Shades of Grey


Me again with another sweatshirt. I don’t feel ashamed at all. Basics items took over for now but wait until you see my 80’s inspired Olivia dress.


I am in LOVE with my latest project and since making I have worn it more than I care to admit online. It started as vogue 7385.


Since the pattern is loose fitting I have sewn size 8-10. The alterations were mainly at the shape of the sleeves (slightly bell), length of the bodice and sleeves and hem (curved).vintagevogueturtleneck7

This finished item has so many elements that would be considered frumpy; shape, colour, style but I don’t feel anything other than cool wearing it. This grey sweater is understated, simple and so wearable. Not to mention warm and cosy!


Strangely this is not the aesthetics i’m normally attracted by and still this feels very me. It may not be the most inspiring thing I made but fulfil a gap in my handmade wardrobe.



Fabric is a double: sweatshirt/fleece. I bought at Abakham secret sale. I took home 3 boxes full of fabrics for £40. Unbelievable good value.

That’s all for now…

Keep warm.


  • it looks great, not at all frumpy. Perfect layer for the cooler weather, love the curved hem.

  • Jacq

    I really like it – make clothes you’re going to wear and enjoy them! X

  • I love your sweatshirt. It looks so warm and cozy. Just perfect for bright, cold Autumn days. Nee 🐝

  • Wendy

    Simple, classic and oh so stylish! Gorgeous 🙂

  • Its lovely, the shape the colour and it is not frumpy at all, simple stylish and elegant. Above all wearable. I have discovered simple is very often more wearable….best Ashley x

  • In love with this! Will be trying out this pattern for sure

  • This is great! A friend had this pattern so I’ve also made it but weirdly I find the funnel neck kind of chokes me right at a weird spot…. I made it in a stable boiled wool knit so maybe it didn’t have enough stretch….. I’ll try again next winter!

  • OMG, Those are the best pieces in your wardrobe sometimes! I TOTALLY understand!

  • I can see why this is a favorite. I love comfortable, easy to wear clothing during cooler months. And, I think your sweatshirt looks perfectly stylish.

  • I love this!! You look so comfy and cozy, yet still very chic! I love your shoes too!

  • You make everything you wear look so fabulous! Sweatshirts included! I love the neckline…and the sleeves and hem!

    Your hair is gorgeous! So sorry I didn’t comment about it on your pink coat post! I think I was so awed by that gorgeous coat that everything else slipped away. Anyways, I think you look very chic with the new-ish do!

  • Andrew

    Bizarrely, or perhaps not, I’ve been looking for something similar to this for men. Might have to do some pattern adjustments, but I like the shape , and the neck :-))

  • So chic! I love seeing this look on you ! We can have as many different preferences in style as we want…right?

  • Styled with your scarf , jeans and darling shoes, this make is on point! You are a natural in front of the camera 😉
    Who makes your shoes?….I need some.
    G xo