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Did you know modern day use of polkadot is mainly attributed to Christian Dior and his New Look line? Talking about Dior, recently I went to see Dior & I a feature -length documentary of behind the seams  of Raf Simons 2012 haute couture collection. His first as new artistic director. I was completely engaged on the story telling. It felt very intimate and honest. The best part was to see the inside of the haute couture atelier and the work of the première for the atelier flou (dresses branch: There is also a tailoring atelier). The film explores the personal bonds that form between the collaborators, their work, and the legacy of Christian Dior.  Dior’s interview and thoughts with old footage are feed between the modern day.


Source:Dior & I press

Things that I leaned:

Art inspiration, design details are put into mood boards divided by categories (fashion magazines dissect this as trends like off the shoulders, asymmetrical hem etc). This particular collection had 12 categories.

Than the in-house designers sketch around 150 looks per category for the creative director edition process. He picks around three looks for each category to refine the style/fit. The art director it’s the one that sets the brief and tone for the collection. Raf was so sympathetic to the design history and archives but brought his own masculine style to a very feminine brand. Even his approach to no ‘nonsense’ shoes. Love it!

No sewing machine in sight. All beautifully made craft by hand. Once the drawings  for the collection are decided, the première will take them to the team for construction. She asks who wants to make what. Her approach is to let each individual work on the design they love. Great motivation I would say. The atelier will make the patterns and many muslins until they get the shape right. Those muslins than get fitted on models by the art director. For me, the essence of the atelier are those dressmakers. Some of than working for Dior for over 20 years. They are the real brand identity.Haute Couture is funded by a few clients that can spent 350,000 euros a season. And the production will stop for any of the clients needs personal fittings. It’s truly one of a kind.

What inspired me the most is Raf’s use his art knowledge as an influence on the collection. Fashion can be so multi-dimension and easily cross section with other creative arts. His own insecurities plays against him at some points of the documentary but and its so relatable. We all doubt our talent when facing a new challenge.

If you fancy watching you can check Screening details worldwide.

There are a lot of films & documentaries about design/fashion. Is that something that interest and inspire you?

Do you use films as an inspiration?

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    I look forward to seeing this film. Thanks for the recommendation! I love fashion films – they can be so inspiring. I would recommend watching: “Valentino: The Last Emperor”, a documentary that actually has a lot of humor in it, as well as “Coco Before Chanel”, a French biopic (with subtitles) that tells the story of her life leading up to her first full collection.

  • This sounds like an interesting film and I would love too see it. Sadly I don’t live anywhere near where it will be showing in Australia 🙁

    • What a shame. Hopefully DVDs in the future

  • Ooh, I can’t wait to see this, thanks for reviewing. I’m always amazed by the couture houses – the scale and the attention to detail are so impressive. It is showing near me at the end of the month, I’ve already warned the boyfriend that we’re going:)

    • That’s fab. Lol I’m always letting my fellow know in advance too as to him get used to the idea. I do try to keep him out of fashion films though …. He goes to fabric shops. That’s good enough

  • Oooh, I’m so excited!!! It’s coming to Vancouver! Thanks ever so much for sharing…I would never have known about this otherwise! I adore anything polka dot…so interesting to know I can thank Dior for this!

    • Your welcomed Sue, I hope you have a lovely time.m

  • I was mesmerised by this doc from the YSL 2001 collection:


    There is no narration or film making really, just like a webcam was stuck in the studio for the season. Really interesting!

    • I will be looking for this … Thanks darling

  • I love getting inspiration from high end designers and admire them for their dedication to excellence. I’m a big fan of Dior so will definitely be watching this!


  • I was thinking about going to see this film and definitely will now, thanks for the review! I do get inspired by films sometimes and have been known to rush home afterwards to doodle a sketch so I can draft the pattern at a later date!

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