What’s your sewing achilles heel?

hopsewingOver my first year of sewing I would give bias binding the evil eye. Don’t mess with me kind of look. It was frustrating to spend hours and hours planing, sewing and than Grrrr…..getting at “that step” and BOOM. Bad words, cry, tantrum, Rain dance… You name it. Over time, many things left the frenemy category after a bit  lot of practice.

Today a very naught Polyester and I are not in speaking terms.

Please tell me that that doesn’t happen only to me.  I’m curious, is there a technique or a certain type of garment /fabric that just drives you bananas and you ask yourself why you did again?

  • Fly zips, every time, my brain just can’t comprehend how they go together no matter how long I stare at the instructions!

  • Denise

    I HATE hemming 🙂

    • Totally second that. I find it so boring

      • Ann T.

        Hems and other hand sewing are my favorites. I sit in front of the TV, with an Ott Lite perched on the arm of my easy chair. The time goes very quickly, and I feel productive and entertained. at the same time.

  • Jen (NY)

    Setting sleeves. I put them in flat whenever possible.

    • Setting sleeves flat is my favourite way of adding sleeves too

  • Fly zippers hurt my head!!!

    • Sandra Betzina explains quite well you may want to check it out.

  • Nancy

    Fitting pants. Even a custom pattern isn’t quite right!

    • Oh no, how frustrating it must be. unfortunately fitting is a journey that never stop because our bodes change so much

  • Aunty Maimu

    Anything flimsy and lightweight. .. not my friends even after 10years.

    • yes. I am not trying the starch spray and so far so good.

  • Patience..

    • lol yes Hila. they should sell that in a bottle.. it would be sewists best keep secret. Ps Love your profile picture.. what a beautiful smile.

  • Fitting a shirt… But I keeping trying because a fitted shirt is my big dream this year 🙂

    • keep persevering… you will get there.

  • Zips in general either go in 1st time or ripped out a hundred

    • zips get be annoying.

  • Cutting fabric is my least favourite task in general. Especially slippy, geometric prints that just don’t sit straight, argh!

  • beccaw01

    Buttonholes. My machine behaves beautifully on the test bit of fabric i always use, then proceeds to eat the main garment. Without fail.

    • Jenny

      Snap. They make me shake with fear. Usually the first one goes in ok and then the machine decides to make a smaller hole on the second one. I’ve tried starting at the least obvious end, like the bottom buttonhole of a shirt but then I make perfect ones until I reach the top and the machine says ‘Hah, thought you’d fool me? Think again.”

    • so true, my machine always behaves on taste samples and misbehave on the real medal. I have notice thats mainly because of the fabric thickness/weight. The sample is a lot lighter. You got to guide with a little more intention when going on the real thing.

  • Cutting sheers and placket collars!

    • yes, so easy to end up with a smaller size. I have seen a tool on a crafts class( silk blouses if I’m not mistaken) that act as a 3rd hand to hold sheer fabrics in place but never saw where you can buy one.

  • Hooks and eyes ……I HATE them! And side zips for some reason. x

    • i hate hooks and eyes, so fiddly

  • Amy

    I absolutely hate hemming! I don’t find it tricky, just boring and necessary if you want to wear your garment at all

    • yes, i find it so boring too. I machine hem most of the time saving the hand sewing only for very special projects

  • I hate slippery fabrics. Monsters to cut, monsters to sew! I don’t like polyester much – try to stick to rayons, cotton & linen whenever possible!

    • yes i prefer man made where possible but i had that fabric and for testing i decide was ok. what a mistake!

  • Bemberg rayon lining. It doesn’t matter how much tissue paper I use, that shit shifts everywhere and gets all weird inside my garments….Not to mention the fraying!!!!

    • oh i do hate excess fraying fabrics.. I tend to use cotton for lining. Not as fancy but i prefer to wear it

  • Thin fiddly and fraying fabric, I gave up on it years ago. But last week I bought another coupon of thin slippery and probably fraying fabric. Why?

    • oh dear, because you like a challenge right? good luck sewing xx

  • gilliancrafts

    Back pockets for jeans. I like everything else about sewing jeans, but I’ll avoid that one step for days, which is a problem because it’s the first step!

    • im so guilty of procrastination on stuff i don’t wanna tackle.

  • Setting sleeves. I had so much trouble when I first started that now I still avoid them if at all possible even though I know it will probably work much better now that I have so much experience…

  • Buttonholes…..as in WTF?

    • i feel many sewing sisters hear U!

  • I started off refashioning so find bias tape ok but it’s just boring! Struggle with invisble zips though, even changing the foot to invisible zipped if you sew over the actual zip it won’t open, so sewn as close as possible it still shows from the outside, ? !

    • I have found that problem with some zipper brands. their coil doesn’t allow you to sew as close as you need

  • amy brice


    • the most annoying is having to unpick them.. oh such a nightmare

  • Oh I’m still there with bias binding. So fiddly and never ever sits flat.

    • I have found that because i wasn’t cutting them on the real bias it was a mess, when I figure it out success rate improved considerably.

  • Piping. I avoid it at all costs!

    • do you use a zipper feet?

  • Haha I can totally relate…I always have a buttonhole battle royale!

    • Buttonholes seems to be a recurrent problem for everyone.

  • carmenross88

    Set in sleeves. Usually have to unstitch and restitch the sleeves one or two times because they never set in nicely and evenly. What is the trick for this??

    • easing it. Anchoring the notches and seam first and easing the sleeve. You may find basting by hand also helps.

  • Buttonholes%(

    • i always start with the least noticeable first just in case

  • casey

    Bias binding and fly zips, although I attempt both regularly. Glad to know I’m not alone!

    • so true Casey, been really nice to hear from everyone

  • Lizzy

    Well, several things, but specially button holes!!! I don´t know what happens with my sewing machine!!

    • so great you keep practicing as its the only way to get better

  • Carey

    Any finish work. I love to do the main construction, but all the fiddly stuff at the end drives me crazy. Hems, necklines, waistbands, ick!

  • Matching prints is my nemesis, but I love prints, especially plaids! I procrastinate like crazy on cutting them and no matter how much time I spend on them, they’re never perfectly matched!

  • It is definitely fitting. I cannot wrap my hands around it. 🙁

  • Ana

    In my case, the nightmare starts even before I touch my sewing machine! I hate cutting, hate it, hate it, hate it and I know it is a vital part of the process! 🙁