Sweet scallop shorts. Pattern Runway

Hello friends,

What to do when sewing a crop top and you cannot find the right zipper? A.k.a the elusive 17 cm open ended invisible zipper. Your brain is filled with solutions. Turn it into a dress, a jumpsuit etc?  Placed in that dilemma when making this embroidery bustier  I lay on my sewing room floor ( I do that often) and immersed into the sea of patterns from the stash.
If you need inspiration, just browse your collection.. you end up wanting to sew everything. It’s terrible for when you want to keep up your sewing plans but terribly good for upping your sewing motivation.
Have loved the first version in a very wearable denim, I picked Pattern Runway sweet scallop shorts. When a pattern is winning, why not repeat it, right? Specially when a scrap of black crepe de chine you been hoarding would suit it perfectly.

Fabric talk, shawl we?
Crepe de chine can be mainly found in two weights: fine and medium. It drapes beautifully but be warned. If improperly pressed your project is ruined. Also don’t forget this fabric rips/mark so easily. When pinning I try to keep within seam allowance.
Essential supplies: I used a very sharp needle size 70, lightweight black interfacing, and damp cloth/medium heat iron.
Workroom tips: Steam it to pre shirk. Use basting thread to mark the right side with an X and trace darts. Set your pins paralleled to the selvage. To avoid the imprints on the scallops I exchanged the overlocker/serger finish for pinking sheers.
As you know, the jumpsuit never was but I had all my pieces cut and interfaced ready to sew on top of my WIP/UFO pile. With my coat almost finished (YAY) I had an urged to move to a simple/quick project and delightfully sew it during an evening. FYI: Used size Small
Pattern changes:
Details shoots:

Pokadot cotton for the waist facing. Did you know that we call it ‘petit poa’ in Portuguese. There are a lot of words derived from French. Specially fashion related.


Have a lovely weekend, let me know what you are up to!
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  • I love your “petit pois” inside! that’s how we spell that in France! I love your shorts and your tights and the whole series of photos!! you look stunning in that outfit!!

    • Thanks Sophie, there areas many french words in our vocabulary. I think the fashion been the area that got the most influence.

  • Great shorts. Love the stocking combination too!

  • Gorgeous – I think these have become one of my favourite makes of yours! Love the tights – you can also get them with the London skyline – I think they would be FAB with your shorts too!

  • Thanks for showing the inside of the garment. I’m a weird person who is always keen to see the linings. It’s nice to see that it’s not a hot mess inside!

    Have a great weekend.


  • Super sweet shorts! Glad you found a use for that lovely Crepe de Chine – I’ve not made any garments with that yet.

    • That’s Caroline.its a super lovely fabric but a little demanding.

  • These are cute cute cute!! And your stockings!!!! Swoon!

    • Thanks darling. Wanted to style more towards summer but didn’t managed. Lucky for cute stockings

  • Toooo cute.

  • Love!

  • gorgeous – and the tights / stockings are brilliant with them, great styling as always (where did you get the tights?)

  • The shorts + those tights= super sweet! Very nicely done 🙂

  • I agree with Carlee, such sweet shorts, and the tights are really pretty. Primark you said? Mmm!

    • Thanks. Yes. They do some good stuff. I know some people don’t feel comfortable using fast fashion. I’m not in that camp although I feel there needs to be changes in the way we make clothes.

  • Kat

    Those shorts are amazing! I have this pattern in my stash too and I can’t wait to sew it after seeing yours. Love your work.

  • How do you achieve such an amazing fit? It has to be spot-on for that silk to lay so perfectly. Nicely done, and inspiring!

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