Made Up Initiative, my pledge.


Karen (Did you make that) masterminded this fun initiative. In a nutshell: you make a sewing pledge & donation in support for National Literacy Trust.I will be making a pair of Tap shorts for my upcoming honeymoon. We (participants) got till September 10 to complete it. Come and join us.

Ready, Steady, SEW!

Are you taking part on any social event involving sewing and helping others?

  • That fabric is gorgeous. I’m taking part too.

  • Ooh nice choice! I’ve wanted to make these for a little while. Which version are you planning? I particularly like View B.

    • my favourite is view A.

  • Joana

    I’e tried to buy Thais pattern since last month and it’s impossible. Every time i go to the cart page, the computer justo shows a error Message!

    • oh thats so annoying. Have you message them by email?

      • joana

        yes! email, comments, and everything else, 🙁

        • oh no Joanna, that totally sucks. I bought mine last year but never got around to make it.