Awkward situations…

Pins fall out when you remove your jacket at busy public places.Β 

Pins tangled on your hair without you noticing and your friends got to point it out…

You hear a loud Ouch from the other room- “why there are pins in my shoes/ dressing gown pockets”.
When you see random people walking over full of threads you been leaving/ transferring behind after you made your food order.
Have sewing ever put any awkward situation? Do share..
  • I sometimes find threads on my pilates pants and socks while I’m in class. I always try to remove them discretely πŸ˜‰

    • its crazy how much clothes grab threads …. i find stuff on clothiers i never worm while sewing…

  • my dog gets threads tangled up in her long hair every time she lays on my sewing room floor!

  • My husband finds pins laying all over the house. I feel really bad when he steps on them! πŸ™

  • I shed a never ending array of tiny coloured threads.

  • Threads everywhere – or the ones that hang off my outfit when I miss snipping off that one little thread, just dangling there…teasing me….

    • oh those are terrible… specially when people grab them to pull it out.

  • Initially, I was exceptionally vigilant about pins around with my small children. But they are so used to me sewing and the “sharp pins”, even my three year old, that they find immense pleasure at ‘saving lives’ every time they find a rogue pin on the floor (which I am ashamed to say, is fairly regularly). The younger two also covet all my sewing fabric scraps (which are really only the rubbish bits because I pretty much keep everything), but still they gather piles of frayed scraps, pack little bags with them and play games with them – an outsider could think that my poor children are neglected, without any ‘normal’ toys.

    • scraps are great for children’s play. They have so much imagination…. also I think they learn pretty fast that pins are sharp and keep away.

  • My most awkward moments tend to involve staring at someone’s chest because I’m trying to work out the construction of the bust darts on their dress!

    • lol yes, I’m guilty of staring at peoples clothes

    • Hehe πŸ™‚ I tend to remove threads from others’ clothes…

    • I do that all the time – especially staff at the bank – I think I make them feel awkward. I recently came within inches of asking a teller if I could take a picture of her shoulders…. luckily I didn’t.

  • Try knitting! Haha, just yesterday I pulled out my knitting on the bus, and a ball got away! I was sitting near the back, and it rolled all the way to the front of the bus. I had to chase it and then retrieve it from under a woman’s feet. Ohhh, and it’s happened to me on an airplane, too. On an overnight flight I went to the bathroom, and then realized that I’d been tangled in my knitting and dragged yarn through half the plane. Crafting proud! I adore your blog and your style. πŸ™‚

    • lol.. oh knitting, i have also i try to knit on the train and my ball of yarn fell under the front seat .. thanks for the blog love and stopping by. xx

  • Sitting on a just-finished, lined jacket and feeling a very sharp prick on my bottom: pins left in when I hand sewed the lining to the hem.

  • Ahahaha. I can relate to most of these. My most embarrassing was my boss finding a sewing needle in the hallway outside our office. He brought it to me and asked if it belonged to me. I’m glad he found it. I would have felt really horrible if someone stepped on it.

  • Someone reaching to pull a stray thread they think is stuck to you – only to realize it is still attached and you missed clipping it.

  • Oh the many times someone has walked into the ladies room at work to find me with one of my colleagues who is half naked being fitted into a garment…until they all got used to it πŸ˜‰

  • I had a zip fall apart on a morning I was staying away from home, was in danger of having to spend a day safety pinned into it!

    • oh dear, that was close. I try to keen a hand sewing kit emergency with me for those occasions

  • I once sewed a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding and I used a cheap zipper that I had bought in the LA fashion district and halfway through the reception my friend noticed that the zipper coils were splitting part at the center back seam so I had a huge hole going down my back and through the back of the skirt! Probably one of the most embarrasing thjngs that have ever happened to me… Moral of the story: don’t use cheap zippers!

  • Tiny treads and pins everywhere, impossible to get rid of them.

  • Hi Rachel! Hope you’re well! Happy 2015!

    Mine was always threads hanging out and people trying to tug them off… I never cut them properly! Pins everywhere is a disaster at my house, as my son tries to grab them to play with! EEP!

  • Im always looking at peoples clothes to see how they are constructed, all too often do i feel the urge to go up to them and feel the fabric or look at seams but i only do it if i know them and sometimes i will take a picture if i want to recreate the garment or technique, i did this with a work person i didnt really know because she was wearing a cape and i literally ran after her, i sound so weird lols

    • Haha!! All what you have described, l have done the same!! Sometimes, l will ask a random stranger if l can photo an item of clothing!!

      It feels good to know that l am not the only one who does this!! Oh well at least we sewers understand these actions!!

  • And if u get into the habit of seeing the fitting issues with rtw on people then it will to lessen that retail pull a little, because you realise everyone is shaped different and altering is ok and will make ur garments loads better. Looking at rtw buttons and seams instore are always atrocious and it boosts my sewing confidence #^.^#

  • Oo I’ve had some of these, the worst was when my boyfriend stepped on a pin and because it went quite a way into his foot he decided he needed a tetanus injection!! Honestly lol! I’ve also woken up with several pins in my bed – no idea how they got there

  • oh for shame – years ago in a small shared all girl flat – mine is a pin ended up on a dinner plate with the dinner so i dont know which got there first……………… and as it was found before the food was eaten i didnt understand the fuss………………i did move my sewing machine to bedroom after that though (perhaps i was banished? )

  • Threads are EVERYWHERE, also on my cats when I bring them to the vet!

  • Hahaha, these are great! I’m really good at sewing pins into garments, so I once found a pin in a dress I’d worn quite a few times before, but I’d sewn it into the waist band. I was wondering at work what the sharp thing in my waist band was. Woopsie!

  • My husband always complains about the pins on the floor! I try to clean them all up (sometimes) but one or two always manage to hide really well.

  • I’m just always covered with thread and cat hair. I lint roll every day before work, but inevitably one of my coworkers will find a contrasting thread and then notice the little bits of cat hair that also remain. I never wear my work clothes when sewing and I tend to mostly sew and wear black and navy, so I don’t even know how it happens! Embarrassing, but I’m trying to embrace it as who I am…

  • Leaving pins on the bed, as I like to do my handsewing on my bed, sitting up against my comfy pillows, so relaxing, unfortunately my husband always lays down on the pins – ouch! And pins on the bedroom floor, the hubby steps on them with his bare feet, ouch again! The funny thing is, its always him and never me.

  • I work as a designer for a show choir manufacturer. I often leave work covered in sequins and glitter. And by often I mean pretty much everyday. I typically have to stop at the grocery store on days when I am most covered in glitter and sequins. One day, after shopping I came back to my car to find a trail sequins that fell off me as I walked. Sometimes I get questioning looks from people because I can be so covered. That is pretty awkward.

  • A finished (I thought!) pair of shorts had a zipper installed poorly, and it ripped out while I was wearing them, making a nice large crotch hole!

  • A finished (I thought!) pair of shorts had a zipper installed poorly, and it ripped out while I was wearing them, making a nice large crotch hole!

  • Cutting textured wool fabric on the floor. Door bell rings, I answer & find I’m wearing an off-cut as a tail!

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  • I asked some one I only new for a short time tong in the cheek If i could have her curtains to make a cote and she said yes, as long as I replace them! I went the next day to buy her new curtains!