Editing my sewing room


Over the years my sewing space /guest room had two makeovers and if you look deep enough on my blog archive you can play spot the differences. The old theme was “Cool Britannia” with a lot of red, white and blue as the main colours. Recently I had a major clear out, re-ogarnising the space and materials. I love changes. The most important thing now is that every thing have a place and can be put away when needed. Like my wardrobe recently I’m favouriting muted colours: beige, black and white. The room is very bare at the moment in terms of ‘decorations’. It is all the same furniture after all. I removed the illustrations and frames as they are getting painted black. I didn’t spend any money to improve the room. Just with a bit of reorganisation and a lot of cleaning.


sewingroom15 sewingroom26

It feels so much brighter even without a fresh lick of paint (which I  hope will get done near Christmas).  I find the “day bed”/couch the perfect spot to read sewing books with a cup of tea. Chai Latte is my latest obsession.

sewingroom22… a bit of knitting. sewingroom25

I keep all my stuff in two double doors wardrobes. One for fabric and the other for everything else, including non sewing related stuff like christmas decorations. My sewing books are on a bookshelf constantly being rearranged.

Out of sight, out of mind?


For my fabrics I tend not to have a system. They get folded or rolled and stuffed wherever there is a gap. I keep a bin under my desk specially for scraps. When that’s full I take it to get it recycled at a ‘rag recycling centre’. There are charities that will take your scraps if you ask.



 If you squint on my plan/mood board you will notice I’m pondering about raincoats.


Sewing spaces and rooms vary so much in size and style over the world. Do share your tips, observations and ideas for a productive space.

  • Such a calm and organised place! I’m currently working on reorganising my studio and I’ve got some way to go!
    As far as tips go, I think it’s important to set up the space in a way that works for you! I have very high walls, so I’m hanging a loy of stuff. I have my scissors, point turner, measuring tools, patterns I’m working on… hanging from 3 rails. For me, having a visual of what I have helps me work more efficient!
    When it comes to fabric, I started folding my all of my fabrics to the same size, around pieces of cardboard. Before, I used your fold, roll and push it in a possible space method, but I don’t have doors on my fabric closet, so that was too messy. Now, everything stays folded and I can see all of my fabrics at once. Yay!

  • Wow this is seriously my dream sewing space! Especially the pattern and book shelf

  • You just made me want to clean my sewing room too! Yours looks so calm and collected – it’s just the kick up the backside I need to get down to tidying mine.

  • I am a huge fan of those upboards too, I have four white ones for all my stuff. Well, most of it. OK, some of it. About half of it. But I am working my way through it!
    MY room also triples – guest room, study/library and studio. Luckily it is about 24sqm. and fairly liberally coated in sequins right now…

  • Your sewing place is really lovely! I´m kind of doing something similar with mine, trying to reorganize everything, cause it was a mess, and keep it clean and “clear”. Even if it´s a small place, with your ideas I think I´ll get a plce nice and relaxing for me to sew.

    Thanks for your ideas!!


  • I think I need a day bed in my sewing room now! Yours looks lovely and relaxing, and organised!

  • I really like the minimalist style! Most sewing spaces I’ve seen are very vintage-inspired and try to showcase as much as possible. I like the “hiding stuff” strategy, looks so much cleaner. Clean room = more space to think. I try to hide all the messy looking things (fabrics, tools, haberdashery etc) and only have things on display like books or tools that I use all the time after moving into my new sewing space. I now actually enjoy the tidying up in the evenings or between projects.

  • I’m doing the major overhaul too … so much to do though!

  • I will be moving into my very own sewing space in a few weeks and I am spending hours drooling over sewing room plans on Pinterest.

  • Sarah

    Which charities will take your scraps? I’ve asked quite a few and been told that by rags they mean well worn clothes not pieces of fabric

    • Hi Sarah, I donate my scraps to art teachers, and kinder garden teachers. They use it in their classes to craft with, or they use it to decorate their classrooms. Maybe that’s a good alternative.

      • Sarah

        Thank you for the idea

    • Sue Ryder. You have to use a separate bag. Not mix clothes with scraps.

      • Sarah

        Thanks, I hate throwing anything away

  • What a lovely sewing room! I really like the calm atmosphere is presents! And indeed, moving furniture around can make a huge difference. I’ve also pended quite some time trying to figure out what works for me, I’m still in the process, but I’m getting there! I’m also using my project (stashvember) to not only sew from my stash but also to really look at it to determine what I’ll keep and what I want to sell. Too much stuff isn’t good! btw, if you want to peek into my sewing room, here it is: http://bouquetofbuttons.be/en/blog/2015/02/05/welcome-sewing-studio/

  • What a beautiful sewing space. I love how a refresh of atmosphere can refresh your energy. I would love to have a little day bed to read or knit in my space. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love your sewing room. It looks spacious, clean and organized. I find that working in such an environment (clean and organized) helps me with my sewing. My sewing room is quite small but I am grateful to have a dedicated sewing room.

  • I keep things cleaned up and organized for my own sanity; looking at clutter and piles of stuff makes me anxious. A lot of people seem to feel a pressure to make their sewing rooms look perfectly decorated and neat like a photo shoot. That’s a waist of time to me. My sewing area is a tool for my creative process. I’d rather spend my time sewing than decorating.

  • I’m a bit of a neat freak, but I believe being clean and organize makes for good, efficient workflow. My key is to be constantly purging and cleaning up, even if that means spending 5-10 mins a day rearrangling/tidying up.

  • Your room looks lovely and organised, mine on the other hand is pretty messy at the moment. Do you want swap? lol! 😉