Sewing plans. Do you have one?

sewingplansI’m excited about my SS15 sewing plans. I thought would be fun to share my process with you and hear more about your own planing method.

I think all of us run a never ending list (even if only in our heads) of possible projects and buy way too much fabric and patterns. With so much available at our finger tips, where do you start?

My process starts by selecting what shapes & styles I want to wear. Like my own art director I brainstorm a list. SS15 for me: Shirts/ Shirt dresses, crop cardigans, oversize, unisex, monochromatic etc…

That list come from my own wardrobe instead of patterns available. I always trying to “substitute” something I already own and wear. I’m a creature of habit. Grown up uniforms rock!

With my wish list in hand I look for patterns that would suit my vision. I may even select 2 or 3 patterns that would fit the description. I like to have some flexibility. If I am offered something to try either in fabric or pattern I use my plans as a guideline. With the “final outfit” in my mind, I research what fabrics and trims I need. Because I’m rubbish at sketching,  I look for a similar RTW representations in design, shape and overall aesthetics. Kind of a mood board in one picture. Finally I create a document with my inspiration picture next to the technical drawing of the pattern.

How about you? Do you sew ad-hoc or do you follow a plan? Do share!

Current plans include Coco by Schnittchen patterns, Wenoma by Named & Bruyere by Deer & Do

  • I don’t make concrete plans, but I always have ideas in my head of what I want to sew next! Thinking I need to start a notebook though to keep track of ideas

  • It’s always a habit of mine to try replacing something from my closet that I have worn to shreds. Then from there I have a pretty simple “uniform” standard to follow using a plan in my head. I do hope to do better by crating a layout on my computer or perhaps in a notebook with flats and pictures, matched with patterns and fabric swatches.

  • Both! 🙂 I like to create capsule wardrobes and am working on one right now for spring/summer after doing a big closet clean out. But I also go off plan. Like instead of moving on to my next garment on the list, I cut a pair of pants today! 🙂

  • I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a list on my computer using OneNote… I take screen shots of everything (fabric, patterns, ideas, etc, etc) and then go through the list when I’m ready for my next project. It’s not the perfect system, but works pretty well to keep me motivated 🙂

  • I’m a massive planner! I’m following wardrobe architect 2015 to help pull my ideas together into a more cohesive wardrobe. I just shared my autumn winter plans on my blog the other day –

  • Hmmm an interesting one. i definitely fall into the head planning, fabric hoarding category but i think subconsciously i do plan ahead.. i keep a pintrest board on things that inspire me .. think about key events that i will attend ; look through mags, high st store catalogues etc , and then finally research patterns and fabrics 🙂

  • great post as i started thinking that way this year also. personally i am planning more and like kat’s comment above, i was motivated by wardrobe architect. i went thru all my upcycle possibilities (as i am mainly sewing from thrift so had accumulated a bit) in jan, and divided them into colour and then did a page of 4 drawings (1 month of sews, as for the moment i am still making a garment a week) for what was possible for each and have been working within this frame work so far – some have been changed as i am going along, but i also can see the sewing i am doing as ‘realistic’ for my wardrobe instead of making an ad-hoc piece that matches nothing. looking forward to seeing your makes!

  • I fall into all categories often starting out my plans in my head but when it becomes to crowded in there I will put it to paper with colours, fabrics and patterns I want to use. But then ad-hoc pieces tend to just jump right in out of the blue and my well laid plans get thrown out the window. I love your plans and look forward to seeing them.

  • I’m not very keen about planning so sadly I usually fly by the seat of my pants 🙂

  • I definitely try to follow a plan. I make a pinterest board of patterns I want to sew for the season and an inspiration board, but usually I end up getting behind and only sewing half of the things. If they’re still things I want to sew next season I just bookmark them for later.

  • carmenross88

    I have no system for planning but I started wondering recently if I should enact one. I’m a huge pattern hoarder. I have a basket on my sewing table filled to the brim with patterns. I’m also a fabric hoarder. I’m averaging about one project a week lately, so as soon as I’m done with one project I just go to my pattern basket and pull out whatever suits my fancy. Although sometimes I just have too many possibilities and I can’t decide where to start. I would like to be a bit more organized in my planning but I’m just not sure how.

  • I try to follow the plan but usually I failed because some new ideas pop up in my mind%)

  • Without a full sewing system going on here in Shanghai, I’m completely all over the place. I have only the tiniest stash though, so I am determined to sew from that stash and make things from the scraps as I go… before switching to the next project.

    I would love to plan, but I think this year for me is: What colours suit me, what projects are quick and easy but WELL fitting, what shapes suit me.

    But, I have the Davie Dress & the Sophia Dress to start next! And an Anna of course, because that’s a lovely fit for me.


  • Planning stuff… I try to, in order to achieve that ‘perfect’ wardrobe. In reality I generally go with whatever strikes my fancy at that moment. I have a list of what I would like to make this season (mainly blouses and skirts), and of course, Pinterest for inspiration! We’ll see what happens, I do like your approach though.

  • One of my favorite parts of sewing is the planning! I have a ton of separate inspiration Pinterest boards and sketch out my makes in advance. I tend to buy fabric for each project so this really helps me keep organized. I’m working on my summer plans as we speak 🙂

  • Vancouver Barbara

    I love the little jacket featured first in this post. Which designer created it? I’d love to have a closer look at the details.
    I usually buy enough fabric to make a “collection”. A jacket, pants, a top, skirt, possibly a dress. And then a whole other collection in a coordinating fabric.

    • hi Barbara, did you mean the inspiration? its Moonsoon. The pattern is the coco and the list is on the post. xx

  • Great question! I’ve not been a huge planner in the past, but I enjoyed making a little list for A/W 2014 and I finished about 3/4 of it (and the things I didn’t make were usually skipped because I changed my mind). Now that I’ve been sewing for a while, it’s nice to be a bit more thoughtful and make sure that what I’m making fits my lifestyle and goes with stuff that’s already in my closet. 🙂 Just finished the Coco jacket (love it!) and have a Wenona on the docket… can’t wait to see yours!

  • What sewer doesn’t have plans. My next dress is the Wenona and I’m doing a Coco style jacket with my own pattern.

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