Lace inset Named Koko Top

namedkokotoplaceEarly this year I made named koko. I’m not sure why I decided to make a summer top in the middle of winter, perhaps it has something to do with some cool lace I recently acquired and was really excited to sew.

laceinsetThis pattern looked perfect. Indeed, the lace insets raises the style level of this top.

namedkokotoplace3I make a lot of named patterns because they fit me straight from the envelop. When one is so short of sewing time not having to fit oneself it’s a big win right now. After changing the layout of my sewing room I have a ‘white’ wall for photos and that is at least helping me keep up my documentation.

namedkokotoplace5The sewing was quite straightforward. The pattern is well drafted. It would be all sunshine and flowers if I liked the end result. Truth to be told, I don’t like this top on me.

namedkokolaceSpecially the sleeve ‘ears’? and my bad choice of main fabric (it’s already loosing it shape after 2nd wash).

namedtopkokoOther time I used this fabric it was also a failure. Starting to think it has some correlation. This colour just look lovely … arghh!

namedkokoTo straightening the shoulder seam the pattern asks for clear elastic but I choose to use a strip of the main fabric.


The only thing I really love is the inset cutout shape so I will probably hack that into another garment.


Sewing  Tips.Sometimes both sides of the lace and the jersey look the same. Pick one and stick with it. With woven and jersey fabrics I cross two pins on the right side but with lace a glue a label. Grainline rules apply but more important is to follow the lace directional design. Use a fine ball point needle. Sew the lace side up to avoid it getting catch inside the feed dog.

Do share your latest makes that feel “meeeh” or any experience you have sewing stretch jersey + lace.

  • judy

    super cute.

  • Now, this is tricky because you could wear a sack and look fabby
    And the work you’ve done on the lace insert is gorgeous but …
    I don’t think it’s the most flattering shape and, totally agree with you, I think it’s the sleeve ‘ears’.
    However, you still look very glam and my ‘fails’ certainly do not look like that, I’d be showing it off as a Big Win!

  • I think the sleeves are ok but I am less keen on the jersey band at the neckline. I think you could take that off and finish with a strip of organza or something. Make it look more delicate and less tshirty. But appreciate if the fabric isn’t wearing well you might not want to take the time!

    • Could be. I like wearing with the neckband because fits perfectly..I think the White lace looks to mismatched with the red… Thanks for the advice. Xx

  • Great idea Rachel. It works so well.

  • Agree with you about the sleeves but apart from those this top is gorgeous, the combination of lace and main fabric is fantastic, too bad it’s loosing shape.

    • Thank you Ida, unfortunately not every fabric realise the potential we imagine. Sew and learn isn’t it

      • 🙂 you’re totally right and not only fabrics, people also don’t realise the potentials we imagine!!

  • That’s unfortunate about your top losing shape so quickly 🙁 I think it looks really pretty with the lace inset. Thanks for the tip on sewing lace on the top side would never of thought of that!

    • Your welcome. Generally I always sew the sturdier fabric closer to the feed. It helps the machine gain memento when sewing

  • Can you salvage the lace for another top?

    • I have enough lace left, I’m going to wear as much as I can of this make but won’t make it to my favourites

  • Marg in canada

    Awww, I love this top, I think it’s super fun!! I love the colour, the lace AND the ears (they’re like mini wings!)

  • Yeah, I think this pattern would work better with fabrics with less contrast. I have Koko in my queue so I’ll keep that in mind for my own version. Thanks for sharing!

  • jne4sl

    I think it’s a lovely combination, too bad about the failing fabric, that’s the worst. Looking at your right sleeve in particular, I wonder if it there’s any chance you inserted them wrong way round? I only ask because I did this first time I made this pattern. Because of the unusual sleeve shape (almost rectangular) it’s easy enough to swap the hem edge and the seam edge. When inserted wrong the sleeve looks a little ruffled when correct it’s a cap sleeve which cups the shoulder. I may be wrong in which case you may just need a slightly longer shoulder seam. It really is a sleeve, should sit in the regular place, closer to the shoulder joint. Either way I’m sure you could get the shoulder/sleeve working a little better but I think it looks fine as-is, I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t complained. I also switched the collar to a jersey binding for a cleaner look. I made this top when it came out and loved it in warmer weather, I recently made it a second time steeling the sleeves from the pelerine top, which worked well enough but doesn’t have as much interest as the original shirt, IMO.

    • girl, you are right. thanks so much for your help and advice. The fabric is really sensitive so any attempts to re-do the ‘wrong’ sleeve will make it look worst so I’m leaving as it is. xx

      • jne4sl

        Like I said, I did the same thing, I was angry for a moment but realized it was a case where starting over was the quickest solution–very little fabric involved and not even much sewing time–so the second shirt was quicker to make than unpicking. My bad sleeves looked much more ruffled and odd, I definitely wouldn’t have noticed yours without your mention.

  • I like the lace and colour on you but agree about the weird ear flap things. But at least you can use this as a starting point and add some normal sleeves next time!

  • Do you ever have a miss? The lace insert is a beautiful touch.