Bellatrix Blazer in Venice & Verona


I cannot believe that one of my favourite project this year remained un-blogged till now.

Pattern: Papercut Bellatrix Blazer is a fully lined, long sleeved, fitted blazer with shawl collar and single button closure.  This is variation 2; which has a cropped hemline curving up at the back.

I made this blazer early May and been wearing non-stop. A lot of the nitty-gritty details about this garment is fuzzy in my memory. One of the perils of been very productive. Fabric: 3 different fabrics were used; charcoal (wool blend with 3% stretch), black lapels (sateen) and 100% cotton lining.  Closed with a hock & eye instead of a button.


The tailored look and the nipped waist effect turn any casual outfit LUXE!


belatrixblazerpapercutpatterns8My bellatrix was the perfect “glue” item for a Italian capsule wardrobe. It works well with trousers, skirts and dresses. Patterns like that are little gems. Just like Venice and Verona.


Two incredible cities. Each with their individual charms. Venice canals and romantic little spots away from Piazza San Marco. Verona; a sophisticated little Rome. Both places were a delight to visit and enjoy. There was a lot of good wine, pasta and gelato involved on this trip but I won’t digress. Let’s go back to sewing.


I have stopped feeling unsettle about my autumn/winter sewing plans. The time away got me focus on what I want to accomplish but I won’t promise that I won’t follow a shiny project in between.


Construction wise this was fairly easy to put together. The construction of the welt pocket was very clever. I used flannel interlining and shoulder pads and that is why it has a very solid look but a spongy feel. This process made it quite warm which in the UK make it wearable from May till October. Transitional piece for sure.


Talking about the weather, OMG it is so cold now. The weather in Italy been so warm that I only worn my peacoat once at night. All that rushing to get it finished on time. Ever happened to you? Make a garment before holiday that never got worn because of the weather?


Ps:It was so nice to take holiday pictures and get bonus “blog pictures” at the same time. Next holiday I should grab all the remaining un-blogged items for an amnesty “photo-shoot”.

  • Very stylish and versatile jacket. I like the silhouette and proportions on you!

  • Ann Watts

    I spY aperol spritz! Like the jacket

  • Love your jacket, it really is classy, and as for the backdrop fabulous!

  • This is very you!

  • What a gorgeous blazer – I love the picture of you looking glamorous surrounded by the other scruffy tourists. You look like a film star!

  • When you find a garment that you wear so often it’s definitely a winner!
    It looks amazing and you wear it well.

  • stitchedupsam

    Love this, I’m not surprised you’ve been wearing it so much, it looks gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about making it myself, your version might just have sold me on it.

  • Gorgeous jacket and amazing backdrop for your photos!

  • thats a gorgeous jacket, so versatile, the hook closure adds even more, it stops it looking like a jacket missing a suit. i love it – love that dress too!

  • Wowie look at you~ So cute and chic as usual and now the perfect backdrop to compliment your style! Loved it. x

  • I love this blazer on you, so stylish

  • This jacket is a fantastic wardrobe piece. It’s incredibly versatile! I agree that it’s fun to take blog photos on vacation. For me, it’s a nice change of pace from backyard photos I usually post. 😀

  • Kayla Green

    That’s a very stylish DIY for your home project! It looks very similar to those Ted Baker jackets and it costs a fortune! Enjoy the rest of your vacation and the gelato made me crave for one right now!

  • Holiday photo shoots are great. This jacket looks lovely on you – so versatile. Real old school glamour.

  • Cute jacket! The cropped version really suits you!

  • You wear Venice and this blazer well. I spent a month in Italy a few years ago and long to visit again. But I live so far across the pond. I will have to check out this pattern….love the design lines and welt pockets!
    Ciao Bella!

  • Becky

    Love your photos and your blazer. We visited Venice and Verona in 2014. Loved it!

  • I’ve finally bought this pattern after admiring it in this post from what seems like so long ago. I was going to interline it with flannel too, so I can stretch out its wearing time. But I was hesitant about doing that with the sleeves in case it felt too bulky. Did you interline the sleeves? Thanks 🙂

    • only the front bodice

      • Ok, thank you, that’s a relief. If you did the whole thing, I’d question myself even more. Thanks for putting my mind as ease 🙂