Named Sloane sweatshirt

namedclothingsloanesweatshirtarizonaaprilrhodesartgallery12One can never have too many sweatshirts. Can I have that slogan written into one? With so many sweatshirt patterns available no wonder I’m tempted to make them all. And i’m not alone loving a good sweater with so many cute versions appearing on my blog feed. Viva the sweatshirt party!


I, for once have made my share: Linden, Vogue 7385White Russian, Magena, Astoria, DIY slogan on a RTW, un-blogged Deer & Doe Ondee and now the Sloane. Sloane is part of Named ‘new black’ collection.  The pattern is loose fitting but shaped with french darts, finishing at high hip. Fabric used is called Tomahawk Stripe. Part of the Arizona collection by April Rhode for Art Gallery. Deliciously cosy and casual.


This easy pattern only took me a few hours from pdf-ing to finishing. Again no alterations from my named size (38). Most of my jeans are high-waist so the finish length is perfect. This feels more like a mid-season loose top than a sweater which suits me fine for autumn casual dressing.


I really enjoyed making this simple pattern in the mist of the intense work of tailoring my peacoat. Knits are very gratifying and wearable. Talking about wearability; I been debating where I want to take my sewing skills next and how I want to use my precious sewing time. As my sewing time diminish in the mist of other life priorities; and no need for more clothes, the idea of sampling and ‘repeat practice’ comes to mind. When you study at an atelier you never do the whole garment but work on half/ quarter samples. I been thinking to devote more of my time on those activities. Does “sewing” have mid-life crises?

If you are inspired to sews sweatshirt here are other patterns available: Simplicity 1072, Vogue 9028Fraser, Courcelles, Enide, Jasper, Lane, Iris, Day to night…Don’t get me started on the cardigans. Or my new obsession Coat-Cardigans aka Coatigans!

Do you have a favourite?

  • So chic! And a sweatshirt, no less. I haven’t sampled Named yet, but your choice of fabric and styling make me want to try. Very sophisticated combo!

  • Jen

    Great sweatshirt! I have one coming up in my queue soon and I was planning on trying Jalie 3355, which wasn’t in that long list of patterns – I guess that shows you really can’t have enough!

  • Unn

    I also love sweatshirts, this is a great one. I love named! And please DO get started och cardigans and coatigans!

  • gorgeous,really lovely sweatshirt – the darts make all the difference

  • I love your fabric! A coatigan sounds wonderful, even though I have no idea what a coatigan is! 😀

  • Melania

    I’ve also made Sloane and I love it!!! The only alteration I’ve had to make is to lengthen the bodice and sleeves, but other than that I love the fit. I’ve used a quilted jersey (needed a warm casual top), and the darts make all the difference.

  • Mmm… Coatagins. That’s on my must too. Let me know of you come across any good patterns. I’m struggling to find the right one. xx