True Bias Sutton Blouse


Trying to relieve some of the pressure of a bursting wardrobe I decided to sew a blouse for mum. She loved the Roxanne Tunic so I looked for patterns with similar attributes. Loose shape, nice neckline, easy to wear and long at the back. Mom like’s her tops to keep her backside covered. The Sutton blouse by True Bias seems to fit the bill perfectly.


“The Sutton Blouse is a loose fitting V-neck top with kimono sleeves, a one piece yoke, and a back inverted pleat. The back is longer than the front and includes slits at both of the lower side seams.”


The pattern has only 4 pieces so perfect to use on more flimsy fabrics. Size wise I cut size 10.  Mom is shorter and a little wider on the shoulder. I hope she likes it. I posted this blouse with her yearly stock of mini eggs. She cannot have enough and like a dutiful daughter I keep her care packages flowing. It’s really weird modelling stuff I make for her because we have different styles and tastes. The fun side is that I get to explore ( make/ wear) stuff outside my ‘zone’. This top definitely works with the current 70’s trend.


The fabric is georgette with all-over abstract print in shades of black and beige. Lightweight and semi-sheer. It’s not hard to sew but suffers terribly from static. I was wearing my coat before the pictures and the blouse was stuck on me making it appear more shaped. Just a reminder this top is loose fitting even if doesn’t look on this pictures.


At first I was going to incorporate the fabric into my spring plan (bruyere blouse) but didn’t feel the fabric would be suitable for that pattern in the end. The plus side of changing pattern plans is having enough left over to make the Kanerva Blouse for my friend Cris. Woohoo. I posted a few pictures back in November…

I liked sewing the sutton blouse and instructions are good. I would make it again for myself with a few modifications. I don’t like the asymmetric hem.


Disclaimers: Pattern c./o of Indie Sew.  Fabric c./o of Minerva Craft part of the Blogging Network. All views and inspiration remains my own.

  • I bet your mum will love it! Happy Easter Egg eating!!!

    I absolutely want to sew outside my ‘zone’ this year! Colours, shapes, patterns! I am open to it!

    • Happy easter darling. Yes it’s nice to try different shapes. I would not make a top like this before and I’m actually considering adding a Sutton blouse of my own.

  • I can’t help but smile every time I look at your pictures and read your post. The modeling of your garments are so smashing.

    • Thank you so much Andrea, happy sewing.

  • Debbie Iles

    The top is lovely, but actually, I couldn’t take my eyes off those smashing pants – perfect all over.

    • I knew this trousers was up your alley. It’s an old pair I bought in Brasil. I love the high waist and wide leg. It’s so structural

  • Susan

    Lovely! I am sure she will love it. I was just thinking of trying to draft a pattern with a v-neck and a yoke. Now I don’t have to! I just bought the pattern. Thanks!

    • I’m glad you found the pattern you were looking for. It’s great when it happens isn’t it. Happy sewing

  • You are a wonderful daughter! I’m sure your mom will wear this shirt and be so thrilled to tell everyone how you made it for her!

  • I been trying to convince her to start seeing but by her own admission she doesn’t have the patience required. She loves maxi dresses but I keep making other stuff. I don’t like making the same stuff all the time.

  • judy

    So pretty..Know your mom will love it..
    Hope you and family , have a wonderful Easter.

    • Thanks Judy. Happy easter for you and your beautiful family. I cannot wait to see their easter outfits this year

  • Lucky mum! What a lovely blouse.

  • I am sure your Mum will love it, lucky her!love your trousers!

    • Thanks Nat. That pair of jeans is one of my favourites and I have it for years. I bought it in Brazil.

  • Stunning blouse – the fabric is beautiful. Also coming to London in July and wonder if you can point me to a good nappa leather supplier?

    • Great news, send me an email if you want to meet up for coffee. Goldhalk road will be your best bet for real and faux leather

  • Love this blouse! The print is gorgeous! I’m sure your mum will love it!