Lucent Visor

patternfantastiquelucentvisorsewing22Pattern: The Lucent Visor is made with an internal structure that keeps hat flexible but firm so it can re-emerge from your bag in shape. With three brim sizes to choose (from small to large) and customisable elastic band you won’t face any issues with a hat that is either too loose or snug.


I made the medium. Suits me perfectly.


The sewing pattern is from Pattern Fantastique, lead by Nita-Jane, a fashion designer and pattern-maker and Ben, a digital designer from Melbourne Australia. Nita gifted me this pattern but I would have bought it straight away. It has everything I’m interested on lately: Unique design, a project that tests/ stretches my knowledge, manageable size and a very satisfying result.



I found the instructions ok to follow. The pattern is label as intermediate. This is the first time I used Buckram (a curtain lining material) that creates shape and strength. Similar principle but much stronger than interfacing. You will find Buckram “sew on or iron on” versions and different thickness. I used ‘iron on’ as pattern recommendation.


The strength from a buckram structure was what my first hat lacked. Great addition to have milliner wire. You will need some jewellery making pliers to install it.


I feel intrigued to explore more hat making. I know my visor isn’t perfect but I’m very happy with it. I didn’t concentrate the elastic only at the centre back, just let it loose inside the casing. Feels 80’s scrunchy plus the pineapple print.. It’s just fun!


The design of this visor is so clever. It does really keep it shape.


Fabric:100% cotton from Brazil. The buckram was sourced at Abakhan and the millinery items from vena cava.



  • Love the pineapple fabric! You have managed to make this visor look very chic and fashion forward. I really like it on you.

  • LOVE! I really want to try making this. Particularly to have a go at some new techniques and using ‘buckram’. The Pineapples are perfect visor fabric!

  • Thanks Rachel! You certain amplify the glamour of the Lucent Visor. I am experimenting with a shearling version today to get me though the extended Melbourne winter.

    • Jo

      Wow! That sounds extremely cool! Please show us when it’s done!

  • Margo

    Cute! Although you look great in everything!!!

  • You do look great in everything! I’d be interested in this pattern as I wear visors for golf and it can be difficult to get a comfortable one.

  • Very nice visor! I need to make one like that for the bright sunny days.