Burdastyle Cardigan 03/2013 #107C

burdastylecardiganknit10On a rainy sunday morning while making HrH’s strong cup of coffee I stretched my hand into our tea bowl and realised to my dismay that we run out of tea. Panic. I need my cup of tea! It’s a running joke in our household that I’m a tea pot. I drink a lot more tea (and almost no coffee) that you expect a Brazilian to.  With no exciting plans other than a lazy day watching movies I braved out of the house a little bit grumpy. I wasn’t intending to change out of my handmade pjs. To make the trip worthwhile instead of going to the local supermarket I made my way to town, where above the mini supermarket, there is a fabric shop that opens on Sundays.

burdastylecardiganknit5Grabbed my favourite tea brand (+ biscuits) and went to the fabric shop hoping to see something nice or inspiring. On the jersey section there it was, this very unusual knit fabric for the bargain price of £2/m.

fabriccI will have 1,5 mt + that black remnant knit please! So soft. It costed me less than the tea and biscuits. Don’t you love a bargain when you least expected? My acquisitions made me giddy and I walked home with a spring on my step.burdastylecardiganknit16It’s going to be an afternoon of instant sewing gratification.burdastylecardiganknit3I wasn’t excited by any pattern on stash. Dress, dress, top, skirt, dress. With my fresh brew in my hands I went pattern hunting for something I haven’t made before. Options were limited to pdf and since burdastyle fits me pretty well I went straight on their cardigan section.

107C_largeLuxe cardigan 03/2013 #107C was love at first sight. The pattern is not hard to sew but I would not advise it for beginners. The neckband isn’t the traditional rectangular. It’s shaped following the neckline, narrow and very fiddly. I made my normal Burdastyle size and gosh, I’m lucky to have added a bigger seam allowances (1,5) than on traditional knit patterns because this pattern runs small. I needed every bit of the extra seam allowance. I basted (to test fit) on my machine first than overlocked all the edges.

burdastylecardiganknitinsideAfter a buttonhole test swatch failure I went digging for enough jersey snaps on my very messy snap box.

nosewsnapsHave you used no-sew snap before? They are so much fun & easy to use.

burdastylecardiganknit30The snaps are very strong/secure so even with the close-fitting (negative ease) top they stayed in place together with my dignity. I really love the shaping on the bust and neckline. I would totally make this pattern again once this top runs it’s lifecycle.

burdastylecardiganknit2How do you pick the next project? Do you get inspired by the pattern or the fabric?

  • Ooh. This sweater is actually on my (long) to-sew list. I’m so glad to see it made up. It looks really great on you! I was worried how the gathers would look on a bust. But, your version tells me it’s ok! Also, how is it that HRH is a coffee drinker? I can’t function before my first cup.

    • The gathering really showcase the bust. Cannot wait for you to sew. Hrh love his coffee so much and i have to grind and filter- no ready made machine stuff…

  • A perfect match for the fabric. Stunning!

    • thanks Kristy, when a pattern meets the right fabric its kind of magical isn’t it.

  • judy

    So pretty… Love that skirt you wore with it too..Did you make that?
    Aren’t you happy you HAD to go get tea… and found the great bargain and pretty fabric too.. Love those finds..
    happy sewing my friend.

    • Thanks Judy, the skirt is shop bought because I’m not sure this shape is the best for me so I wanted to wear before actually making it first.

  • that is stunning. it looks so much interesting than the magazine one as your fabric choice is a brilliant combination………….. perfect with that skirt and i am sure it looks well with most anything. that knit fabric is so unusual – perfect

    • Thank you so much. have you seen the lace version of this pattern on another issue of the magazine. It’s cute

  • Hi Rachel, your cardigan is fab, perfect pattern & fabric match. Can I pick your brain about snaps? I’ve recently bought (& waiting for them to arrive) snaps & a setting tool. I have a dress waiting for them to go on but I didn’t know there are different snaps for jersey. Do you have any tips or know where can find more info? Also, I’ve ordered mine on eBay from Hong Kong – where do you buy from? Really, any info would be more than the nothing I know now! Thanks very much, Vicki

    • Hi Vicki, I wrote a post going live next week that hopefully will help with all your questions above. I source my snaps locally but you can try this large supplier Buttoncare (http://www.buttoncare.com)

  • i love your version way more than burda’s.. and that fabric is great, i wish i have a fabric store walking distance from my flat 🙂

    • Lol it’s a blessing and a curse. There are 4 stores in 20 mins distance and it’s so easy to buy more than you need.

