Into the woods



Pattern: Colette Wren. C/o. of Colette

Size & alterations: Size M (8-10) with my general fitting alterations; raised the arm-cycle and lengthen the bodice by 1 inch (2.54 cm). Pattern related alterations: I reduced the gathering on the skirt by making the pattern smaller on the waist and eliminating the back seam.

Constructions notes: This pattern is very easy to sew. My favourite finishing method is to use stretch bias on the neckline. That changes the pattern construction-wise by sewing the whole bodice first instead of finishing each piece separately like the pattern instructions. Using the bias method not only finishes the neckline nicely but helps with stability. For the gathering I gathered the skirt piece using  the traditional woven gathering method instead of stretching elastic. The elastic method seems easy to do but as a creature of habit I ignored the instructions.

Fabric: Black interlock jersey from my local fabric shop remnant bins.



Favourite details: The neckline with the gathers is a lovely detail. The pattern has a lot of interesting things to make this dress a fun sew while still beginner friendly.

Wrap dress are pretty much a staple on my wardrobe.  I love how chic this dress is and I’m not a gathered skirt girl (it’s too girly for me).



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  • Meg

    Cute! A great basic black dress!

  • Beautiful dress. I love the whole ensemble. The patterned stocking and the shoes are a perfect complement.

  • I absolutely love your outfit! Think this is my favourite version of the Wren dress I’ve seen so far. The polka dot tights are fabulous and make the outfit shine x

  • I have to comment on your hair – I love it curly like that – looks great. I don’t think I have seen it that way before.

  • Gorgeous outfit. Really glamorous! And another vòte for the curly hair.

  • stitchedupsam

    Like Beth I also want to comment on your hair, I love it shorter and curly. The dress is great too, but your hair is really fabulous.

  • Kitkatkrispie

    You look elegant in the Wren. I love the dress styled with those tights! It looks good with the fullness removed from the skirt, more sophisticated. Six million dollar question: does it pass the gape test at the top?

    • No gaping. It’s very modest neckline. You can move the wrap notches if you want to adjust it based on your bust.

  • Really sophisticated, like that a lot, and may be tempted after all myself now!

  • It looks great – I love the classic black dress styled with those tights! I treated myself to the Wren pattern already but haven’t got round to sewing it yet so it’s nice to hear that it’s an easy project!

  • 24

    A black Wren with those tights, what a nice association !

  • Oh, this is a beautiful Wren dress and I agree my favorite yet. Also, I love your hair

  • Great dress and beautifully styled with those tights and shoes.

  • This is such a beautiful, classic dress! I love it on you! And I love your curly hair!

  • You look fabulous!

  • Great sew, I like version two with a less full skirt, I made version one with three quarter length sleeves.
    I don’t like the overlocked seam on the shoulder so will use your method for my next one, it’s a lovely pattern to use.

  • Fabulous curls Rachel! And fabulous dress!

  • What do you mean by “using stretch bias on the neckline”????

  • I’m thinking of making mine this weekend. Yours looks so gorgeous!

    And I want your clutch! 😊

  • Very pretty dress! I like how you paired it with those fun stockings & great shoes!

  • Kelley Vito

    Hi Rachel! This is just gorgeous! Could you please say a bit more about how you finished the neckline? Did you cut enough stretch bias to finish the front wraps and the back neckline in one piece?


    • I have added a new post with details.

  • Jin

    Your creations are absolutely lovely!
    I once tried the Laurel dress and gave up as there were too many alterations for my body.
    I thought I’d give Colette Patterns another try when the WREN dress came out. And once again, I was massively disappointed. They are the worst patterns I have EVER worked with. I will never again buy another Colette Pattern. At $25, I expected more. The instructions, if followed, do not give a clean finish. The elastic gathering is the worst way of doing gathers that I’ve ever tried. Any beginner would get frustrated with alterations and the way they have you finish the dress. What a waste of my money, fabric and time.
    I’m glad this worked out for you….

    • Hi Jin. I completely understand you. Only named and papercut fit me with little alterations. Almost every other company I need to work the fit, Colette inclusive. When I started sewing the macaroon dress took me 5 Muslims. My first laurel also caused me trouble but since than I learned how their block differs to mine ( I drafted a fit block on my measurements) and use it to adapt the fit. Regarding instructions I generally skip them and use industry standard sewing order. Buying a pattern plus fabric is a big investment but the worst is time, isn’t it. Hope you find the right pattern company where the fit doesn’t cause you grief. Xx

  • Archie The Wonder Dog

    It’s gorgeous! I’ve just bought my first Colette pattern and am going to add this one to the list!