Judith Jumpsuit


Judith is a summery jumpsuit featuring tapered legs; elastic at the waistline and cross over cap sleeves. The pattern is really straight forward and a pleasure to sew. This is the second time I have sewn with Schnittchen patterns. The first was my coco jacket and likewise the instructions come both in English and in German. Over Silke’s blog you will find some helpful step by step photos.


The animal print viscose was a total bargain from Walthamstow market. After two washes still going strong. I am always weary of getting very cheap fabric when I’m uncertain of the quality. I don’t want to put loads of hours in a project to disintegrate after the first wear. You can always ask for a burn test but when shopping in a busy market sometimes isn’t easy to analyse the result as they don’t let you see the ashes.


Adjustments for my body are mainly: dropping the darts (generally solving the waistline position), adding length and removing the back/neck “triangle of gapyneness” (If there is a technical term I would love to know). None of above was needed.  Straight out of the envelope.


Now to my style modifications. The pattern features a back zipper. I don’t know about you but the most annoying part of wearing a jumpsuit is getting dressed/undressed. Arm gymnastic to pull/lower the zipper. My solution: Substituted the zipper for a button and loop.


The mid-section shape of the jumpsuit is baggy and body length is looooooong. I choose to position my elastic casing sightly lower than the pattern and wear the elastic at the waist.judithsewingpattern3

That means the excess fabric concentrates over the stomach. Maybe not universally flattering BUT not bothered. I’m so happy how it feels to wear.


This is so comfortable and carefree. I preferred to sew shorts instead of trousers. Not a modification that comes within the pattern but so easy to achieve. Just remember to add extra width. My favourite feature of the pattern was the sleeves. So pretty and arm sliming. I will be hacking this jumpsuit into tops. I notice these sleeves also features in the Julie dress.



If I could change something would be adding pockets. A girl needs pockets.

judithjumpsuit12Do you call this type of garments playsuits or jumpsuits? I love how the french call it “Combi-shorts”.

  • Absolutely adorable. I love the choice of fabric, and I am crazy about those sleeves. I need to try them on my next project.

  • Margo

    Great jumpsuit! I really love your idea of the button instead of a back zip…you’re right..it’s hard enough to get in and out of a jumpsuit. Arm gymnastics…LOL. I love the print and just recently made a black and white jumpsuit in pants. I love your short version and think that I may have just enough summer left to justify making a pair.

  • jen (NY)

    Cute! I would call it a playsuit, myself. I think of jumpsuits as being long pants, i.e., like it’s named for jumping out of a plane/skydiving. If the shorts are really short though, then it can be hotpants.

  • Love it! I think the plan to omit the zipper is genius too. Looking good!

  • Very cute! Quick question on the Coco jacket. I am about to make it and, like you, usually need to drop bust darts. Did you have to do that on Coco or were they right out of the envelope like the Judith?

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Thank you. The jacket was also straight from the envelop. Have fun sewing

      • Thanks! I will leave the darts where they are and see how it turns out.

  • With shorts it’s a playsuit. With trousers a jumpsuit. You look great as ever!

  • This playsuit is fantastic. Love the print & style.

  • Oh, wow – that is so cool! Thanks for the tip about Schnittchen, I haven´t heard of them before, but found several patterns of interest there while browsing just now. 🙂

  • Hey sweetie! Gorgeous! I was eyeing this one off, because those sleeves are very cute… is that a centre seam on the front bodice though? I just love a playsuit/romper!

    • Houseofpinheiro

      Yes, there is a centre front seam. This is very easy to wear and will work well for cycling

  • Super cute! I would probably lengthen the shorts to full length, but you’ve got the most gorgeous legs, Rachel, no need for that! You’re right about being careful about buying cheap fabrics. I noticed that I put much more effort into a garment if the fabric quality is nice! I love to use my bargains for trial and error type projects where I want to try something new without knowing if it will be good or not, pretty much like wearable muslins 🙂 x

  • This is so cutesy! Love it!

  • Looks fantastic on you! I really like the print.

  • I love this! Perfect summer make!

  • This jumpsuit is adorable. I love the print and you look gorgeous in it. Well done!

  • Love it! you look so chic!

  • Sol

    It’s amazing!!

  • Super Cute! I would love to know if there is a technical term for removing the back neck “triangle of gapyness!” I always have to take a chunk out of 2 of my daughters clothes. I would also love to know if there is an official way to do it. Anyone have a tutorial I just wing it until it fits and sometimes that means making extra darts from the neckline. Love the jumpsuit! Great pics as usual!

  • Oh my, I adore this! It’s so gorgeous! And your print is just perfect!

  • Fabulous print! I look forward to reading all yourdesign clothes online posts.