Back to the 70’s with Sallie

salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing17Let me share with you my first version of Sallie, Closet Case Files jumpsuit (and maxi dress) pattern. I choose to sew the self lined V-neck kimono tee with tie neck closure. The wide legs come in 2 lengths. On me the original longer length is just hitting ‘short’ compared to where it should hit, without hemming. I am debating between cutting to the “culotte” version or adding a contrasting band. What do you think? For now I will leave like this and wear with flats (most centrally my choice of day to day shoes) for a while before deciding.

salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing8I made my size 8, with two modifications on the bodice. Adding 1 cm on the shoulder length and 2 cm on the bodice (that end up being the casing for the elastic). For my future version, I will size up the bodice to size 10, add 3 cm on the bodice length & the 1 cm on the shoulder.
salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing18The pattern asks for light to medium weight knits and I used both, bodice and trousers retrospectively. The Ikat print bodice fabric was a swap loot from 2 years ago. I had just enough to squeeze the bodice. It’s lightweight and soft but has bad stretchability. I would have liked a bit more recover. In hindsight not the right choice of fabric. Personally I think it works best with something with a bit more weight.salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing3The V neck isn’t stretched but appears rounded on the body. The bodice is too fitted. My fault for choosing a size too small and a fabric that doesn’t stretch enough. Sometimes I overfit myself.salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing20Knits tend to be forgiving so I gambled. The darker solid fabric was a bargain £2 from local sale. I was supper happy with my bargain finding powers until cutting. Only than I noticed a pulled thread running the length of the fabric. Nothing really noticeable for most people but so annoying. Fingers crossed this make will last more than a few washes due poor fabric.


 It’s ok to think this version more of a trial however I will be very sad if this has a low life expectancy. I really love the end result. Here a few more pictures, following Oona’s advice to shoot low.

salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing30 salliejumpsuitclosetcasefilesewing33


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  • Kimmie

    Beautiful job. Is it comfortable when you sit?

  • My heart always sinks when I get material and find out there is a flaw within that you didn’t notice at time of purchase which in my case, is usually months or years prior!

    This is a cute outfit on you, I’m not familiar with the pattern, but the idea of this as culottes – not sure- this length looks okay to me. And the word culotte doesn’t bring back good fashion memories for me!

    Are gonna keep with the Ooona/Ruggy shootin’ low style?

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Yes, sad really but almost impossible to know, you are seeing a piece and when the metrsge is rolling is very rare we can spot. Once my local shop send me a massage because she thought my best friend fabric purchase could be faulty, we checked and there were numerous pieces missing ( samples cut). About the picture style, I will mix it up. It’s so awkward putting your image vontade toy that if you don’t take the photography part as part of the creative process things get a bit boring with one picture front, back and side. You still want to share the outfits details without looking like a catalog.

  • I’m not keen on the culotte length with wider leg silhouettes. I think you should add a band on slim the legs and crop.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      I think being tall like ourselves, when trousers are crops always a risk to look like it’s just too small. We have a saying, that mean trousers to jump swamps

  • I think it’s more beautiful with these shoes than with flats. it’s very elegant ! Have you the same fabric enough to make a “faux ourlet” ? I am not fan of a contrasting band. .

    • Houseofpinheiro

      This shoes do give the ankle length a bit of chicness…is that a word?no fabric left I’m afraid

  • I hope the material holds out for you seen as its turned out so well!
    I’m thinking adding length would work best either a contrast band or a faux turn up? Although you could leave the length as it is and taper the trouser in, so it’s a slim ankle length, but then you’ll loose the 70’s vibe. I’m sure whatever you do will look good 🙂

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you Sarah.

  • I love your fabric mashup for this!! So clever! It’s very sad that the fit isn’t your favorite and that the fabric is a little sketchy, because it’s a very cool make. But at least you’ll know what to change if you decide to make it again!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thanks sweetheart. I do like the finished garment, it’s just the fabric not being very appropriate.

  • Great fabric. Why not turn it into a shorts romper?

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Fun idea…

  • Margo

    A very sexy Sallie! I love your mix of solid and patterns fabric. Too bad it’s not what you had hoped for!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thanks Margo, the fit and style its justse way I likecwearing but the fabric it’s just not good enough unfortunately

  • francescapia

    Lovely make, senora Rachel :)… I’d leave the length as is and wear either with flat flats or with a real heel – that length can look quite cool when it looks deliberate -‘but not with a mid heel like the ones you’re wearing.

    • Houseofpinheiro

      That is a good idea, thank you darling

  • oh, this looks great on you. I love how you broke up the fabrics, that really changes the torso line and adds a new option.

    • i guess being close fitting on top plays nicely with oversize trousers. Thanks for stopping by xx

  • I like the double fabric choice: they give to the jumpsuit a catwalk feeling! Hopefully the fabric will hold in place so you can wear it over and over again!I’m not a culotte fan though: on my body type I would look like the galliano potato sack! Great job!

    • fingers crossed. other wise i really have to start on my second version.