Simplicity 1371


Hello friends,

When was the last time I made a dress? Seens like forever and you won’t see one in this post either.I made this pair of simplicity 1371 last summer but never got around blogging it. The issue when you try to post old makes is that is really hard to remember pattern details.


Fabric is Robert Kaufman polka dot chambray. Its really lovely but I would say this fabric lends itself better for blouses and dresses. It’s too lightweight for trousers.


I didn’t muslin because the previous version worked so well. Maybe I should have because it feels a little bit too tight! All I can say it’s that recently a lot of cake been consumed in this house. 3 months count down for the big day!


Buying my wedding dress was a super amazing experience.Would you like to hear more about it? I loved every single dress. But I been feeling a little bit unsure about my choice recently. Maybe an unconscious feeling of what if “I had made it”. Maybe nerves? Sorry, didn’t want to digress too much.

Lets go back to the trousers…


Simplicity Cynthia Rowley patterns tends to fit very well on me, straight size 12.

pokadotchambraytrousersinsidePattern alterations were swapping the pleats to darts and ignoring waistband and using a facing.


I didn’t sewn the facing all way around, just a few slipstitches at the two side seams.


What is your favourite trousers pattern? if you haven’t sewn one yet, what are the patterns that make you want to sew one?

  • Spots are so much fun to wear. It must be so convenient sewing ‘straight out of the envelop”. I find I generally do this with Burda pant patterns, or at least make the same alterations to each pair.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Most of my sewing life i have to alter patterns to fit, but once in a while I have found the right shape and design, choice the right size and only alterations been height related. I think most of the issues I had on the past was picking the wrong size.

  • I love these trousers! And the fabric is just lovely. Now I am off in search of my own copy of Simplicity 1371!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Happy trousers making

  • Gorgeous pants! I love the spots. Don’t stress about your wedding dress. I did the exact same thing after buying my dress. I wore a tea length dress and right up until the day I kept thinking I hope I don’t regret not wearing a long dress. But now looking back I wouldn’t change a single thing! I absolutely loved my wedding dress and still do. It’s all the waiting time that makes you second guess all your decisions. I’m sure on the day you will look stunning!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thanks so much for the encouragement Kat. Your right it must be the waiting… I’m now working on my veil. I’m really excited and just want the day to come sooner

  • Good call swapping out the pleats for darts. I always worry about pleats around my hips just looking so puffy.

    I have not sewn trousers for AGES, I’ve always preferred vintage styles for some reason as they seem to flatter. I’ve been into leggings more these days just for the comfort of running around with a two year old, bike riding, etc!

  • Give us the WD details! I am sewing my own wedding dress and am also full of doubt – “what if this turns out a total holly-hobby nightmare?” Also you cannot prepare yoursel for the stress, so don’t beat yourself up. Would love to hear about your experience x

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Will do. Ohh how exciting that you are making your dress. Did you got scared about cutting the lace? I bought some wedding lace recently to embroider and I’m so scared.

  • I’ve had some success with Burda pants and none with Vogue. The crotch curve is really different. Love these pants on you.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      I heard good things about Sandra betzinas trousers as they measure differently from the standard vogue. Burda works well for me too.

  • Great pants. Love those chambray dots. I made a pair similar last summer, but in floral. I also thought the fabric was too light, but ended up wearing them a lot. They were just so easy to wear with everything and not too hot. Looking forward to reading more about your dress. I think it is completely normal to worry about your choice – there are just so many options out there, and SO MUCH pressure for everything to be ‘perfect’. But guess what…you could end up wearing a sack on the day, and as you walk down the aisle and see your future hubby, you forget your dress and everything else, and everything really is perfect.

  • Guénaelle

    Nice pants with the dots. Very funny article. Not yet sewed pants on my side but I’m tempted by “Gilbert from Republique du chiffon” available in pdf version.
    Take pleasure for the last months before the great day and please, share with us the details of the WD !

  • Amy

    Lovely trousers. Don’t worry too much about your wedding dress nerves. I think it’s normal! I had them too, for different reasons. I booked an appointment to try it on again & that made me feel much better! Can’t wait to see yours, you’ll look amazing I’m absolutely sure 🙂

  • Love the tiny polka dots on this fabric. These look perfect on you 🙂 I’ll be revisiting my first attempt at making trousers tomorrow, third time lucky?

  • Very chic pants. I like ankle grazers length trousers, they are very flattering

  • I like my trousers wide… like giantic… havent found the perfect pattern yet… but I’m close… and it is a Burda…
    but these loook great on you… Love dots…

  • Hello Rachel!! I didn´t know about your big news, CONGRATULATIONS! and yes, a post on your pick of wedding dresses would be very interesting.
    About the pants: they are absolutely fabulous, the fit is amazing! I agree with you on chambray not being the best option for pants, but maybe in the summer I´d change my mind.

  • These look so cute on you! I’m looking for a nice trouser pattern right now, but prefer pants to be low-waisted. I’m thinking of trying Burda Skinny Pants with Hip Yoke 04/2014, but can’t really tell how high the rise is from the sketch/photo!

  • Eek wedding dress shoppin, such fun!!! Felt like a princess. Really hope you will be happy with your final choice and that you will share the expreience here on the blog after your big day

  • Love the pants! They look super cute! As for the wedding dress thing. When I went shopping, I had two VERY different dresses in mind and a very small time period before moving to the middle of nowhere to teach for the eight months leading up to our wedding. I rushed through the process and picked one dress and then spent eight months thinking I had picked the wrong dress. To this day I wonder what it would have been like if I had picked the other dress. I think it is just a thing we all do. “What if…?” I’m sure your dress looks amazing on you and you don’t want that added stress of making your own dress. Just remember, it is only one day! That’s what I tell myself when those thoughts creep back in!

  • Fatima

    how can i get the trousers pattern?

    • Houseofpinheiro

      You can buy simplicity patterns online or local sewing shops.