Paris and a coat in the making…

Hey friends,

Mom’s back home so the sewing room is back in use and I’m diving straight into a coat. However before leaving she gave me an intervention: No more fabric this year, ok! She spend 5 hours bossing me around until all my things in the sewing room were tidied up. That mean both of my double doors sewing room wardrobes.  Don’t worry… that’s normal behaviour for Brazilian moms no matter how old you are. She means well and I’m going to miss her soon!
Before mom’s return to Brazil, we took a few days off wedding planning to enjoy Paris. Her favourite city! I wasn’t going to go to any more fabric shops to avoid temptation but you know… Long story short, since our train was much later on the day than mom’s flight, HRH detoured our lunch plans to take me around a few shops because if I’m happy, well he is! And fabric shops make me very happy! He is such a keeper and I cannot wait for our big day! 
Firstly we went to Lil Weasel where I got Pauline Alice Turia and some gorgeous sweatshirt.  Hrh sat on the very comfortable sofa while I chatted away and patted all the fabrics of the shop. On the street/around area there were a few haberdasheries where I got lingerie elastic and lace. On the station I even snapped the latest version of La Maison Victor.

And my first visit to the la droguerie .WOWWWW.  No wonder this shop is so very loved. A delight for the senses. I bought 2 patterns: The tie and the man’s shirt. One of the lovely girls working there approached me as said she reads my blog.  What a surreal but so heart warming moment.

So you probably curious to know what I am making. I’m working on my Yona Coat playing around two contrasting fabrics.
From tracing to sewing the collars in one whole day of intense dressmaking. That’s how much I was desperate to sew! It’s been 4 days since my coat been sitting next to me calling waiting for me to work on.  Likely not going to happen this week.  I’m having so little personal time and all of it is focused on wedding planning. I should be making dinner instead of writing this quick progress post!
Unpressed, unlined coat in progress

Ps: iPhone pictures instead of the good ones because you guys totally understand when life gets in the way of good blogging.

What are you guys making at the moment?
  • A man who will go fabric shopping with you is a keeper indeed! LOL

    I’m excited that you’re getting married this year – so am I! So yes, totally understand the iPhone photos – LOL – have very much done that myself when time is a factor 🙂

    I’m making a coat too! Looking forward to seeing yours 🙂

    • He also very nice with sewing meets. He have sewn when he was younger at school and he often surprises me with technical terms…

      Good luck on your wedding plans!!! thats exciting xx

  • I’m glad you had fun with your mother. Spanish mothers seem to be the same as Brazilians. I understand you so well!

  • It sounds like so much fun. Congratulations on the engagement too.

  • Whoa, I’m loving your coat so far! Really, really cool!

  • Rachel… I think all us moms are the same, with our kids,ha.. But, you know what is bad? When the mom [being me] has to have daughter making her get that sewing room in order and saying…please no more fabric.hahahaha
    Your coat is going to be fantastic… And I am so happy and waiting excitedly for the upcoming wedding.
    [he is a keeper… love the hubby/boyfriend who will visit the fabric shops..]

    • lol Oh no… however i can see that will be my future.. everyone will give me intervention of hoarding sewing supplies. Thanks darling. Time is going so fast

  • Your coat in progress is stunning. I can’t wait to see it progress.

  • My Mum has just been for a visit too and banned me from buying any more fabric! But only until her next visit which will be June so not too bad! I’m looking forward to seeing your lovely coat!

  • Your coat looks wonderful, and the wedding plans sound exciting, too. I’m also mid way through making a coat (my first), and it is having to slot into family life. A whole week has passed, with it having to wait patiently on the dummy. Next stop for me is bound buttonhole practise…