A handmade bunny


I really love crafting and Easter seems to be a time of the year that I always active in sharing some crafting adventure. More sunshine must definitely have something to do with an extra burst of energy.

I found an old bear pattern during one of my charity shops ‘sewing-pattern raids’. I’m really rubbish at ebay so all the “old patterns’ I get tend of be either from local charity shops or meet up swaps.  The pattern is fairly easy and the only change was to swap the original bear ears for self drafted “bunny”. The pattern didn’t have a designer name.


It was an absolute delight to make because it was a bit challenging with all the little bits and so rewarding once they were sewn.


I have asked my Instagram and twitter readers to help me on details like the choice of ribbon and eyes. So much fun to get your perspective!  Black eyes is a bit controversial in my books. Has anyone learned rabbits have red eyes on a famous lullaby?

De olhos vermelhos   ( With red eyes)
De pêlo branquinho  ( white fur)
De orelhas bem grandes  (and big ears)
Eu sou coelhinho ( i’m a little bunny)

Sou muito assustado  ( I get scared fairly easy)
Porém sou guloso  (but i’m easily persuaded)
Por uma cenoura  ( and for a carrot)
já fico manhoso ( I’m sweet)

Eu pulo pra frente ( I jump forward)

Eu pulo pra trás   ( I jump backward)
Dou mil cambalhotas  ( tumbling 1000 times)
Sou forte demais (I’m very strong)

Comi a cenoura  ( I eat a carrot)
Com casca e tudo  ( with skin and all)
Tão grande ela era  ( It was so big)
Fiquei barrigudo ( my belly grew so tall)

Yes indeed!


The main fabric is from destination weave, left over from my jacket (un-blogged) and complementing felt. I was asked if I made him intended as a gift. Yes, a gift to me and my easter table. I haven’t given him a name. Would you help?

  • Muito fofo! Um nome? Dificil aqui nunca damos nomes aos bichinhos! Que bem encontrar brasileiras na bloguesfera!

    • Oi Naii, obrigada pelo carinho xx

  • So cute! I still have my first Easter bunny from at least sixteen years ago. Only white rabbits have red eyes. Most rabbits have brown or black eyes, I think.

    • how fun,i hope to keep mine for many many years too.

  • Oh, he’s so cute! I have a couple of fun projects to make over the Easter weekend when I’ve finished my commissions.

  • This is really adorable! I love that you made it in pink plaid! And I second what Alice said- white rabbits have red eyes, but the rest have brown eyes (I grew up with lots of pet bunnies). 🙂

  • He’s a sweetie, and since first meeting him on the 30th, I’ve been thinking ‘Sebastien’. The black eyes are just right…I mean, it’s not like every bunny is plaid either, :).

  • I mean, I couldn’t NOT stop by to gush about this bunny. He is GORGEOUS. Love!