Pea Coat Sew-Along: Getting Started.


Today sew-along post is quite straight forward (and short) where we will be just following the pattern steps directly.

Should I invite you to start with a new needle?


Needles are cheap compared to the damage old ones can do to lovely fabric so If there is something you shouldn’t skimp is starting this project with a new one. From our last sew-along step we interfaced our coats. Now we will staystitch a key stress point following the diagram on the pattern instructions. Grab your pattern piece 1.


Staystitching is used to prevent the neck edge from stretching.

Need help with the corner? With a measuring tape mark a dot 1/8″ from the edge of the fabric in the 45 degreed angle. That dot will be your pivot point.


Sew a straight line till your marked dot and keep the needle down. Lift your presser feet and rotate the fabric.



Now very carefully with a small scissors clip right at the 45 degrees angle. You don’t want to clip your stitching. If your fabric frays I suggest you use fray stop.


Repeat on the sister piece.

Preparing the Tabs: Following step 17; pin right sides together making sure you match the front and back accordingly (pattern piece 7). You will have two pairs. Each pair will have the top interfaced.


Sew the tabs leaving an opening where your markings are situated.Those markings will help you position the tabs at the back piece later.


Pro tip: Instead of pivoting the corners sew straight till the end. Than start sewing again perpendicular making sure you are crossing the lines. It just strengthen the area.


Trim & clip the corners.


Turn your tabs carefully making sure you don’t pop any stitches when tidying the ends.






I’m using ready made bias so I don’t have photos of those steps for you. If you making it from the pattern just follow the instructions on step 11 & 12.

Step by Step on how to apply your bias binding on my next post together with the back construction.


Well done: Steps 1,2, 11-12,16-18 were completed. Tune in next week when Meg will be sewing the front of the coat. I have finished sewing the front of mine with exception of topstitching which I will be doing this weekend. Sneak Peek #peacoatsewalong & #1467sewalong.

How is your coat progress going?