Social Gatherings


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse

Party girl, Me? Well I’m a bit old now for the club scene but mention that “the party” involves the magic word “sewing” and I’m there in a jiffy. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with other creatives? Life is so much more fun when you can share your obsession with others. Before departing for 11 day touring of Italy I was lucky to take part in a few fun parties.

Simplicity Blog Meet


Picture by Winnie (Scruffy Badger)

Simplicity Patterns invited me to cover their first blog meet up and what a success it was. The room was full of expectations since we all would spend the morning with May Martin, GBSB judge.


She is a legend. Her demonstrations managed to engage beginners while still teach intermediates a thing or two. It was a pleasure to talk to her. I think everyone that took part left with a big smile on their faces, new friends and loads of inspirations.


simplicitymeetup14We all had a chance to preview and grab a few many new patterns. Not to mention the giant goodie bag we received on arrival. We were spoiled so much by Simplicity. THANK YOU!


Of course, sewing talk would be complete without yummy cakes and hot drinks.


Keep up with Simplicity Blog for more meet ups update. The sewing blog meet up is open to anyone and you only need to RSPV your presence. It is really worth it and you don’t need to have a blog or be experienced sewists. Simplicity asked me to pick my favourite pattern; curious to know which one?

Fabrications & Offset Warehouse

I also had the pleasure to visit Fabrications; an independent gallery, shop and studio dedicated to contemporary textile practise and design, with a particular interest in up-cycling and eco design.


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse

They hosted Offset Warehouse newest fabrics launch.

“Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise which brings together a huge range of hand-picked eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for all textile projects, and at prices that will surprise you. Whether you’re into fashion, lingerie, interiors, toys, quilts or other crafts, we have everything you need to create a product that not only looks good, but does the planet good, is kind to the workers who produced the raw materials – and doesn’t harm your loved ones with dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Now doesn’t that make you feel good?” – Charlie Ross, founder and Director, Offset Warehouse


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse

I was really excited to join the launch party and see touch first hand their amazing offerings. I’m planning to visit them in a few weeks again if you are interested I will talk dates over twitter.


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse

Charlie’s background is in Menswear design so imagine how awesome was picking her brains on projects for the husband. Last but not least what a pleasure to meet Tamara, Great British Sewing Bee Finalist.


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse


Picture courtesy of Fabrications/ Offset warehouse

I feel the Uk sewing scene is such a big welcoming family. Over both the events besides meeting lovely new people I got to chat with so many familiar faces. Best of both worlds really! More pictures of both events over my Facebook page.

The Handmade Fair and Albiment were the last two events I attended but I will chat about those another time. Sadly I could not make it to camp. Surely we need to organise one this side of the pond, right? What do you guys think?

Handmade outfits worn Belatrix Blazer & Shadi shirt.

Have you attended a sewing event lately? There are a few coming up soon; are you attending them?

  • Oh my goodness a sewing retreat ”camp” for a weekend would be amaaaaaaazing?
    (welcome home too…we missed you!)
    best d

    • It was so lovely finally met you in person at the handmade fair. I did a quick google research and only quilting sewing retreats out there. Got me day dreaming.

  • The last event I went to was the Emery Dress Party at Ray Stitch! I met so many lovely people there and a couple of us have arranged to meet up in a few weeks for fabric shopping and probably cake. Social media is great for networking and sharing projects etc, but you can’t beat a good old fashioned face to face meeting, no matter how scary (in a good way) it may first feel.

    • Oh i remember that I was at home ( in Brasil) during that party. I saw the pictures and it looked so much fun. Yes, nothing beats face to face.

  • How Fun!!!! Both events sound amazing. I couldn’t get the sound to work on the video though? Maybe it’s just my computer but I’m dying to know which pattern is your favourite 🙂

    • I still remember fondly the time in Scotland, what a fun meet up it was. Its the coat 1254

  • Ann Watts

    SewImg camp,would be fantastic. Why oh why do I np only hear about meet ups after the event?

    • I think because most are talked on social medias and because of the velocity of information it can get lost. Hopefully sewing sites like the foldline will help spread the word

  • It’s just a shame that most the events are in London, or some random middle of nowhere (where you have to be able to drive to go) places. I liked the look of a bag making camp I spotted on social media a few weeks back but it would be too difficult/impossible to get to without a car so that rules me out 🙁

    I get invited to a lot of the London ones but given that the train fare is around £150 plus if it’s early or goes into the evening and I stay over it doubles that cost so totally unaffordable for me sadly.

  • I would LOVE to be part of a UK sewing camp – somewhere that feels wild and natural where we can both enjoy the outdoors and hole-up with our machines. There are lots of train stations in seaside/countryside locations on the UK so I am sure we could make it accessible for all! Xx

  • Lovely to hear about these meet ups! Love the idea of sewing camp!

  • Salva

    I’ve been trying to find sewing camp in the uk for what it seems like forever…so yes please I’m definitely on board:-)

  • Both those meet ups sound like a lot of fun – I like the look of those new patterns especially the costume ones! I don’t drink so I’m much more at home with events that involve tea and cake!

  • katrine

    Sewing camp, accessible by train from London?
    – I promise to travel from Norway to join you 🙂 (but will have some trouble with bringing my machines, I think… )