Inari Tee Dress: Named


Pattern: Named Clothing; Inari Tee Dress courtesy of Indie Sew.

A knit, cocoon-shaped tee or dress with short sleeves and side vents.

Size + Alterations: 38, additional elasticated waistband, curved hem without the slits.

Fabric: Neon speckled Cotton Jersey from Cloth House.

Accessories:Handmade faux flower crown, Accessorize jewerely, TKmaxx broges

 Detail Shoots:

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namedclothinginaridress13a namedclothinginaridress39

backinariteecoccon coccondress floral


  • No! Why did you post this?! I’m trying not to buy new patterns and between yours and Heather’s, I think I really need this! I loooooooove the fabric you used- it’s so beautiful!

    • I totally blame the numerous versions I seen of this pattern. At first i was like, its just a loose dress but I kept seen one great version after another and not potato sack at all. I was obsessed, Bought mine and made it same day. Its such a clever pattern. I m thinking to make a version in chambray.who im kidding.. i see myself making millions of this dress

    • Totally agree with Sonja! I try to stay away from buying more patterns, but yours and Heather’s version are making my decision nearly impossible! Awesome photos too!

      • I don’t think you will regret. I am the biggest named fangirl but honestly at first i thought was just a loose dress. Not surprisingly It’s really well drafted. I had to make it and will be making more. Im also trying to not buy patterns. I have so many waiting to be sewn.

  • I love this so much. That fabric, that floral crown, that necklace. AH! Perfection.

    • Thank you so much. This pattern is really versatile and easy

  • The crown is a glory – you should wear it every day? Where was the location for your photos?

    • i’m so seriously tempted. I think everyone should indeed. The location is in Kent, not too far where I live. I been trying to explore beyond my title walls.

  • The fabric is really peculiar and I love It! Did you do a tutorial for the floral crown? It’s such a lovely make!

    • Indeed, This fabric was on sale for £1 and is a lightweight tee jersey. I was really sad because I missed the same print in a medium weight jersey. Many Uk bloggers got it so I expect to see it around. I haven’t made a tutorial. (Should I?) its quite easy and fun to make and you can use the same techniques for faux flowers and natural. Materials are also easy to find.

  • This dress looks great on you Rachel and I think the fabric is a perfect match for this project. Love the pictures!

    • Thank you so much Ida. Lately I wanted to explore other creative ideas, like photography composition and styling. Im way to beginner in the art of self portrait but I really want to get better into making beautiful images besides the traditional: here is my outfit front, back and side. I’m still unsure how it all fits into my blog. I confess i was a bit worried to have a blog post without traditional review words. The outfit is pretty simple and its been fun to see everyone’s response to the pictures.

      • Photography is my hobby and I always enjoy watching photos that have an artistic vibe. In this post I didn’t mind the lack of words, partly because it is a dress with simple lines and most importantly because the pictures are so detailed and well taken, I would enjoy watching this kind of posts from other bloggers too, just the necessary information about the garment and than let the photos tell the story, they say a photo equals thousand words right? I wish I could do it myself but I’m still not comfortable at being in front of the camera.

        • excatlu, pictures can say so much. So lovely that photography is your hobby. If you have a few tipsI would love to hear. Maybe others here too.

          • I’m more into analogue but a tip that I find really useful in digital photography is the use of flash when shooting In strong light or in dark. For example in this post’s pictures by the river: focus on the person but measure exposure of the sky (or the most light place) and use the flash to light the person, this way we have a perfectly exposed picture (if this is what we want). The same can be used when photographing in a dark place but be careful with the tension of the flash you don’t whant it to bee too bright, if your camera has this feature you can reduce the brightness of the flash -1 or -2 depending on what you want. Keep in mind that flash can lit to specific distance only so your subject has to be within this distance. Hope this makes sense how I explained it. A 50mm lens with f at least 2,8 is good for portraits. Also I like to use the golden ratio or the method of third regarding the composition of the frame and like to shoot from a lower edge, usually a bit below my waist.
            Don’t know if you already use any of this but hope it’s helpful. I like your pictures though, you shoot from different angles and generally make interesting photos.

  • dianampais

    Nice hack and it looks great on you (as everything else!). I added pockets to mine! It’s a really great pattern. I love it!

    • Thank you Diane.This is such a great pattern. I love seeing everyone’s version.

  • Shernae

    This fabric is absolutely gorgeous! The elastic to pull everything in is a great addition too that really suits you Rachel

    • Thanks Shernae, Adding an elasticated waistband is such a simple way to change a loose fitting dress without loosing the comfort. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. xx

  • beautiful, Rachel! Ah, I have soo many patterns that I want to sew – but I think this just made the Inari jump back up to the top of the list!

    • also, did you add any length? I’m guessing I will add at least 3 inches for a knee-length.

    • I think it will look lovely on you. I didn’t but i highly recommend you do. I wouldn’t be able to wear with the slits on the current length. On my woven version i will lengthen too

      • I love the idea of the woven version! Heather’s really makes me want my own linen version. I’m tall, too so I’ll have to check yours out.

  • Love this! That fabric is awesome, too. The little specks of colour in it. And I think I need that necklace. I love how you styled it with the flower crown, too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Andie,

  • perfection as always. love the Lana del Rey vibes with the crown

    • totally girl crush on Lana

  • I’ve seen the pattern and managed not to buy it – so want to make one now! The floral crown is beautiful

    • Opps, so sorry for instigating the purchase .. i can spread the blame because i was holding on for months trying not to buy this until i couldn’t anymore. Happy sewing

  • Whichever intricate designs we sew, we always come to simple shapes. What a great dress and cool photos!

    • so true hun, simple can be so elegant