Indiesew Summer Collection Blog Tour


Hello Hello, I’m here to kick-start Indiesew Summer Collection blog tour. The collection has some amazing patterns. When I saw named Beverly Twisted bikini was included I had no doubt that was the pattern I was sewing for the tour, even without any plans to hit the beach. I don’t have any honeymoon plans yet and i’m 5 weeks away from my big day!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 19.39.19The pattern is classified as intermediate and previous experience sewing swimwear would be a bonus.

Let’s talk about my changes:

Bottom: I added 2,5 cm in hight to take from mid-rise to high waist. I wish I had added an extra 1,5 cm so the bottom would cover my belly button creating a super high waist feature. I have seen loads of those on recent catwalks. Resembling a cut-out swimsuit. That change affected where I had to position the twist (a retangular shape fabric) and mine end up being higher than the centre of the stomach. I probably made a mistake and traced the wrong size of the twist ( or i’m a lot narrow there than the pattern*) because it has excess fabric. I only noticed when most of bottom was assembled. I hoped the stretch would just level it out but it doesn’t. I tucked the extra fabric around. Not really noticeable but something I will be mindful next time. To be honest I would eliminate that feature all together. Hrh said it look horrible giving me an extra belly. On the back, I shaved the curve so it’s less covered and I loved the result. Overall I have mix feelings about those “big pants” patterns but I’m always willing to give it a go.

Top: If you have large “bbs”(sorry I am trying to avoid my pictures showing in some weird searches by avoiding certain words) this top is very very revealing.  Side “bbs” alert! It’s not for the fainted heart! For comfort the top features side boning so it helps with stability but I wouldn’t be able to play sports. It is a show off, lounge around the pool bikini.


I like my bikinis to be unfussed to wear so I changed the clip closure for a all over-band style. It give more support in my opinion. Because I already made a bikini in this fabric (matching print and solid lycra) using the same would make it a fun feature to mix and match it.


Overall I think this is a good pattern and I’m not unhappy about the result. Only that I wasn’t in a lovely pool or beach taking some better photos.

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* Updated: The pattern had an instruction error for that part and is has been rectified (unfortunately for me I made it before). I now own the corrected instructions.

Disclaimer: The pattern was given to me free for the participation of the blog tour. All opinions are my own.

Best beach you ever went? Do help me get some honeymoon ideas.

  • Come to New Zealand. 😉 Of course it Is winter here and cold and wet, so it would be a bit like staying at home! hehe.
    PS I really like the twist, I think it is too easy to obsess about flatteringness, and of course a man would see that, but it gives the bottoms some interest. Perhaps cut it wider, so it starts lower, which would also take up the extra width?

    • I would love to visit New Zealand one day. Yes I agree that adding texture it’s more interesting. Maybe differebt colors would suit my styke better.

  • All I can see is that you look awesome, not at all horrible! It’s better than most swimmers that can be bought at shops!

    • Thank you, I love the top and will probably wear with my previous braking bottom.

  • Katie

    Looks beautiful Rach, and I love how you did the photos!

    • Thanks Katie. I was a bit unsure how my lack of tech skills would plan out but I’m happy that I tried

  • HOT! Gorgeous swimsuit.

  • great bikini! Also if youre looking for somwhere beautiful to relax – try Dubrovnik! I went two years ago and is beautiful warm and theres lots of little islands you can head to aswell!

    • Thank you Jennifer, that sounds lovely.

  • Rachel this is super cute and the most classic beautiful and modestly displayed presentation of a bathing suit i have ever seen on a sewing blog. Kudos to you for being so creative to make such a lovely presentation and review.

    • Hi Andrea , thank you. I was worried that it would be too exposed looking at my camera pictures but I’m relieved that I managed to portrait my work modestly.

  • AnniS

    Looks great! Really tastefully presented, too.
    We went to Maldives & Sri Lanka for our honeymoon and it was brilliant.

    • Thank you so much Annis. Xx

  • beccaw01

    This looks fabulous! Very stylish! I think the best beach I’ve ever been to was Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, Australia – the kind of place where your photos look like they’ve been photoshopped when they haven’t! Hope you find somewhere amazing for your honeymoon

  • What a great suit! It’s so gorgeous! I’ve had my eye on this pattern for ages although I got so spoiled on the Pacific coast beaches that I don’t love to swim in the Atlantic. I would want to lower the rise on the suit, though, so I’m curious how that would turn out. I really like the twist in the bottoms and I bet you would feel better about it if it was a little tighter- it would probably lay a bit flatter. But no one would ever think you had an extra belly!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      I think this would look really good with a smaller bottom.