Brasilia Dress v2.

brasiliadress14Samba on the playlist: check, sunshine: check, caipirinhas: check. New outfit: check. Let’s Party!

brasiliadressdetailAs the sunshine made its appearance lately I felt it was time to make another version of my Brasilia dress. 

brasiliadress11A fitted sheath, Y angled dart and shaped triangle waist-panel dress.

brasiliadress3 Feather prints, couldn’t it be more carnaval inspired, right?  I didn’t pattern match as the scale of the print would require a lot more fabric that I had.

brasiliadressbacklThe fabric is cotton sateen. The dress was finished with a contrasting blue invisible zipper, and self made bias.

brasiliadress2This saturday the London spoolette’s are hosting an official hen’s do for me. OMG I love the sewing crew. This may be my outfit.

brasiliadress16For those new to my blog let me give you a little background.

outlinebrasiliadressThe name of this pattern is in homage of my hometown: Brasilia. The dress is very structural like the vision of Oscar Niemeyer’s for it’s architecture, 1960 was the inauguration year which is so fitting for my inspiration image.

 The whole process of taking the idea to pattern took me a long time. I read a lot of professional pattern making books and muslin a few versions but wasn’t confident to release to the use of others without some professional opinion. So the idea was parked for 6 months. When I had the opportunity to have some more private pattern drafting classes this dress project was brought back to life. I really enjoy being part of the wider sewing community and by making my personal pattern available was a way of giving it back all the advice and love.

The pattern is free (yay) but only available at one size (mine). Don’t worry, there are loads of information around the web that can help you grade and sew yours. Just check out the amazing inspiration from fellow sewist that whipped their own versions.

  • brilliant dress, the fabric is great too!

  • This dress is pretty neat!! 🙂

  • This is really lovely!

  • Enjoy your hens do Rachel. Love the dress choice:)

    • Thanks darling, end up using a new dress Sophia bhl . It was a fun night

  • Vert Nice dress ! What a fabric !

    • That fabric is really something. Thanks xx

  • Gorgeous! And made up in that fabulous feather print, it’s like you’re bringing the party with you wherever you go!

    • Thanks darling, I do feel very tropical

  • Oooooh, this is so lovely! I think I like it even better than the original Brasilia dress! It’s fun to see the feathers changing directions with the different darts and seamlines.

    • Thank you. I think that although this has a print you can see the design details a lot better.

  • Love this dress! Fabulous fabric! xoxo

    • That fabric is really fun. I was saving for something special and really matched well with the pattern.

  • Absolutely love that fabric… and the dress too… And as always you take amazing photos!

    • Thank you darling. Me and brick walls. Every time I see one differebt I keep reference for next pictures.

  • Stunning use of the fabric. I like the way you styled it with contrasting colour.

    • Thanks Gail. I really love the blue zipper that you only see when you open the dress

  • Becca

    This is probably a ridiculous question but I don’t understand how you print the pattern to scale as when it comes up on 1 A4 sheet. Should I be amending the scale? HELP! x

    • Hi Becca, When you print the pattern you have to make sure you print 100% scale. I hope I answered your question, if not let me know.