Seamwork: Adelaide dress

seamworkadeleidedresscolette26Let’s pretend is still summer. Cannot believe the conckers (dark brown nut of a horse chestnut tree) are already out.  Better get the best ones before all the kids come back from school. I don’t know if this is UK thing but we are very competitive about winning at this game. The idea is that each competitor has a conker on the end of a string and the aim is to break each another’s with it in turns, I’m not as good as my husband but come on… I didn’t practice when I was a kid. I’m getting there. Who is up for a game?


From Autumn playing back to Summer sewing. I want to share something I made for the heat. Fun and colourful. Yes, I made a beach cover up.


The pattern is Adelaide from Seamwork. A relaxed tank dress, with fabric belt and snap closures. Overall I think looks similar True Bias Southport dress. Add some pockets and buttons. As I mention previously I’m a subscriber and so far I still like about 50% of the patterns. I just saw this version of the Savannah camisole and added it to my list. Seamwork patterns are really simple but have potential. Even with a few fitting nick pickings I have been wearing my Astoria a lot.seamworkadeleidedresscolette15

I have a second “modified” Astoria cut, now adjusted to fit me. I’m such a overachiever in starting projects. Everything in bulk. Bulk printing, taping together, cutting… than I sew what takes my fancy first. Works wonderfully most of the time. I do feel guilt with so many projects pending to be sewn. I’m not a very good finisher. Summer is saying goodbye but I haven’t finish making half of my stuff yet.


How about the fit for this dress? I think I cracked theColette block against my body code’ and can flat adjust their patterns to fit without major dramas. If I undersize my measurements (sew a size smaller than what they advice) I only need to drop the darts and adjust a smigg to account for my slopping shoulders. I’m pretty happy how my dress fits me. Because they draft for a C cup I have no need for an FBA. The smaller size suits my frame and you can see the neckline; both front and back sit flat.


This project reminded me when I was less experienced but brave at fitting, it took me 5 muslin for the Colette macaroon but I did it. I totally got the sizing wrong. Same issue when I made the Laurel for the first time.  A year later I picked a smaller size, dropped the darts, added extra back darts and boom: perfect Laurel for fall without drama.


I’m not getting into the merits of “it’s me” or “it’s the designer”. There are good and bad sewing patterns and there is experience level playing a role. All the mistakes I faced in my sewing journey only helped me to feel confident. It is fascinating to share “toile”/ quick as-is project runs because the information it generates. The learning curve never stops.seamworkadeleidedresscolette6

I’m pretty pleased about this garment. The cotton fabric feature some awesome vintage ladies surfing. It’s so cute and fun. I decided to drop the neckline after I tried it on. The unfortunate part is that move “decapitated’ the heads of my ladies. About the overall pattern placement; I wasn’t very engaged on matching too much. Some projects the effort makes a real difference like a coat or a shirt. Projects that if the match isn’t right it will bother me forever. Quick projects like this…well, I cut myself some slack. Oh sewing! how democratic you are. You can put as much or little pressure on yourself. That’s why this hobby is so special.


For modesty in these shoots I’m wearing knit slip underneath.Love how my beach cover up matches my newest swimsuit(RTW and my wind catcher.


Fun fact; accordingly with my Instagram I ‘made’ this project 11 weeks ago!


Snaps are actually really easy to apply and I have a tutorial if you need some help.

Are you still sewing for your current weather or making future plans?

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  • Hélène

    I agree with you when you say you like half of Seamworks’ patterns. Astoria was a good one and the v-neck long sleeve shirt. Your Adelaide dress is fun and cool!

    • I’m going to try that over the winter. I’m still hanging over summer sewing

  • Cute!!! Love the fabric 🙂

    • That fabric it’s so much fun.

  • It’s fantastic and the ladies look great even if one is headless! Did you adjust the length at all?

  • Love the fabric!

  • What an absolutely fun dress. I admire your positive summer vibes… I’m not sure what it’s like outside today but my feet are bloody freezing! 🙂

  • What wonderful fabric! Perfect for a beach coverup. I’m still in the planning stages for Spring/Summer sewing. We still have a bit of cold weather ahead of us before it starts warming up here 😟

  • a lovely sew as always. I find the collette patterns run big from two I tried so glad its not just me. The fabric is brilliant. best of luck with the conkers (they are not a ‘thing’ here in Ireland but I remember them featuring in the Dandy and Beano as a kid and its nice to know they are still a ‘thing’…..)

  • Really cute, perfect fabric for it.

  • misscrayolacreepy

    LOVE this fabric so much!!!

  • The pattern is so cute:) And I really like that you are so natural in front of the camera. It seems like the background was made for you 😀 Have a lovely day, Sophia

  • Your garment is adorable. I love the whimsical print. There is still about 3 weeks or so of warm weather here in the Northeastern U.S. so I am still sewing for summer.

  • Margo

    I love this! The fabric is adorable! I am enjoying every last bit of summer I can and as long as the weather is nice, I will try to squeeze in a summer garment when I can.

  • Fun dress! It’s so summery!

  • I love your version! You’ve inspired me to try to make mine in a fun print. By the way, do you remember what size you cut? I’m trying to decide what size I should cut.

    • houseofpinheiro

      Thank you. US 8? I think