  • Hi Rachel, great top. I have that pattern and had forgotten about it. Timely reminder though as I need a couple of summer weight cardi’s.

    • So much potential for summer cardigan + dress combos

  • Tilly Buttons

    Ooh great pattern find! Love it xx

    • Thanks Tilly. Would be so cute with the miette and new pattern too.

  • The shirt is nice, but that skirt it gorgeous! Did you buy it or sew it?

    • Hi Michelle, the skirt is from Zara. I normally don’t wear this shape and I bought a few to wear and see if I want to make it a similar shape.

  • I’ve wanted to make this cardigan for such a long time. Thank you for reminding me to trace the pattern off!

    • I’m sure it will turn out very elegant

  • I too need to know,did you make the skirt too? I’m really loving it as well as the cardigan!

    • I didn’t. I bought two skirts this shape ( the other is on my chanel jacket and crop top posts) to test if they work for my style. From Zara

  • love that entire story! i can imagine your mood changing from tea stress to fabric love… and the cardigan is so pretty on you.

    • Lol it was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow

  • What a lovely fabric Rachel, it adds so much to the design of the cardigan which is very flattering.

    • Indeed. And wears and wash well. I went back for more a week later but it was sold out.

  • Hélène

    As everyone else, I want to know about the skirt too! The whole outfit is splendid.

    • From Zara … The fabric is a cool charmose all perforated

  • Love your choice of fabric and pattern. After a stressful morning, it turned out well for you!

    • Yes, just shows that some thing happens for a reason. Any excuse for fabric shopping right,

  • I love this sweater! I remember that pattern, and giving up before starting because of the buttonholes. But snaps… that’s interesting!

    • You going to love using snaps

  • I also drink enormous amounts of tea;) I vary between different teas through the day to mix things up a bit as I drink so much! Love your cardigan. Sounds like a good reason to go fetch the tea & biscuits if you can buy some fabric at the same time. X

    • I very between English and green tea during the winter and ice tea during summer.

  • Love the pattern! great find! I’ve never used snaps before. You’ve inspired me.

    • They are super fun and you will enjoy using it

  • This pattern is also on my sewing list, though I prefer the mint lace version shown in the first editorial (p11).

    Love your fabric choice. Sometimes fabrics with interesting texture can be so hard to find the right pattern for. This combination work so well – the fabric adds interest to the pattern and the pattern allow the texture to shine through, and both show off your great figure.

    You said the pattern runs small. Did you encounter gaping problem at the front closure – ie the left and right bands wanting to pull apart rather than align on top of each other?

    • I loved the green lace version too. Not that I recall. I made this a while ago. I remember its was quite fiddly and I had to re do a few parts.

  • I’ve admired this pattern for a while, good to know it runs small. Yours is fabulous and that knit is really unique.
    I’m normally inspired by fabric not patterns, the fabric always seems to tell me what it wants to be 🙂

  • francescapia

    oh, lovely make! That fabric is perfect for the pattern. Inspired. I think that shape skirt really looks good with it and on you – well, I can’t really think of any shape that doesn’t suit you:). I also think this post has proved something I have long suspected – that I am one of three people in the world that reads comments:)….. how many people asked about the skirt? LOL…..

  • This is lovely, I’ve had my eye on this pattern for over a year. Yours looks great, and the snap tutorial is excellent! Thankyou!

  • It’s great! I would never have made the pattern from the look of the Burda picture… yours is darling!