Vogue 7385

vinatgevogueThe sun was shining in April but I wasn’t fooled. Average temperatures were 10C so no near warm enough for me. As it was still windy outside spring plans were postponed in favour of another transitional piece in the form of this out-of-print 60’s style pullover.vintagevoguevintagefunnelturtleneck1I really love when a pattern offer a wardrobe. This pattern includes a wrap skirt that looks very cool too, specially version E.il_570xN-1.399883333_1r7q

The pattern is super quick to make. The tunnel turtleneck is an extension of the neckline instead of a separate band finishing with a facing. There are two long darts shaping the neckline both at the front and at the back. Version A & B feature kimono sleeves.
vintagevoguevintagefunnelturtleneck3Even thou I’m not really attracted by kimono sleeves I felt that it was an integral part of this oversize style. I sewn a straight size 12 version A.

My alteration were omitting the back zipper, adding cuffs and shortening the sleeves. Mainly because I run out of fabric.vintagevoguevintagefunnelturtleneckAs this was kind of a test run of the pattern I used the left over fabric from this sweater. It’s really warm. I’m in love with this pullover.
If I repeat this pattern my intention is to reduce the back fullness and swap the kimono sleeves but I have too many patterns I want to sew.


This is an out of print vintage style pattern but I cannot date it. Maybe you could help me.

yellovintagevogueturtlenecktop voguevintage7395tunnelsweater24

I’m not sewing anything very involved recently and I have been terrible in keeping the blog updated. I will be blogging more often from July but keep up with my DIY progress over Instagram & Facebook.


*Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I didn’t notice my camera settings were at the smallest size while I was shooting.


  • I love the darts on the funnel neck. Its a great pattern. Like the fullness in the back, looks great with skirt. Sometimes you can find the date on the pattern sleeve in small print.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Louise. As I bought the pattern on eBay it wasn’t with its evelope. The fullness will be perfect it I make it a little longer to be more wearable with other styles

  • judy

    So cute Rachel..

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Judy.

  • This is really cute! I love the yellow on you too!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thanks Heather. I love the colour yellow but I don’t wear it often as a solid color . Actually most of the time I wear colour its on a print. I tend to use solid colors mainly white, black, navy and grey.

  • Jen

    Very cute top. I think that barcodes were not in wide use on patterns until the 80s. From the hairstyles I’m guessing early 1990s.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Hi Jen, I didn’t know about the barcodes, so thank you.

  • I love the boxy top balanced by the slim skirt – gorgeous. If you check the instructions sheet you might find a copyright statement in the bottom corner and that often has the date on it.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you darling. I’m so surprise that I been attracted to loose boxy shapes lately but I been keeping the hem up to make sure I wear it. It’s been so fun to experiment

  • Such a great neckline – very stylish and different. Love it.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you. That neckline it’s what made me buy it. I will sure to repeat this closer to the winter.

  • I’ve not heard the word pullover in a while! Love it! Yellow is lovely. We should have a national wear yellow day, everyone looks so drab but not you!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Lol I know. I think it’s the first time I refer to the name too. I love that it was on the actually descriptions. In Brasil during national events, loads of us would wear yellow.

  • What a scrumptious top! Love the darts and the colour; you are a ray of sunshine x

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you darling. Nice to wear bright colours on colder days.

  • Oh I really love it! The colour, the seam lines, It’s absolutely fab!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Jillian.

  • It IS gorgeous. Unusual envelope artwork though, not the standard Vogue style at all. I’d also say mid ’90s, from the hair and shoe styles. 🙂

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Yes I agree, the art work is very office. I do like it ( except shoes) because feels a lot like the current fashion. It was like. What, I found a pattern I want as is. Lol

  • This looks really modern! Interesting how styles come back. I love the sleek look, it hadn’t occurred to me before sewing my own clothes to make modern clothing from pattern. It’s not just circle skirt halterneck dresses!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Totally. And that’s why I sew. I love fashion

  • This top is such a great design, especially the funnel neck – its so 60s! Its such a shame that this pattern is out of print as I would love to make it. Yellow really suits you.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Yes, it feels so 60s. I found mine on eBay when I was just browsing end of actions on sewing patterns. I’m sure there are still many patterns out there. Good luck xx

  • looks like 90s/early 00s to me!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thanks Allie, I love that the pattern is modern but so vintage inspired

  • Beautiful Top! I love the neck shaping. Looks like 90’s to me. The color is just fabulous!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Rebecca . Happy sewing xx

  • Such a wearable piece, and I love the colour.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Being made in sweatshirt it’s like pjs of softness but still a bit of fun with the neckline. Thanks for stopping by

  • Leigh

    I seriously love this top!! It looks so comfy and cosy (it’s coming into winter in my part of the world). And the colour is really lovely.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      That is perfect transition piece. Here it’s coming summer but today it’s like 11C. I could totally wear this. Enjoy your winter sewing xx

  • This looks great and is exactly the pattern I’m after for a piece of fabric that has been sitting in my stash for a little while. I must see if I can track it down.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Good luck tracking the pattern. Happy sewing

  • What a great pattern, I really love the tunnel neck created by the darts. I would totally wear that!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      It would look fab on you. Xx

  • Such a cool design and the colour is fantastic on you. I wish Vogue would bring this pattern back

    • me too, I feel this style is very current.

  • Looks lovely on you, what a striking shape it is

    • Thank You Kerry. Its such a simple shape but so effective

  • marin

    The pattern is 2000. There is one for sale on created but unfortunately the seller doesn’t send to uk. I will keep on looking

    • I hope you will find it. happy sewing

  • What a fun shape! I like that the funnel neck is cut on- I don’t love the bulk you get at the neckline when you sew on a cowl or turtle neck, but this looks great!

    • this pattern is quite clever. i really like the construction and the comfort of it

  • eliane

    lindo Kel!!!

  • Stephanie

    Did you make the skirt, too?

    • Generally If i do i link it. I can suggest Deer and doe knit skirt.

  • This is a great look for you! I really like the different silhouette!

    • what a change for when i wouldn’t use a loose top at all. sewing changes you

  • As soon as I saw you in this stunning yellow top I knew I needed this pattern in my stash. I sourced a copy on Esty and it arrived today. Mine came with the envelope and it’s copyright 2000. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • yeahh, cannot wait to see it