! Done it already.
I’m not going to apologise for not having many photos … two minutes outside I was completely red…
I really love this jumpsuit and feel great wearing. I think its a style that suits my tall frame with comfort and style. 
Ps: Does handmade outfits get their “walk of shame” when you don’t press them the day after your worn them all night?  I must remember to always press before a shoot! Blah.. I blame the hangover!
  • Rachel – Looks like it looks as good on the inside as the outside. Love how you’ve used lots of different fabrics 🙂

    • Thanks Julie, we have so many bits of scraps around don’t we? its hard to think what projects they can be used.

    • Yes I know what you mean and if you are like me, you can’t bear to throw away even the tiniest of bits of fabric – I am such a fabric hoarder!

  • Rachel, this is such a beautiful jumpsuit and love how you did it. Fabulous job.

  • works brilliantly!

  • For a Craftland

    Wow this type of pants are perfect on you.
    And brilliant sewing, look as good on the inside as the outside.

  • A nice way to finish up two UFOs! The colours look gorgeous together, Rachel!

  • Absolutely stunning Rachel!

  • I remember these pants from Pants Club on Flickr! They look much, MUCH better now. Way to save them! Looks like a great outfit!

  • Awesome jumpsuit, I love these trousers! 🙂

  • Sol

    It is a very good idea! Congratulations

  • Sometimes, it’s good to have a new fresh look on old things. Tadam, an epiphany! It turned out really well!

  • A jumpsuit never looked classier!

  • Stunning jumpsuit and rocks with the camel coat on top.

  • Great save with the waistband. The jumpsuit looks spectacular on you!

  • Wow!! Great way to finish an UFO, it is great as all what you sew! I have that pattern (trousers one) but I have never done it, I really like your version

  • Um, well this is totally amazing. So chic Rachel! You pull it off perfectly!

  • Beautiful! I love the mix of fabrics. So elegant. Looks fabulous on you!

  • I really like your outfit. To correct the length problem in the front of the trousers, did you just add length or change the crotch curve? I’m tall and have this problem sometimes.

    • Hi Mary, to correctly adjust the crotch I needed to change the curve of the crotch but because my trousers were already sew I had to cheat and add the difference on the waistband.

  • So cool. I love how you’ve pieced together these WIP pieces to make something entirely new!

  • These totally work together and look like they were meant to go together! Really like this look on you!

  • This is awesome Rachel! You are right – it really suits you and I wish I could pull off such a chic look!

  • Nice job Rachel, it’s great to go back to those UFO’s and often times you don’t even remember why they became UFO’s. Lovely how you made it work this jumpsuit suites your frame.


  • This totally works, I love the colours you’ve chosen too. You’ve a good eye for making up patterns.

  • I have not seen this pattern made up before. I love the fit of the trousers and I am big fan of tan shades especially in shoes or handbag as it is a colour that goes with every shade known to man! Great styling too

  • Wow, I LOVE this! The colors look so good together, and the fit of those pants is excellent!

  • Wow, this is just beautiful! And looks like a dream on you. This is the perfect piece to prove that taking the time and effort to create your own clothing REALLY does pay off. This is beautifully crafted and seems to fit you perfectly!

    Great job!

    Faded Windmills

  • Sue terno e bonito! Suas fotos são lindas demais! That is great construction and fit!

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