What I am wearing: Tweed (handmade)+ leather

Hello friends,

For a while I been thinking to have “what I am wearing” feature and share how my handmade clothes get used in my day- to-day. Making clothes is a fantastic hobby but they need to stand the test of time and use.
For the first one I dig deep into my closet to share a Chanel style tailored tweed jacket I made back in 2011. I was taking drafting/couture classes in Brazil during the months I was recovering from a back operation. The jacket was partially made during the course and at home using mom’s mini Janome.
It was made to measure (draft to sew) and altho the fit is not as perfect as when I first made it (body changed a little in the last 4 years), it remains good and I like wearing, specially when I’m layering up other coats on top.  The wool is warm but thin.
It’s hard not to wear only black during winter and Camel lightens up the look. I have recently bought 2 midi/ long-ish circle skirts. Not a look that ever made part of my ‘uniforms’ or I wear often but recently I decided to have a go and found that they easily incorporated with the clothes I already own.
I like trying new styles from time to time. How about you, have you been trying something new? 
A bit of a librarian vibe? Cute nonetheless. 
Beyond all the tailoring techniques used this project was also my first fully lined garment.
I have to say this jacket taught me so much. My instructor was quite fierce. Baste Baste Baste. She would say. Twice I tried to trick her and not baste a seam and she would make me unpick. Her lessons would be a great post of quotes. Maybe one day….
  • Hahaha I would hardly say librarian! Looks hot! Love how it looks with the circle skirt 🙂

  • This is a great jacket. I know you say the fit is off now, but it llooks good on you.

    Fully lined jackets are tricky at the best of times, so to pull this off during a class is great. Sounds like you did have a great teacher.

    I love to see handmade garments actually being worn with pride over the years! I think you’d look great in a cropped version of this also.


    • Thanks Miss J. I am thinking to try a crop jumper to wear with the circle skirts. thanks for stopping by xx

  • Love this outfit Rachel! It’s summer here right now but I’m longing for the glamour of opaque stockings and jackets. You’ve inspired me to introduce some camel into my own winter wardrobe… Maybe after my wedding dress is finished?

    • Oh Tanya, can we swap weathers? I’m dreaming of maxi dresses and shorts. How is the progress of your wedding dress? Hope all goes to plan and you have a wonderful day!

  • This look manages to be gamine, bohemian, and modern similtaneously!

  • Love that look! Black circle skirts are a great staple and the Chanel coat really takes it up a notch!

    • Thanks Kate, circle skits are very versatile. I may sew one during the summer.

  • Every project I am telling myself baste baste baste. Half the time I don’t. And I cry 🙂

  • Beautiful, beautiful jacket. I love the clean lines and the camel.

    • Thanks Patricia. The fabric really showcase the princess seams and its a style that never disappoints isn’t it?

  • Great idea for a series! ‘Older’ garments deserve time in the spotlights as well!

    • They sure do Hilde. we work hard on each of our projects so its a shame we don’t report on how they lasted through time

  • Really love this outfit, the understated black showcases the jacket perfectly!

  • So nice outfit. Now I want such skirt%)

  • Love the whole outfit. I made a leather pencil skirt and it was really fun and surprisingly easy to work with, I want to make a camel coat but I am being really picky on the tone of camel. The one’s I’ve found have really pink undertones and I’m looking for something that is rich.

    • Indeed finding the right camel is hard… beige is a great basic colour but hard to get the right colour so we don’t look washed out.

  • I love this outfit! The camel and black look so good together, and that jacket is a triumph!

  • What a stunning outfit. I think it sort of looks bohemian, but not in a bad way. It’s always fun to look things one have made in the past and see the progress in skills.

    • so true Anne. I have a few items on my wardrobe that acted as a bridge. I can see how far my skills have progressed from them.

  • love this entire outfit! so chic!

  • I also hate basting and I rarely do it (maybe once a year? not even). I love your complete outfit, and I think that skirt looks good on you.

  • Gorgeous! I love this feature. I’m big on making sure my handmades get every day wear – otherwise, what’s the point?? It’s getting easier too, since most of my closet is handmade these days! Plus, it’s fun seeing how garments can be styled different ways than when they were originally blogged about. Fun!

  • I have been dreaming up a leather skirt exactly like this! Too perfect and love it teamed with caramel tweed.