What I’m wearing: Cynthia Rowley 2472

wooldresssimplicitycynthyarowley15I know you can recognise my Yona coat but unless you been here back in 2011 you probably haven’t seen this dress. As I mentioned on my first post of “what I’m wearing” series I will be sharing with you how old makes still get used throughout the stand of time. This dress was made for Sew weekly contributors challenge back in August 2011.


The navy fabric of the Yona was actually the left over from this project. Perfect for the coat, not as perfect for a loose fitting dress. Nonetheless it’s a great reminder of how one builds skills and what I had done differently after it. The pattern, simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2472, is dress/tunic in two lengths, belt and tie-on ruffled bib sewing pattern. Yes, an adult bib. * surprised to why!


At the time the modifications were basically dropping the waist by 3 cm, them adding 4 darts (2 at front and 2 at the back ) to curb the baggy effect. I made size 12. To counterbalance the huge neckline a tuck was added. I skipped the sleeve facing and topstitched the hem twice with a lighter colour thread as a design feature.simplicityp-3645cynthia-rowley3

I have been loving this outfit combination so much. It is perfectly suited for the recent sunshine/artic wind we are having recently.

simplicityp-3645cynthia-rowleyDo you still have older makes you wear now?

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  • Gorgeous outfit! I love how well the dress and jacket coordinate. I have a few old wears that still get worn. It’s alwas nice to see how well some of me maxes have lasted.

    • thank you Kat, yes even the ones that took ‘figuring out’ to save from inexperience.

  • Only some old makes for me, I think the oldest is now a couple of years old, although I might have something I made in the summer of 2012 as well.

    Actually I should do an inventory, since my ‘looking back’ posts seem to have somewhat stalled nowadays.

    • that is a good idea. I am inventory my whole wardrobe so will be fun to do a separate take on me mades only.

  • Heather Lou

    Love this! And you and I are on the same wavelength – I was just telling Vicki I was thinking about a similar blog series since I’m constantly trying to find new ways to wear me-mades. Also, THAT NECKLACE!

    • Thanks hun, indeed we work hard on making clothes we love but they gets lost in our blog vaults. I just wanted to avoid endless daily of me made days selfies. That necklace was just a recent acquisition from H&M. i love cool jewellery

  • I have been posting a few of my old makes, on instagram, through the Cycling Chic hashtag… because I only brought a few handmade things with me to Shanghai. It’s a great idea to see those skills, and then see how you evolve… xoxo of course I remember 2011! It was very busy for me!

    • Oh 2011 and sew weekly.. So inspirational

  • This is a great look and I have made the CR pattern in a tunic and just love it. Thanks for the reminder, I might have to make it again.

    • Great, we are sewing loads of similar nice patterns.

  • How cool to still be wearing such an early make! The colour really suits you and that necklace is perfect with the dress! I’ve been chopping up older makes recently as I’ve got a much clearer idea of what I like to wear now.

    • Yes… It’s nice to see the journey. I look at old stuff and now and how much I have learned. So much to learn still.

  • I love the outfit! Did you make the chain harness? It looks great with the simple dress!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      I bought the necklace …

  • Love the outfit, but that necklace is so cool!