• Yes! I just used both sides of a brocade fabric when making a Senna Tote! (You can see it here: http://skirtfixation.com/2015/03/brocade-senna-tote/) I simply could NOT decide which side I like better…

  • I just wore a dress today that I’d used the wrong side on! I ordered a metallic linen from Mood and when it came it was a LOT more metallic than I’d realized. I ended up using the metallic side for accents, and I’m very happy with it!

    • great solution. Specially because buying online because it’s hard to capture the fabric true colours

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    I used to work at a high end designer company in textile development and we would talk about how we always liked the back of the company’s signature logo fabrics better than the front. The customers will never see them, buried under layers of linings, interfacings, etc.

    • Pre, thats so interesting. would you care to elaborate more on your experience as a textile developer.

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        I actually developed textiles, hardware and trims for outerwear, handbags and accessories for both Men and Women. Textiles could include anything from wools to jacquards to linings to waxed canvas to an endless number of items. Quality was a huge emphasis for the company on many levels – we had to meet high levels of quality standards from a design standpoint and high levels of standards from a testing standpoint. We also had to meet a certain price point which at times was very difficult to balance – finding or developing a fabric that would meet design quality standard within budget. This was especially difficult when the economy took its biggest dip while at the same time cotton prices were rising so high.

        That was pretty general as I’m not sure what sort of experiences you are looking to hear about!

  • Most definitely! But with the examples you showed I wouldn’t be able to pick! They all look wonderful from both sides. Sometimes it’s possible to incorporate both sides into the same garment. With these ones it would probably be too busy. If I had these I’d probably end up saving scraps to use as accent on other garments, then I’d get to play with both sides in different garments.

    • Yes, I have this fabrics on my stash but since i cannot decided what side i want to use they remained untouched

  • Yes! that’s happen quite often and the result is awesome.

    • Creativity and make garments your own is such a powerful thing , isn’t it. to no be bound by the “right side”

  • Wow, these fabrics are gorgeous!! Are they in your stash?
    I once used the wrong side of a striped cotton, because the contrasting stripes were hurting my eyes:)
    Here it is:

  • Oh all the time, I tend to prefer the muted colours of the ‘wrong side’ of a lot of fabrics. I also like it when you can use both sides in one garment. PS lobe the fabrics pictured!

  • I think I used the ‘wrong’ side for my coat but I don’t care it was the side I preferred.

  • I often wear patterned socks inside out because I prefer the colours & textures on the inside!

  • All the time! I don’t really care which side is the “right” side when I pick a fabric!

    • I normally get a fabric by the right side and stash it, than i rediscover and love the wrong side.

  • All the time. There is a great Burda coat pattern that would let you use both sides and add another fabric.Check out Burda 11/2014 109.