Unfinished business; the tale of the imperfect pair of trousers.


The tale of this pair of trousers it’s a long one and involves a buttie; not the bacon sandwich type but a butt selfie.Let me explain.

I have a favourite pair (+4 pairs in different fabrics) of the ‘same shape’ Uniqlo trousers. They are super practical and ‘oh so comfy’. They look stylish with everything so I wear them constantly. Late April when I was working on my wardrobe inventory it became clear I had a serious compulsion-buy for them. More than enough evidence that it was time to make them instead.

There are a few methods of copying RTW without unstitching a thing. The first thing you need to do is to find and trace the grainline either with washable chalk or coloured thread. Large pieces need to be traced at multiple locations to make it easy to work. Using a large piece of silk organza, pin each piece, marking the seam lines, darts, pockets and any other detail. I like using a pencil to trace. Make sure you constantly smooth the organza while you pin. Than just transfer the markings to pattern paper, add seam allowance and sew up a muslin. You will have to true some seams with a ruler but that’s easy. If you feel that using the organza a bit too much work, you can use pins to mark the reference points direct into the pattern paper,or tailor’s chalk. People mostly called this the rub-off method.


I wasn’t really worried about sewing a muslin so I went straight to my fashion fabric. A beautiful stretch brocade that I grabbed free during a Fashion brand studio closure. I was planing to sew another BHL Georgia but I didn’t have anything else suitable and my need for a new pair of “my favourite trousers” was growing.ruboffsewingmethodq

One hour later I walked to the living room and asked Hrh what was his thoughts on my new pair of trousers.

With a little frown Hrh said: “Let me see the back.”; so I turned waiting for the verdict.

Hrh: “Those pockets are ridiculous. It’s too high.”

Me: No they aren’t, it’s just the way I like it”

Hrh: “Seriously amor; this is doing nothing for you.”

Got back to the sewing room and returned to the living room 5 minutes later wearing a pocket-less trousers. Gave him the pockets and pincushion; preparing myself for a ‘pin the tail’ experience. Took the pinned trousers off and look at the placement. Not trusting my man I moved the pocket a little bit again (up). Surely it needs to match the position of the original trousers, so I though. Sewn the pockets again and went back to the living room, adamant it was ready for me to wear it tomorrow.

Hrh:“Why those pockets still looking stupid? Did you moved them again?”

So I continued to argue my case that the pockets were just like the “pattern”. I been wearing them like this for years. Hrh challenged my argument by daring me to ask other sewists. Hence my butt on IG. Almost 100 comments later everyone agreed the pockets were just too high.

igcomments That made his night!

Ever since the trousers just remained unfinished. This pair and the other RTW pairs have remained un- worn. Looks like my ‘perfect’ pair is not so perfect after all. Is there salvation for these? Only the future will tell.

  • gilliancrafts

    What? Finish those pants, lady! I bet your RTW ones looks great on you. I highly doubt anyone has ever spent time with you in those pants and then walked away thinking, “Nice girl. Shame about the pocket placement!” 😛

    • lol… that would be awkward. I know I need to finish them but for some reasons I’m not loving it ( not even about the pockets anymore)

  • I remember these IGs! I totally empathize with pants-making disappointments. I, too, have my man be my litmus test. However that Coppelia is stealing the show so who cares! That purple rocks with your hair and is super casual-sexy.

    • Thanks darling. I plan to sew a few more when the weather change

  • If the pockets are the issue just get rid of them and call it a day!!! The fabric and the fit is so perfect to go to waste!!!

    • I agree, remove the pockets and wear these lovely trousers! 😉

    • They are pocketless right now . Just hem to do but cannot find the love for this pair anymore.

  • Ooo, I like Carlalissa’s idea to just get rid of the pockets entirely! Fooey on Hrh. 😀 These are seriously cute trousers, I hope you find the oomph to finish them.

  • ha – i had to rely on my partner for my last trouser fitting (surreal experience) I have since bought a second long mirror from Ikea so I can view the back more easily ….. The trouser fabric, and fit are lovely and I agree with other comments re the pockets. I think you should remove the pockets for the moment and just wear the trousers – and can decide later on pockets. A bit ‘left field’, but have you thought of smaller patch pockets to the front? I have them on one of my jeans and they are handy and nice for a change.

  • We need butt shots of your Uniglo originals for comparison! If they too are on the high side & you still love them then you need to decide who you want to please – yourself or the nosy world! 😉

    • I second the curiosity about the fit of the Uniqlo originals! What’s hrh’s opnion on those? In general I think it’s pretty safe to trust a guys opinion when it comes down to the flattery of a garment on the butt.

  • The same thing happened when my mom tried to copy her favorite jeans. It was only when I helped her with the fitting issues that we realized some of the flaws where also present in the original.
    I do think the fit of these are pretty good. Do you have any leftover fabric to remake the pockets in the lighter fabric? I think the contrasting fabric magnifies whatever issue there might be. I would cut the new pockets slightly bigger, angle them outwards and a bit lower on the but. Otherwise leaving them off is also a good option.

  • i agree– a uniqlo comparison and if the pockets offend, remove them! i think that the dark pockets on light fabric also make them appear smaller, and the lighter part therefore appears wider (something HrH would likely not say out loud, if he’s anything like ruggy)

    by the way, i love the story in this post and the way you’ve used the fonts, might be silly to point out but it was really enjoyable!

  • Cecelia

    Always trust a man on butt looks. They know what they like and pay a lot more attention than we do.

  • I agree with the others that it could be the contrast colour that is making the pocket placement look a bit off – I think it makes the pockets a lot more prominent than they would usually be on trousers. Your trousers definitely deserve to be finished somehow though – they look great on you!

  • Katie

    I think they’re lovely, pockets or not!

  • advice on pockets, see the Ginger sewalong (for jeans but translates to any trouser) – http://closetcasefiles.com/ginger-sewalong-pt-12-back-pocket-placement/

  • charmingbubble2

    No Butt needs pockets. Leave them off girls and finish the trousers. The rest, from your posted pictures, look great. My motto is if you don’t use them then you don’t need them. Pockets, not husbands….. Just saying.

  • I think they look great, so you gotta finish them! Just take the pockets off or lower them a bit. Or you also make the pockets slightly bigger.

  • Oh man, but the fit is so perfect! You can move the pockets a bit if you like but considering how great the rest of the fit is, don’t let them stop you from wearing these! It’s funny that this post popped up in my feed today as I *just* this afternoon bought a pair of trousers to copy and I’m stressing a little bit about doing it correctly!

  • Megan

    A larger pocket might help!

  • S

    This is so cute! My boyfriend is Italian and very opinionated and I have to say he’s mostly right. 🙂 I would finish those pants. To my eye, the pockets are a bit too small, but I actually prefer pants without back pockets, so I would put in a shallow yoke and leave them off.

  • Patti

    Pockets add style! Possibly place a teeny bit lower & closer to the back seam. Look great!