Compendium of Supplies

Compendium of Supplies

During the Sew Along many questions that pop in my mailbox where regarding where do I gather my supplies, specially relating to tailoring and specialist tools. There are many excellent suppliers available in London (some have online stores) and the following are the ones I recurrent use. None of my following recommendations are sponsored. You will notice that some stock an exhaustive selection of sewing supplies, while others only a few.


Tailors trimmings & canvas: Kenton Trimmings//William Gee//Mac Culloch & Wallis

Tools, notions and haberdashery:Mac Culloch & Wallis//Merchant & Mills

Professional button makers: DM Buttons

Lining: Gill Arnold // Bernstein & Banley’s// Cloth House

Ps: If you love looking at antique sewing tools, have you seen this?

  • francescapia

    Thanks for this – and that link! That sewing clamp – what an amazing idea, i wish I could get one now!