Papercut YoYo Skirt


Linen is a great natural fibber. Sew and press like a dream. Perfect for the summer due to its light weight & breathily.

papercutpatternyoyoskirt18The price to pay for all that glory? Wrinkles. Just your natural movement will make them appear. The best solution is to embrace it. There are really good mix linen fabrics that don’t wrinkle so much; and I heard of people underlining it to hold it’s shape.


Mine is 100% hand printed linen. Not printed by me but from an artist selection from Cloth House. This been in my stash for years as It was a remnant of a dress made back in 2011. Funny enough, that dress was finished with a metal exposed zipper. It is on the loose side on me now but still very wearable. Good fabric pays off!


This print is so stunning and reminds me of african combs. I wanted a garment that would highlight it’s beauty while maintaining a vertical line visual reference. I was as meticulous as I could with the amount of fabric and grainline permitted; and I’m pretty happy with the result.


It’s not a secret I love Papercut Patterns. I’m wearing the YOYO dress/skirt from the Chameleon collection. The skirt is really quick to put together and a really pleasant sew. If I would make the dress version I may need to lengthen the bodice. I didn’t need to make ANY alteration for this skirt. Win!!! 


Besides interfacing and hand sewing the hem I followed the pattern instructions. I choose to add an open end zipper but is not necessary.


I had it one in my stash with the perfect size. How often that happens? Almost never.



As I keep sewing from my favourite pattern designers the more I appreciate the experience it takes to draft simplicity.  This skirt has two pleats on the front and two darts on the back. The high waist and the slightly tulip shape is very flattering. 


The front “v” detail has just enough flesh without impacting the movement and comfort. That’s accordingly of my own personal taste.


Sometimes Most of the time sewing companies promotional photos don’t do justice to their patterns.


That’s why so many of us wait to see the pattern interpreted by others. I look at PR and Kollabora but most often I just google the pattern in the hopes to see as many versions as possible. Where do you normally check for finished items of patterns?

  • love the skirt. Also really like your shoes. Your blog is one I follow. I enjoy your creativity.

    • Thank you so much Anne

  • Really gorgeous skirt. It’s the linen, the beautiful fit, and stitching that has my most impressed.

  • I love the fabric! The bigger shapes sort of remind me of really spindley-legged stylized sheep! lol

    I do the same as you (especially google), as well as look things up on flickr and through pattern feeds, if they have them.

    • I haven’t used flickr for ages now. Interesting to know

  • Nique

    Dig the fabric.

    I always Google and pinterest patterns. You can get all kinds of inspiration and see what adjustments people with similar body types have had to make.

  • Such a gorgeous and stylish skirt! I love looking at other people’s makes before making a pattern myself, plus googling for versions of a pattern often ends up in discovering lots of lovely blogs and creative people.

  • Love, love your skirt. That fabric is absolutely gorgeous, and the style really suits you. A definite winner.

    • Love your skirt! I usually Google the pattern name or number and have a look at other people’s makes. It’s good to see how different fabric choices influence the finished garment. I’m coming round to linen too. I like how a good quality linen develope more ‘personality’ the more you wash and wear it. It seems to move better too, if you know what I mean!

  • dianampais

    Beautiful skirt and linen is heaven for summer! My wishlist just keeps getting bigger. I usually look for other versions of the patterns I like, before buying.

  • gorgeous, like the other replies I google a pattern number or a style idea and I will find a great variety of results and ideas and often brilliant blogs to follow – and in turn a lot of times a blog post will often inspire me to try something new (like that full zip in your skirt…………………. love it). I love linen too, and I find after time, the wrinkles become softer and hardly noticable………….i remember reading a fashion designer interview years ago, and he said its only confident women that can wear linen!

  • I love this pattern, it’s so sassy and contemporary. You’ve done a great job on this, it fits so well.

  • Love this beautiful skirt & fabric. I also google a pattern before I make it & I also have a Pinterest Board where I save blog posts that inspire me to try a pattern for later reference – which this gorgeous skirt has now been added to:)

  • It looks amazing! I usually just google patterns before I buy, or search them on pinterest. Sewaholic Patterns has a great flickr group:

  • This is really cute — love that fabric.

    I always check PR, and then google a pattern as well. It’s fun (and useful) to see as many finished versions as possible.

  • I love this Rachel! The fabric combos are perfect and it looks stunning on you!

  • Margo

    Gorgeous skirt! Love the entire outfit!

  • I really really really love the skirt!!! You look gorgeous in this yoyo skirt. I hope I can sew a beautiful one like yours. 🙂

  • Wow, love this skirt! How flattering on you. I know that you’re taller than average (or you look it anyway!)…did you lengthen the skirt at all? It’s the perfect length!

    • Hi Heather, I haven’t changed the length

  • I loooooooove this! It’s such a great shape, and the fabric is perfect! It’s so nice that you had enough left over to make this skirt! I have a few patterns from this Papercut collection and said no to this one in an attempt at self-control, but now I’m wanting to buy it!

  • I bought this pattern before I went overseas. Been torn between the skirt or the dress. After seeing this clever number I’m opting for the skirt too! Love your fabric.

    • i love the dress but felt the skirt was more wearable. I been enjoying sewing separates

  • Love your skirt and its fabric.All the look is so nice !

  • I love the skirt, I was looking at the pattern and I love the dress version too! I think I’ll be using it soon in a dress for my daughter.

  • KatyB

    Hi I’m just making the dress version and wondered how to make it with a closed end zipper as I seem to be struggling. Do you have and tips please? I love this skirt BTW it’s stunning! X

    • Hi Katy, if you use an invisible zipper should make the application easier. Are you familiar with this type of application?

      • KatyB

        Thanks for getting back to me. I’m familiar with that type of application. I’ve already put in a metal tooth zipper though so I may just have to buy a closed end zipper instead. Thanks x