crochettSometimes I feel the need to have a break from sewing to try something new. There is something incredibly powerful about conquering a new skill and building up knowledge in different areas. I’m a very slow knitter and feel crochet it’s a lot more manageable for me. I have dabble in and out of projects a few times before but never really took serious steps to become better at it. I would just wiggle the pattern like I done with Paul. Due to the long hiatus I needed to start learning to crochet from scratch. With a little nudge from the sewing club girls.

crochet1After researching beginners guide I came across Crochet for the Absolute Beginner by Pauline Turner. Looks like a brand new book but it’s an actualised reprint from 2005. If a book content still that relevant it was worth a look.

crochett0Contents cover the all the basics. I owned a metal free hook until I borrowed a flat handed one at the club meeting. I was hocked. I normally don’t go for fancy but I really felt the difference in the handling and comfort. I would love to hear more recommendations from those who crochet.  The book also covers a range of other materials needed. Comparing to other hobbies crochet has a reasonable start cost. A hook and yarn.

Essential knowledge like reading a pattern, beginning a row, turning a chain, pattern repeats, chart with UK- US conversions, abbreviations and common symbols are also covered. My favourite is that each stitch has next to it’s name both the common abbreviation and it’s symbol. It will help me with reading patterns later. After a few stitches the books present’s you with a project for practice. From a few bags, & rugs to motifs and a coat. It grows in difficulty as you crochet along.


There is no fancy aesthetics in this book. Pictures are shoot on plain wood background, step by step style. I found the instructions clear and easy to follow. So far I feel this book will give me a good foundation knowledge. I’m excited about this new start and who knows where this journey will end….

How about you? Do you crochet? Have you learn a new craft lately? Go on tell me what’s on your hook!

  • I like to crochet, it’s very different from sewing for me. I tend to do it more in the winter months though. Nothing fancy as you say – just yarn and a hook. Actually I got some very nice yarn recently for a skirt, I should start working on it 🙂

    • Yes, winter months calls for sting down under a duvet and work a yarn. I like how portable crochet feels so i guess lets see how much I can get it done on commune.

  • sarah

    currently crocheting a wavey blanket for a friend. but you should check out attic24 blog for tips and ideas as she is excellent at explaining each step and has loads of different projects you can try.

  • I have about six crochet projects on my hook right now! Crochet is a perfect relaxing craft to do whilst watching tv in the evenings, where as sewing is for the daytime?
    I seem to start many and finish few. I have two blankets that are a work in progress and various other smaller amigurumi projects. i love that you are learning to crochet too…
    bestest as ever
    Daisy j xxxx

    • I agree with you. Daytime sewing and night with a portable craft. For me embroidery normally. Thank you i’m excited to make some crochet garments

  • That is hook is the one I use all the time (if my seven year old hadn’t pinched it) The metal part is coated in something that makes the yarn just so smooth. Keep going you will get there in the end. I have maed lots of crochet garments that I wear not just home decor stuff. Jo x

  • I’ve tried but found that my hands start to hurt from all the fiddly work. I also got quite a bit frustrated with it so I took a break from it for a while. Just sewing for me for now!

  • Krystal

    Hello from Texas,
    I have crocheted off and on over the last several years. I learned it as a child, but only recently started to try more challenging projects.
    My last finished project was a baby cardigan done in a lace weight merino/alpaca blend finished with a pearl vintage shank button. It turned out beautifully. I like doing the more delicate projects over the bulky afghans and such.
    Although I am going to rip the baby blanket I started to knit and go with a crochet pattern. My knitting is just not consistent enough.
    On hooks. Metal ones over plastic. The seams on the plastic ones make me crazy and catch the yarn.
    Have fun! Show us your finished work as you go. 🙂

  • Victoria

    I started crotcheting at the end of Jan this year. I’ve been ill for a long time and struggle to find things that I can do. Crotchet is brilliant; it doesn’t hurt my hands and I feel like I’m giving my brain a little workout too. Currently making 2 x DROPS 120-3 blanket in squares pattern no U-592

  • best of luck – i cant knit but i can crochet! and as you can knit you already can hold yarn correctly which is a big plus. I have all my hooks padded with felt (cut a strip of felt and roll it around near the top end and stitch into place). I found the hook was rubbing against my hand and this also gives me an easy grip. crochet is so portable and easy to do if you just want to watch tv. i am crocheting trims for thrifted sweaters at the moment…..

  • I struggled to learn how the crochet until I found a great book, it is key to learning as you really need to find something to help it click. I also taught myself when I was on maternity leave so I had a good chunk of time to sit and figure it out. I don’t crochet much (I prefer to knit) but I do find it a very portable craft & it is much easier to put down and come back to – unlike knitting when you really need to finish a row! Have fun!

  • Norma

    I have been a crocheter off and on since I was about 11. It’s great because it lends to building a detailed patience…the type I needed to approach sewing. Although at times I like the “passive” afgan/pot holder variety of crochet, I didn’t want to be stuck with only my grandma’s crochet (the doiley variety). I have found Tunisian and my current 3-D crochet pieces to be fun and creative alternatives. I admire knitting and feel you can make incredibly beautiful and delicate patterns that can’t be made with crochet, but found knitting frustrating because I want to see “immediate” results. Knitting is row after tight little row and several inches before you see the pattern develop–with crochet you see the patten developing almost immediately. As others above have stated, crochet easily portable, but as I discovered a few years ago not so much on airplanes–that one small needle (metal or otherwise) can be considered a weapon…who knew! Have a good day….

  • I’ve been crocheting on and off for most of my life, but it’s only been recently that I’ve tried a few more modern and fashionable patterns – I generally just stuck with blankets and the occasional baby sweater before. While I knit and sew almost constantly, and love it, there’s something extra comforting in picking up a hook and crocheting.

    I found that there are more limitations with crochet – it can make a pretty heavy fabric so it can be difficult to make really wearable garments with it if that’s your thing, but nothing beats a crocheted blanket, and there’s all sorts of lovely patterns available now that I’m itching to make. 🙂 Like a good ol’ crocheted basket, and curtains for my kitchen window!

    Happy crocheting! I hope you enjoy your new hobby! And thanks for the info about the book – I might pick it up to expand on my crochet skills. 🙂

  • I learned to crochet right after I graduated from college. I’d been in school full-time and worked nearly full-time, so when I suddenly didn’t have class and homework anymore, my days felt so long and I needed a hobby! I tried to learn to knit, but couldn’t understand it. Crocheting came much easier, and I made a couple of weird and ugly afghans and scarfs before I stopped doing it for a while and now I can’t remember how to crochet! 🙂

  • Li Ann

    Hi Rachel – love your blog! I learnt to crochet while on bedrest last year for my twin boys – it was too hard to manipulate two knitting needles! Having not much to do while lying flat on the couch all day, I taught myself from you-tube, ravelry patterns and some old books from the 70s/80s that my mother had. I love the colourful and 3D effects of crochet flowers and rugs and have made everything from Bavarian stitch blankets to cardigans and shrugs. I find it heaps more relaxing than knitting which I struggle with for tension reasons! I totally hear what you are saying about having a break from sewing sometimes and it is much quieter when baby boys are sleeping too, and really easy to pick up if you have lots of interruptions to your day!